Stereomood For Android & iOS Streams Music That Matches Your Mood

I love listening to music, and those hundreds of tracks constituting my Android’s music library serve as an ideal testament to the fact. The problem, however, is that neither do I have sufficient tracks from each and every genre to cater to my sudden mood oscillations, nor are there any easy means to sort whatever meagre options I have at hand as per my sentiments. Stereomood, a music streaming web app that lets users filter and listen to tracks that fit their mood, has decided to lend some much-needed help in this regard by launching official Android and iOS apps. Laced with hundreds of mood-oriented playlists, the official Stereomood mobile client ensures that you no longer have to fear waking up to a heavy metal track while listening to lullabies, or run into a series of classical tracks while looking to play just party music. The app has been designed to play only the sort of music that matches your mood, and to help you with picking the ideal playlist, it presents you with a neat tag cloud interface, complete with the tags referring to all the various mood-based playlists featured on Stereomood. Read More

Songkick Concerts: Track Events & Tour Dates For Your Favorite Music Artists, Now On Android

It’s been almost a year since the official iOS client of popular music event discovery service, Songkick, was released in the iTunes App Store. If you’re an Android user, you’ll be delighted to know that the app is now available in the Google Play Store. Not only is the Android variant of Songkick Concerts much better and polished than its iOS counterpart in terms of looks, but is also equipped with several additional features. The app has the capacity to scan your local music library, Google Play Music, Pandora, Facebook and accounts to gauge your personal music taste. Based on its findings, it then presents you with a personalized calendar, depicting upcoming concerts of your favorite artists by location. In addition, the app brings plenty of customizations and user-friendly features that can keep you from resorting to multiple event tracking websites and subscription services for getting timely alerts about live performances of your favorite bands in town. Read More

Rockify.TV Is Like Pandora For Music Videos [Web]

Rockify.TV is a web application that allows you to stream the best videos based on your likes and social trends. The app learns what you enjoy and gives you a personalized video watching experience, so you can sit back, and enjoy an endless stream of high definition music videos of your liking without having to browse much. Once signed in, Rockify will let you set Channels and Artists of your choice as the sorting criteria. You may create custom playlists and channels for all your favorite tracks, save them for later and share with friends. More after the jump. Read More

ListenItLater Is Like Read It Later Or Instapaper For Music [Web]

Music is believed to be the most vivid language in order to express the inexpressible. The passion for music has never been as alive and nourished as it is since the internet resources revealed music oriented communities that help everyone who is serious about music. In the realms of a wide range of such applications, ListenItLater (sounds similar to Read It Later, no? It’s not just the name, but the functionality too) grabbed my attention due to its potential to help you listen to a continuous stream of songs or be the DJ of your own music station. ListenItLater allows you to easily save the music you find so you can play it when you do have the time, helping you find, save and listen to your new music easier, better, and faster. Read More Internationally Available Social Network For Music & Videos [Web]

Popular social network is one of the best ways to share songs online and socialize with music-lovers from across the globe. Unfortunately, it is only available for users in the United States. If you're based outside of the USand want to experience something similar, then is what you probably need. This social network cum web application lets you explore a wide variety of DJs and tracks, create playlists, join DJ waitlists, join online chatting rooms and choose dancing avatars that express your personality. The app is integrated with YouTube and SoundCloud, which means you have a heavy repository of songs at your disposal. Moreover, you can join or switch between any number of virtual rooms, where you can discover or share music, talk to people from different locales using real-time chat translations! Additionally, features a reward system wherein you can earn points by participating in different activities, like joining rooms, voting for different tracks and you can even get points when people add your tracks to their own collection. Read More

MusicSmasher: Simultaneously Search GrooveShark, Spotify, SoundCloud, Rdio & More [Web]

The web has a massive collection of all types of music streaming services offering more than enough ways for listening to online tracks, but sometimes, this abundance can double as a problem, making it difficult to find what you're looking for in a hurry. While some people always use the same online music services, others switch between different ones to listen to their favorite music. MusicSmasher is a music discovery search engine that integrates some of the major online music streaming services, all in a single interface. Included engines include Grooveshark, SoundCloud, MOG, Spotify and more. MusicSmasher displays results in lists with different colors in a neat layout, so you can easily locate the track of your choice and navigate to the original source with minimum friction. Read More

Tune Your Mood: Music Tracks For All Occasions & Emotions [WP7]

While Tune Your Mood might not be the first Windows Phone 7 app of its kind, it certainly is one of the most comprehensive ones in the Marketplace. The app can be used for two purposes. You can use it as a music discovery app when you have really run out of songs to listen to, and it can also be helpful if you want to stream music related to a particular mood. Tune Your Mood has playlists that are categorized with respect to different events and moods, rather than the music genre or artists name. You just have to share your feelings with the app, and it will come up with the perfect playlist for you. Read on to know all about this fantastic music streaming app. Read More

RadioKlone For Windows: Listen To And Record Online Radio Streams

Almost everyone likes to listen to music. Whether it is a good habit or a bad one to do it while working, is debatable. However, if done in your free time, it can be quite a relaxing activity. A good playlist can take off a lot of stress. Radio is a great way to listen to new music, as well as old music. Developed by Hiro-Multimedia, RadioKlone is an application for Windows that allows you to listen to thousands of online radio stations, record streams and save them to your computer. It contains a long list of radio stations grouped together by music genre such as Blues, Electronic, Jazz, Rock, Metal, Alternative etc., and each genre category includes a number of radio stations. If there is any particular radio station that you like to listen to, but it is not included in the program by default, you can easily add it to the application. More on RadioKlone after the jump. Read More

Popular iPhone App Songify Comes To Android; Lets You Convert Speech To Music

With more and more people gaining access to the widespread world of the internet, and with more effective means of communication and sharing being introduced via various online services, you stand a realistic chance of going viral among the global audience with your thoughts, creative skills or anything (however idiotic) that sets you apart from the rest. In this regard, die-hard music enthusiasts, who fail to impress the masses with their rather bland voices, have the option to resort to auto-tuning software or web services, which convert even the dullest of vocals into a musical masterpiece. When talking of similar applications for mobile platforms, not many have been able to entice a greater user-base than popular iOS app Songify. Songify transforms plain audio recordings into auto-tuned musical tracks with different beats in no more than a few taps. You don't even need to sing to have the result sound like a song. All you have to do is speak into the mic and the app will do the songifying for you. Songify also has its own little social network that worldwide users can access to share their ‘musical masterpieces’ with others. Good news is, it is no longer exclusive to the iOS App Store, as an official Android variant has just hit the market. Read More

Stream & Download Free MP3 Songs On WP7 With Fildo

YouTube is probably the best source of online music if you don’t want to browse through a lot of websites, looking for a working link. That is why there are many YouTube clients on Windows Phone 7, and some of them even let users download songs as MP3 audio files. However, surfing through YouTube or similar services still requires some time and effort, and the conversion of video to audio is often not smooth enough. Fildo is a new WP7 app that promises to be every music-lover’s dream come true. The app comes with an impressive collection of MP3 songs that you can stream or download to your device. That's not all; Fildo can be used as an alterative to the Music + Videos hub of WP7, as you can create playlists, listen to songs in the background or under lockscreen, and view lyrics for each. Read More

LuminousPlayer Brings New Effects & Equalizers To Your iPhone’s Music Library

Like most of the stock apps for iOS, the Music app is rather simple in its design. In fact, you have to go to the Settings app if you want to perform as simple a task as applying equalizer presets to songs in your library. In addition to that, the music player for iPhone isn’t very customizable (unless the user has got a jailbroken iDevice). There are many third-party apps available for iOS that are intended to be used as a complete replacement for the stock Music app, but usually, they lack the ease of use and simplicity that users absolutely adore. LuminousPlayer is an app for iPhone that provides a perfect combination of customizability and simplicity regarding music in iOS. The app doesn’t come with too many confusing options, but still has enough to beat the stock Music app. You can apply a bunch of really cool equalizer presets and effects to the tracks on your iDevice, and that, too, without even having to import the music library separately to the app. Details past the jump. Read More

Song Exporter Pro: Transfer iPhone & iPod Touch Songs To Your Computer Over WiFi Without iTunes

If you are new to iOS, using iTunes can prove to be a nightmare. There are a host of errors you might run into, or you might accidentally lose some of your data in the name of “syncing”, if your device has ever been associated with another computer and iTunes library. Even if you do manage to tame the wild beast that is iTunes, it still won't let you extract and transfer to your computer, the music that is already on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. There are many apps and services that let users do just about anything to bypass iTunes, and Song Exporter Pro is one such useful app. If you have a lot of songs on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, this app will let you download them to your computer, given that both devices are on the same WiFi network. What's even better, is that you can do this on any computer, irrespective of OS, drivers or in the absence of iTunes, since all transfers are handled through the browser. This is as simple as it gets. More past the break. Read More Is Like Pandora For Electronic Music [Web]

If you love Pandora Radio and want a similar service for electronic music, then you really need to give a try. This gorgeous music service provides a simple way to discover and stream electronic music. brings together the best of two worlds, generating it's impressive music library from SoundCloud, combined with the ease and functionality of Pandora. With it, all you have to do is choose a Genre, DJ Set, Artist, City or Festival and stream unlimited tracks. Not only does the service come with lots of genres, such as Classic Trance, Deep House, Dubstep, Lovestep, Dirty Dub, Ultra etc, but also recommends new mixes based on the songs that you’ve been listening to. Additionally, your favorite vibes can be saved, shared with your friends and new artists can be discovered along the way. More after the jump. Read More

Free Audio Editor: Record, Edit, Apply Effects & Reduce Noise In Tracks

Editing audio tracks is a simple task, provided you have the right set of tools that allow you to extract required parts of the audio stream. However, if you want to perform advanced audio editing tasks like mixing multiple audio streams, removing background noise, enhancing audio quality, applying different music effects etc., then you may come across an audio editor, which requires you to understand each editing function it has to offer. Today, we came across a simple yet powerful audio editor called Free Audio Editor that performs more than just simple audio editing tasks. It is a comprehensive digital audio workstation that lets you record audio from an available input device, edit audio tracks and apply various effects to them. It has the ability to perform both simple and complex tasks, for example, you can cut, crop and extract audio from video, grab audio from YouTube videos, apply multiple audio effects and filters, reduce noise and more. Additionally, the application supports a wide range of audio formats including MP3, WAC, OGG, WMA, FLAC, MP2, CDA, AIFF, AAC, AC3 etc. Read More

Preference-Aware Music Events Tracking App Bandsintown Concerts Comes To Android

Bandsintown is a popular Facebook app that keeps the music enthusiasts apprised of the upcoming live concerts and performances of their favorite music bands/artists. An iOS variant of the app has been around in the iTunes App Store for quite some time, while the Android version has just hit the Play Store. Using Bandsintown Concerts for Android, you can start tracking concerts and performances of your favorite music celebrities who are scheduled to perform in virtually any part of the world. Not just that - the app also scans your music library to fetch all the music artists that you listen to regularly, and lets you track their concerts with utmost ease. For each artist that you wish to track, the app fetches a list of their upcoming live shows, displaying the date, time, venue and location of each concert. Read More

TuneUp Mobile For iPhone Released; Fixes iTunes Library Metadata & Provides Song Recognition

Quite a long time ago, we covered a now-quite-popular iTunes plug-in called TuneUp, which allows users to, well, tune-up their iTunes music library, filling in all the missing metadata and finding cover art for tracks. If you like to pay attention to detail, then you are sure to love TuneUp. Now, won’t it be really useful if there were some way of directly diagnosing the mistakes in your iPhone’s library, without having to connect to iTunes? Well, with the release of the official TuneUp Mobile app for iOS, now there is. The app not only helps you fix song titles from within your iDevice, it also recognizes any song that is being played around you (much like the famous track recognition apps, Shazam and SoundHound). Read More

Music Collection: Comprehensive, Skinnable Album Manager For Windows

Creating and a managing music collection is more than just a hobby for some music enthusiasts; it's a compulsion. You might have purchased some songs on optical media, while others you may have grabbed off the internet. Music Collection is an album management software that can help you archive your music from both sources. It is a comprehensive program that lets you save albums that you have owned, or plan to own, in the near future. The application enables you to add everything that’s related to your music collection, such as cover art, artist information, tracks, lyrics, genre, ratings, release year and whatnot. It provides you with a choice of adding albums either manually or via the internet, comes with a handsome-looking UI and a large number of skin packs. Read More

Listen To & Download Free Dance Music With PumpYouUp [Web]

If you want to groove to the music, get up on the dance floor and have some fun, then the first thing you need is some good dance music. Finding and collecting a variety of dance tracks is not an easy task, as you have to go through a multitude of apps to download songs. However, why do all that when you can simply discover, listen or download the best dance tracks from a single service, like PumpYouUp. This is a gorgeous web application that helps dance music lovers stream or download tracks directly from the website. PumpYouUp comes with four different collections, Fall, Winter, New Year and Spring. These collections further consist of sub-genres, such as dubstep, techno, pop, trance, house, funk, and electronic music. Indie artists, as well as small label artists, are featured. PumpYouUp searches for the best of indie and underground producers, contacts the artists and arranges for the free music downloads. It also potentially re-masters the tracks to maximize sound quality, and then publishes them on the website. Read More

CloudDeck: Fully Functional Unofficial Desktop Client For SoundCloud

Being an avid music enthusiast, you might have already known about SoundCloud. It is an online audio distribution platform that allows collaboration, promotion and distribution of audio recordings by both amateur and professional artists. As SoundCloud lets you upload any kind of audio file and share it with other folks, it has gained a lot of popularity among the people. Sadly, SoundCloud service only has a web portal, and you need to open your browser every time you want to access the music. Previously, we covered a few different applications that allow to easily download music from SoundCloud, for instance SoundCloud Downloader, a desktop application for Windows and a user script called SoundCloud Super +2 that provides song recommendation and download facility. However, we didn't quite see a promising application that allows users to access SoundCloud without opening their browser, up until we came across CloudDeck. CloudDeck is a third party Adobe AIR based application that simply allows you to login to your SoundCloud account and access the musical database right from your desktop, akin to various desktop clients of other major websites. It enables you to search for music, create playlists, bookmark songs to playlist, download it if the uploader has enabled it eand so on. Keep reading to find out more about CloudDeck after a short break. Read More

ShazamTones: Find & Download Ringtones Of Any Song via Shazam [Cydia]

There aren’t many services and apps that influence our real lives instantly, but Shazam is one exception that is sure to change that. The idea of discovering any music playing around you with an app is so fascinating that you will be hard pressed to find an iPhone user who has not heard of Shazam. Another testament to the app’s popularity is the fact that there are a handful of tweaks which focus solely on Shazam, and ShazamTones is the latest to join their ranks. This Cydia tweak merges the functionality of UnlimTones (a Cydia app offering a multitude of ringtones) and Shazam. ShazamTones adds a new ringtone button to all versions of Shazam, using which you can get the ringtone for any song you might have discovered using the app. So, in essence, you can now just use Shazam to recognize a song playing in your surroundings, and then convert it to a ringtone straight away. Read More