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Stop Or Silence Any Audio App After A Set Time In Android With Super Simple Sleep Timer

It often happens that you are listening to your favorite song on your phone or tablet at night, and you unknowingly fall asleep with the music still playing and headphones still in your ears. You wouldn’t like that to happen at all, of course, as it would not only drain your device’s battery, but even worse, can also disturb your night’s sleep with the constant music noise. If you wish your device could pause music playback automatically during such situations but your music player app of choice doesn’t support an auto stop or sleep functionality, then give Super Simple Sleep Timer a shot. It’s a super-simple and user-friendly Android app created by XDA-Developers member crazyfool_1 that allows you to lower the volume of your music player after a specified interval. You can also use it to automatically close your music player via a predefined timer. Details right after the jump.

The core idea behind the app is to stop music playback after a specified time interval. There’s no steep learning curve, nor are there any complicated settings to deal with or some complex UI to navigate. The app will simply stop music that you play in Google Music, PowerAMP, Spotify, and many other supported media players automatically when the sleep timer stops.

The interface of Super Simple Sleep Timer looks very barebones. It carries a drop-down menu, using which you can select the music player that you want to set to sleep. The drop-down menu can come handy if you have multiple music apps on your device.

Super Simple Sleep Timer for Android Super Simple Sleep Timer - Set Time

Right below this drop-down menu is a circular slider, and all you have to do is slide it to your desired position to specify the time interval of your choice. You can set any duration between 1 to 59 minutes in total. Tapping the small speaker button toggles the ‘Lower volume to sleep’ option, and enabling it will only mute the player, rather than completely shutting the app down. Once you’re ready with your desired setting, simply tap ‘Set Sleep Timer’ to trigger it.

Correction: As pointed out by the developer in the comments section below, the tool does stop the music player app in question when muting it, by first lowering the volume down all the way, then stopping the app, and finally restoring the volume back to its original level. Thanks, Rob.

Overall, Super Simple Sleep Timer is a very simple app with extremely limited set of options, but the features that it does offer can prove extremely useful at what they do.

Download Super Simple Sleep Timer from Play Store

[via XDA-Developers]


  1. A small correction (I’m the dev): The lower volume to sleep option does stop the app. It lowers the volume first, then when it’s completely silent, it stops the app and then puts the volume back to it’s original level 🙂
    Btw, appreciate the feature you guys are awesome

    • Hey man, well done on the app. It’s very neat 🙂
      You seem like a good person to ask as an active app developer: I want to start playing an audio on loop after a certain time. This is because I want to fall asleep to ASMR, and have my subliminal program run in an hour. Do you know a way to do that? (that is actually how I find your program… it’s close 😛 )

    • Does it have the function to turn on a mp3 recording at a specific time? I would gladly pay for that. I found a couple of apps that can turn on an app at a given tI mean, a voice recorder, but it doesn’t start playing the voice recording, only turns on the app. Thanks, sueleahfox@hotmail.com

    • Hey Susan, this app doesn’t, I do have another app which does. Truth be told though it needs an update, it’s pretty buggy. I’ll update it this week and drop you a msg when it’s done

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