PlayMood For iPhone Uses The Camera To Detect Your Mood & Plays Matching Songs

Whenever you take out your iPod or launch a music player on your iPhone, Mac or PC, what is it that tells you to pick a particular song from the playlist? It's your mood; what you feel like listening to is usually connected to what you're feeling. Wouldn't it be great if your music player could automatically judge what you're feeling and pick appropriate songs to match your mood? PlayMood is an app for the iPhone and iPod touch that detects your mood using the front-facing camera and plays songs that match it. It can also be set to work in conjunction with PlayMood Remote, a desktop app available for both Mac OS X and Windows. The iPhone app allows you to manually mark songs in your library as either happy, neutral or sad. The desktop client simply uses your webcam to detect your mood, and remotely controls the iPhone app to play songs that you associated with it. Read More

Easily Create Your Own Jazz, Dubstep & Tech House Tracks With Music Maker Jam For Windows 8

Listening to different genres of music has different effects on people, but the purpose behind it largely remains the same - recreation. Creating your own music, on the other hand, is no walk in the park. Even digital music composition requires a considerable level of skill and creativity, in terms of what instruments you choose and how comfortable you are with the technicalities behind the software. However, if all you want is a track that you can call your own without having to go through rigorous training, you should try Music Maker Jam, a simple Windows 8 app that lets you easily create audio tracks by putting together a variety of pre-recorded sequences played with instruments widely used in Jazz, Dubstep and Tech House music genres. Read More

Soundrivin Is A SoundCloud App For Windows 8 With Download Support

Nowadays, all one needs to do is open a music streaming service in a browser, and select a genre, artist or album to start listening to music of choice. Some of these online services provide you with song suggestions that match your taste, which lead to discovery of new music from both popular and budding artists. SoundCloud is one such online audio distribution platform that enables both amateurs and professional artists to collaborate, promote and distribute their work. Currently, you'll find plenty of third-party SoundCloud clients for almost all other major platforms, and it seems the Windows Store does not intend to stay behind long. Soundrivin for Windows 8 is a Windows Store app that provides direct access to SoundCloud database, with options to search, stream and download songs to the PC. Read More

Search For & View Lyrics Of Any Song With musiXmatch For Windows 8

Listening to songs is probably the best way to relax. Some people like to do it while working, and others like doing it in their free time. In the past, people had to buy cassettes and CD’s in order to listen to songs, but nowadays, you can just buy them online and download them to your computer, smartphone and portable media player. Another advantage of using the internet to listen to your music is that you can search for lyrics for each song. The Windows Store is slowly filling up with music related apps. Last week, we covered the TuneIn Radio app for Windows 8. Today, we have a lyrics app for Windows 8 that, like TuneIn, is already fairly popular on Android and iOS platforms.  musiXmatch Lyrics allows you to search for the lyrics of any song, whether on your computer or not, and view information about the artist, such as their biography, discography etc. Read More

Transfer Music & Video Files To Stock iOS Apps Without iTunes Using Music2iPod

iFile is among the most powerful tools available for jailbroken iOS devices. It lets you browse through and tinker with the iOS file system, and import files of just about any file format, but a complex file management utility isn't always the simplest solution. That’s what Cydia apps like Bridge are there for. Bridge lets its users transfer all the media files present in their iPhone to their respective stock apps. Now, Bridge is no longer the only app that can import media files to the Music and Videos apps. Music2iPod is a new, free alternative to Bridge that, like the latter, handles music, videos and podcasts. You can also edit the metadata of these files before sending them to the apps in your iPhone or iPad. Some of the Bridge features are missing in Music2iPod, like direct download using the file’s URL, but overall, the new app does everything as advertised. Read More

Download Media From Mail & Safari To Stock iPhone Music & Video Apps With Bridge

The lack of Bluetooth file transfer in iOS has forced developers to be really creative when it comes to media sharing on iPhone. There are many apps that let you share files wirelessly between iDevices, but what if someone sends you a video or audio file via email? Sure, you can play them from within the Mail app, but there is no way of transferring media files to the stock Music or Video app. If you have a jailbroken iPhone, however, you can use Bridge to import any media file to the Music app, and that too without the need of connecting your device with iTunes or a computer. The Cydia app allows its users to import media from emails, or any other app that has the Open in option (including Safari). The app also lets you enter any song’s download link, and it will be imported to the appropriate app automatically. Read More

Add Tweet, Facebook Sharing & ‘Add To Playlist’ Options To Stock iPhone Music App

You can make use of a lot of services for music discovery, but the songs suggested by people you know are always likely to appeal to your taste more than some computer-generated recommendations. This is why the concept of scrobbling has gained quite a lot of popularity over Twitter in recent years. If you are proud of your taste in music, and want others to share your passion with you, posting the title of your “Now Playing” track over social media is a pretty good idea. A lot of people use their iPhone or iPod touch as their primary music player, but unfortunately, the stock Music app in iOS does not offer any option to share song titles while listening to them. Of course, there are third-party music players in the App Store that let you do that, but a majority of iOS users prefer the stock Music app, which is what makes Scale such a good idea. Scale is a new Cydia tweak (released at the ongoing JailbreakCon) that adds a sharing menu to the Now Playing area of the stock Music app in iPhone. Thanks to this menu, you can share the title of the current song over Twitter (and Facebook, if you're running jailbroken iOS 6), or via SMS and email. In addition to scrobbling, it offers the bonus feature of adding any song to a playlist from the Now Playing screen. Read More

RecThing Is A Social Network For Personalized Entertainment Recommendations [Web]

Have you already seen more than your share of films and TV series? Can’t find any thing good you haven’t watched yet? Try using the RecThing entertainment recommendation engine. RecThing asks you to like, dislike or recommend a few books, films, games, music and TV series, and then, depending on the gathered data, it finds other users with similar tastes for you to follow. Later, you see recommendations from these users in your feeds. Read More

QMP3Gain: Volume Normalizer Front-End For MP3Gain With Batch Support

Isn’t it quite cumbersome to fiddle with the volume slider every time a new song is played? Some tracks are in deafening high volume, while others hardly reach our ears. If you have been looking for a way to normalize the sound across a number of soundtracks, and that, too, without any loss in quality, then QMP3Gain is probably what you need. It’s an open source application that provides front end for MP3Gain engine, a robust volume normalization engine that losslessly adjusts the volume across all the selected tracks – particularly effective in normalizing a whole album. Most volume normalizers gain boost in volumes via peak normalization; contrary to the norm, MP3Gain engine does statistical analysis of the file and makes adjustments without re-encoding. Read More

What’s On Air For iPhone Alerts You Whenever Your Favorite Music Is On The Radio

You can purchase any song, or listen to your favorite artist on YouTube, but there’s nothing like stumbling onto a lovely song on radio. What’s On Air is an iPhone app that lets you cheat a little on this random music discovery via radio. Although there are a lot of ways of discovering new songs you might like, What’s On Air is quiet different from other apps of its kind. You can use What’s On Air for song discovery, but it can also be used to make sure you are notified as soon as your favorite song or artist starts getting some airtime on any online radio station. All you have to do is set song and artist names on the app’s main page, and will make sure that alerts are sent to you whenever your specified keywords crop up on a channel. Apart from that, there are categories in What’s On Air representing different music genres, and you can browse through stations based on these categories. Another function of What’s On Air is to let its users stay apprised of all the upcoming concerts from their favorite artists and bands. Read More

Disable CoverFlow In iPhone Music App For Use In Landscape Mode

There are many features of iOS that are quite beautiful, but don’t really get called into action too frequently, and might even hamper the platform’s usefulness to some extent. Take the CoverFlow view in the stock Music app, for instance. It is very attractive, but to be honest, it causes inconvenience most of the times, specially if you don’t have orientation lock turned on. Most people are used to seeing the Music app in portrait orientation, but even in the alternative, CoverFlow obscures the song list view, and you are not likely to enjoy browsing through your music library if it is not presented to you in an alphabetically arranged list. Even a simple task like changing a song takes more time using CoverFlow. So, won’t it be nice if there was some way of getting rid of the rather-elegant-but-less-functional album covers in the Music app completely? Thanks to the talented Cydia developer, Ryan Petrich’s new tweak named NoCoverFlow, you won’t see the album art tiles ever again on your iPhone. The tweak doesn’t just remove CoverFlow; it replaces it with a neat Now Playing window. Read More

CloudPlay: Search & Play Music From iTunes, YouTube And SoundCloud

Apps that control iTunes from the menu bar have to do much more than just playing/pausing songs to stand out or they fall in line with all the other apps (that are close to a million probably) that do this. It’s one of the most ordinary things an app is created for, and while a unique interface will earn an app a few brownie points with users, it isn’t enough to stand out. CloudPlay is a Mac app currently in open Beta that isn’t just for controlling iTunes from the menu bar. As the name hints, it’s developed for playing music from the cloud. Specifically, it will let you search and play songs from YouTube, SoundCloud, exfm, and BandSoup. You can enable a hotkey that will toggle the app’s menu bar panel or you can enable it to work with an Apple Remote. Read More

TuneWiki Releases iOS Music Player With Live Lyrics & Song Recognition

TuneWiki is a well-known name among music fans, and it is usually the first destination for anyone trying to find lyrics for a song. The service has a social network of its own as well, where you can connect with people having similar music interests as you. You would think that such a useful service will have an iOS app of its own, but surprisingly, the official client for the service has been released just today (even Windows Phone got a TuneWiki app way before iOS). However, after taking the iPhone app for a spin, we can say that the wait has been completely worth it. TuneWiki for iPhone is a complete music player that features scrolling lyrics. Apart from that, if you are a registered TuneWiki user, you can follow and find people who are listening to your favorite songs, thus letting you create a music-oriented social network. The Shazam-like song discovery feature of TuneWiki makes it a complete app for dealing with everything related to songs and music on your iPhone. Read More

Synthesia: Practice Playing Piano With Different Difficulty Levels

Everyday, we listen to new songs and watch music videos, and wonder how the musicians playing the instruments become so good. To get good at anything, you need to do a lot of practice. In the same way, learning to play a musical instrument also requires you to put a lot of hours into practice. It is a difficult task and may take quite a significant chunk of your time, but hey, that's the price you pay for something you want this bad. Some years ago, to learn music, you had to join a music school, hire a personal teacher, or get some other help material in order to know the basics. These days, there are hundreds of websites available, and you can watch tutorial videos on YouTube that provide free courses, starting from beginner to any subsequent level. There are also software available that let you practice different musical instruments. Some days ago, I covered Guitar and Bass, an application for Windows that lets you learn how to play fret-based instruments. Today, we have another program that also helps you in learning music; only this time, instead of guitar, it's for honing your piano skills. Synthesia is a software that lets you learn to play the piano in a fun way. You can use the keyboard or connect a real piano to your computer in order to practice playing different songs. Read More

Groove 2: Rediscover Your iPhone Music Library, Get Missing Album Art & New Mixes Of Favorite Songs

Unless you pay particular attention to it, the Music app in iPhone and iPad can be a real mess. A lot of songs have their album art and artist info missing, while the alphabetical arrangement of tracks might lead the user to completely forget about some decent songs. Groove 2 is an app that addresses all such pesky music-related issues. The app is just another iOS music player on the surface, but once you start using it, Groove will take care of just about everything that has got anything to do with your iPhone or iPad’s music library. The album art and other song information will be fixed, you will be able to learn more about your own music collection, and on top of all that, the app can create smart mixes of songs and artists that you like! Read More

AUPEO! Radio: Intelligent Music Discovery & Streaming For Windows Phone

Fans of music streaming services and online radios have got access to a few decent apps on Windows Phone 7, but the absence of giants like Pandora means that the Mango platform still has a long way to go. Having said that, another way of looking at the situation could be that the Marketplace has a vacuum that can be filled by any good app released for music streaming and song discovery. Many people are already saying that AUPEO! Radio can prove to be the app that makes all Windows Phone users forget all Pandora. For one thing, AUPEO is not limited to US only, and works around the world. In addition to that, you don’t need to sign up for any account if you want to stream music. The app supports an amazing number of genres and subcategories, and if you like any song in the radio, you can purchase it for offline playback via Amazon store. AUPEO! is intelligent enough to learn from your music history, and will play songs according to your taste after a while. Read More

Guitar & Bass: Learning Exercises, Tuner, Tab Editor & Metronome For Fretted Instruments

There are a lot of applications, as well as web services that allow you to download and/ or listen to music. Here at AddictiveTips, we have covered a number of apps and web services (check out our compilation of top 50 web services for listening to music). Listening to music while working, or when you are taking a break from work, helps releasing the stress from your nerves. There are some people, who not only listen to music, but also like to play an instrument. The problem with playing an instrument, however, is that first you need to learn how to play it. Guitar and Bass is an application for Windows that allows you to learn how to play fret-based (stringed) instruments. It provides you with various exercises in order to practice notes, chords and scales. Moreover, it comes packed with a lot of tools such as a tuner, metronome, key finder, chord finder etc., which allow you to better train yourself. A built-in Tab (tablature) Editor can be used to edit existing tabs, as well as create new ones. Read More

SyncLib: Sync And Share Photos, Videos And Music Across Web, Windows & iOS

Cloud computing is probably one of the finest inventions of the internet.  It’s free, it’s fast and works everywhere. Although quite useful, most cloud services provide you with limited storage, where additional space or unlimited plans being the prerogative of paid accounts. So, if you have got stupendous amount of media stored in your PC and want to share it across all your devices, for instance, your Desktop, Notebook, iPhone or iPad, for free, then give SyncLib a try. It’s a sleek Windows media suite that aims to help you share your Videos, Music and Photos across all your devices. What’s more, you can even stream the media directly from the web. Unlike storing on cloud, it syncs your media files to all the aforementioned devices from your local storage, while giving you the freedom to have access to your media wherever you are, provided you have access to the internet. In addition, you may share your content with your Facebook and Twitter friends directly from within the application, along with an integrated chat functionality. Read More

Now Playing For NC: Control & Tweet Music From iOS Notification Center

The stock Music app in iPhone and iPad is something that Apple has got absolutely right. It does not have too many options, which helps in keeping things elegant and simple, and on the other hand, it has all the features that are enough to ensure that most users don’t need any third-party app to play their favorite songs. Music controls are pretty thorough too, and users aren’t restricted to the in-app controls to navigate between tracks, thanks to the presence of these controls on the lockscreen and in the App Switcher tray (not to mention the earphone buttons). Now Playing for Notification Center is a tweak that provides users with yet another option to control their music, adding some pretty cool options of its own to the mix as well. Via this Notification Center widget, you can change tracks, rewind, forward, pause or play them, and there is also the Twitter button in the tweak, using which you will be able to scrobble your music with a single touch. Read More

Stereomood For Android & iOS Streams Music That Matches Your Mood

I love listening to music, and those hundreds of tracks constituting my Android’s music library serve as an ideal testament to the fact. The problem, however, is that neither do I have sufficient tracks from each and every genre to cater to my sudden mood oscillations, nor are there any easy means to sort whatever meagre options I have at hand as per my sentiments. Stereomood, a music streaming web app that lets users filter and listen to tracks that fit their mood, has decided to lend some much-needed help in this regard by launching official Android and iOS apps. Laced with hundreds of mood-oriented playlists, the official Stereomood mobile client ensures that you no longer have to fear waking up to a heavy metal track while listening to lullabies, or run into a series of classical tracks while looking to play just party music. The app has been designed to play only the sort of music that matches your mood, and to help you with picking the ideal playlist, it presents you with a neat tag cloud interface, complete with the tags referring to all the various mood-based playlists featured on Stereomood. Read More