Easily Backup & Restore Your Mozilla Thunderbird Accounts & Their Data

I’ve used several email clients over the years, including Outlook for quite some, a while back. Though when I got the opportunity to try Thunderbird, I couldn't settle for any other email client since then. Mozilla’s open-source application is fairly powerful, and helps me keep a tab on all my work and personal email accounts from one place. If you're also a Thunderbird user, one very important thing you must consider when switching to a new computer is migrating your Thunderbird information, as you won't likely want to reconfigure your profile from scratch. If you're in such a situation, we've got an app for you today built for this very purpose, by the name of Backup Thunderbird. This free app is designed to do one thing: quickly backup and restore your Thunderbird data including your emails, newsgroups, RSS feeds, address book and accounts. Read More

Mozilla Thunderbird 15: A Look At New Features

For a while now, I have been wondering why Mozilla would announce to take a step back from the development of its Thunderbird email client. What didn’t click my mind is that it’s always been one of the most popular, open source desktop email clients around. Perhaps the firm wants to revitalize itself by putting the same resources on their other projects, such as Firefox OS or the far-famed Firefox web browser, especially on the mobile platform. On the flip side of the coin, the company rolled out an updated version of Thunderbird earlier this week, the Thunderbird 15. Not only does the new version look much more polished, after a few security fixes and a captivating design, but the folks over at Mozilla have also thrown in a couple of new features, such as chat support and Ubuntu One integration. Lets find out what’s so cool about the latest release.Read More

How To Synchronize Google Calendar With Mozilla Thunderbird [Tip]

If you are a Mozilla Thunderbird user, and also operate a Google account, it might be worth synchronizing your Google Calendar with the Lightning calendar add-on. This is because, many Thunderbird users already use this extension due to it’s seamless integration and compatibility with Mozilla Thunderbird email client. In this post. we will walk you through the process of integrating your Google Calendar with Thunderbird.Read More

Now Quick Reply To Emails With Thunderbird Conversations 2.0

Thunderbird Conversations is a Mozilla Thunderbird extension which provides a conversation view that fetches messages from all folders, and displays avatars of your contacts when you hover your mouse over a contact name within an email. Version 2.0 of Thunderbird Conversations now works with Thunderbird 5 and brings a slew of new features, some of which include, quick reply feature, integration with Thunderbird workflow, contact tooltips, support for viewing a conversation in a tab, quote collapsing, and integration with Enigmail (encryption) and Lightning (Sunbird Calendar) extensions.Read More

Mozilla Thunderbird 5 Released, We Review The New Features

Mozilla decided to bump up the version of Mozilla Thunderbird to 5.0 from 3.1. Such a upgrade was meant to bring Thunderbird in line with the development status of Firefox, which has now reached version 5. Mozilla Thunderbird 5 promises to be a faster, more efficient and feature rich email client than its predecessor. It’s newly added features are not as many as one would expect from a major Mozilla release, however, Thunderbird users can greatly benefit from these enhancements. The new features for Mozilla Thunderbird 5 include, an enhanced add-on manager, drag and drop utility for separating windows, an advanced and more informative troubleshooting page, a revised account creation wizard, attachment display with size information and several bug fixes. In this post we will take a look at the various enhancements of Mozilla Thunderbird 5 and the benefits of these new features.Read More

Secure Mozilla Thunderbird With Master Password

Mozilla Thunderbird is a widely used cross platform email and news client. Many people who use Thunderbird might wish to enhance its security in order to protect their privacy and restrict unauthorized access to their emails. Master Password is a Mozilla Thunderbird extension that does just that, by securing your Thunderbird client with a master password.Read More

ThunderFix – Speed Up/Boost Slow Thunderbird

Is your Mozilla Thunderbird slow? This is probably because you have GBs of email data. If you use Thunderbird frequently then there is a high chance that your Mail Summary File(.msf) has become corrupted or contains garbage. This can slow down the performance considerably.Read More

Mozilla Thunderbird Mail Backup – Mbox to Xml

What most backup software do is to make the backup of all emails so that they can be restored in case of any disaster or can be restored to another computer if you are migrating. But have you considered a case where you need to make a backup of your emails in such a way that you can read them using any popular web browser.

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How To Configure Mozilla Thunderbird In Windows 7

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the fastest growing desktop email client software out there. It includes many features that help you organize your emails even supports add-ons. Setting it up in Windows 7 is very easy and is almost similar to Windows Vista and Windows XP. We have already covered a post regarding how you can install and use it in Ubuntu Linux.Update: We highly recommend reading the Thunderbird 3 post, it will answer most of your questions and at the same time show you some new features in Thunderbird that Outlook lacks.Read More