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Party Player Accepts Song Requests By SMS & Plays Them [Android]

If you’re hosting a party and would like to get your friends involved with choosing what music to play  during the party  then Party Player is a new music application that lets you do just that. Available for free at Google Play, Party Player enables your smartphone receive song requests via text messages and play them from a temporary playlist which automatically fills up as more requests are generated. The app is amazingly smart; if your friends text a song or a word that appears in the title of more than one song, the app will send a text message to them asking them which song they want to play. The text message will list all songs that match the word and your friend can simply reply with the song number in that list to tell the app which one they want. For everyone, this is a simple text message interaction and no one needs an internet connection to make it work.

After launching the app, the first thing you need to do is tap ‘Accept requests’ which enables it to start accepting requests (I’m not sure why it isn’t enabled by default). Nevertheless, if you don’t know how to use this app, you can simply tap ‘How-To Screen’ button to view the syntax that your friends should send their song requests in.

Party Player_Main Party Player_How to

In layman terms, Party Player basically runs in the background and quietly monitors your default text messaging app. Your senders should use a specific command format when sending requests, which is basically ‘Play (Song Name)’ (without quotations and brackets), to let Party Player treat that SMS as a song request. If the requested chorus isn’t in your library, then Party Player simply states it so in the same messaging thread (sent from your number, text message rates will apply). If the song is found, the app plays it or adds it  the queue. It sends a message to the sender letting them know that the song they requested has been queued.

The app also enables you to block certain people from requesting songs, let’s say, requests from unknown numbers etc. This can be done from the Contact Permissions screen where checkmarked items indicate that song requests are enabled from those people.

Party Player_Song Not Found Party Player_Found Party Player_Contacts

Party Player is not very resource hungry, although I can’t really tell how leaving it on all the time can effect your device’s battery life in the long run. But overall, it’s a good and simple application that doesn’t put much strain on the battery, and adds some some collaborative elements to your music listening experience.

Party Player_Main_Playing Party Player_Notification

Party Player is essentially a very simple app. You do not need to register any account, nor create any password or enter your personal credentials online. It serves its defined purpose very quickly and all of it via a simple SMS. On top of that is its barebones interface, which comprises of grey and faded background, carrying a large logo at center, three buttons at bottom; Previous, Play / Pause, and Next. making the app insanely easy to use. You can download it for free via the link below.

Install Party Player from Play Store

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