How To Root Samsung Galaxy Note 3 With CF-Auto-Root

The first thing we power users usually do upon getting a brand new Android phone is rooting it. When it comes to popular devices, there’s often a race among developers to see who comes up with the first as well as the easiest rooting method for them as soon as they are released, and at times even before their public release. Galaxy Note 3 can certainly be considered one of the top devices available out there right now, and if you’re among the lucky ones who’ve managed to get their hands on one, but can’t wait to gain root access on it, XDA-Developers Elite Recognized Developer Chainfire has you covered with his tried-and-tested CF-Auto-Root. In what follows, we will guide you through the complete process of rooting your Galaxy Note 3 using CF-Auto-Root.Read More

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 International Exynos 5 Octa-Core

Samsung Galaxy S4 has been one of the most anticipated smartphone of the year so far, and for good reason. With its predecessor i.e. the Galaxy S III taking over Apple’s iPhone 4S as the most coveted and best-selling smartphone in the world, the S4 was widely expected to exceed the already-high standards set by it, and so it did. The power of Android is truly unleashed with root access – something every power user wants to do as soon as getting their hands on a new device. If you've got your hands on the International, Octa-Core Exynos 5 version of the S4 (I9500), you're in luck! XDA's Chainfire has released his famous CF-Root method for the device, and as ever, we're gonna show you how to root yours in a few simple steps. Read on for our complete guide.Read More

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 On Android 4.2.2

Galaxy S4 rooted! No, this one actually works! Earlier, news hit the internet that the Samsung Galaxy S4 had been rooted, and I was almost tempted to break the news too when I saw the forum thread at XDA-Developers. However, news as it was, it was always going to be a risk asking our readers to hop onto the root bandwagon, owing to the fact that the developer had no device to test the method on. That's when recognized Android developer and XDA forum member ‘Chainfire’ stepped in to save the day and confirm root access!Read More

How To Root Galaxy S III Mini I8190 Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean With Odin

Did you buy yourself a Galaxy S III Mini thinking it would have nearly the same internal hardware as the popular Galaxy S III, only with a smaller, more easy-to-use form factor? Well, if you made that mistake, there's not much you can do regarding changing the hardware but fret not! The Galaxy S III Mini is still a very capable smartphone, and you can take it to the max by rooting it. As ever, we've got the complete rooting guide right here for you, so read on after the jump to get started. Read More

Install Leaked, Rooted Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean ROM On Galaxy S III

Samsung is really killing it with all the quick software updates for their top of the line Galaxy S series of smartphones. After Google itself and perhaps ASUS, the Korean electronics manufacturer is the fastest when it comes to the update-to-the-latest-version-of-Android game. Android 4.1.2 was leaked for Galaxy S II yesterday, and today we’ve come across Android 4.1.2 (JZO54K / I9300XXELK4) Jelly Bean for its younger, most advanced sibling: the Galaxy S III. Furthermore, this leak comes pre-rooted! Check out how you can install the leaked ROM on your Galaxy S III after the jump. Read More

Install ClockworkMod Touch Recovery On Samsung Galaxy S3 GSM

The Galaxy S III gets its due share of the touch based ClockworkMod recovery! Development for this device is just beginning and the pace, is testament to the popularity the Galaxy S, S2 and S3 have garnered for themselves. Earlier we covered a tutorial on how to install, what was an unofficial port of the basic ClockworkMod recovery, but finallt the real deal has arrived on the SGS3 thanks to the efforts of XDA-Developers forum member mskip who also brought us the all in one Galaxy S3 toolkit. The ClockworkMod Touch Recovery is official and has been repacked by mskip into a tar file do that it can be easily flashed via Odin or Mobile Odin. Installation is a breeze, head on after the break for the instructions.Read More

Root Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 With CF-Root

The Samsung Galaxy S III I9300 and I9300T can now be rooted by flashing the much popular CF-Root kernel, thanks to renowned developer Chainfire, who was responsible for rooting the device in the first place earlier on. CF-Root has been responsible for rooting a huge a list of Android based Samsung devices and is actually meant for the rooting beginners. To be used with stock Samsung firmwares (no, no custom ROMs, even if it’s Touchwiz), this root method will keep your SGS3 as close to stock as possible. More about it, and how you can root the SGS3 using CF-Root, after the break.Read More

Revert To Stock & Fix Soft Brick On Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G

The Blaze 4G from T-Mobile sure packs a punch and with eager users out there who were able to get thier hands on the rooting and ClockworkMod installation guides for the the device as soon as they came out, it is inevitable that a few of us were a little too excited, and in the process of rooting or installing ClockworkMod recovery, messed up somewhere to end up with a soft bricked phone. However, users need not be dismayed over this fact, as the device is still recoverable and you can get back to your stock factory settings in no time thanks to k0nane, the guy who is responsible for bringing us the root procedure in the first place. As long as you can access download mode on the Blaze 4G, this guide should just be what you were looking for. So for those of  you with a Blaze 4G hanging in limbo, read on after the break to learn and attempt to bring your phone back to life.Read More

How To Return To Stock / Unbrick AT&T Galaxy S II Skyrocket

Chances are that a lot of users out there with the Galaxy S II Skyrocket may have either soft bricked their devices or are unhappy with the results of tinkering around with root attempts. Luckily, XDA-developers forum member k0nane has released a package that would allow you to flash your bricked device back to a completely stock state. Of course if you’re doing fine and want to revert to a stock state this would still work for you.k0nane has also put in another package for the Rogers Galaxy S II as well.Read More

Gingerbread Leaked ROM For Samsung Droid Charge [Download & Install]

Earlier we covered the EP1F Gingerbread firmware leak for the Samsung Droid Charge, and that brought in some much needed improvements to the device that was stuck with the Android 2.2 Froyo Firmware as the latest offering. Now it seems like the Droid Charge is on the roll as an EP4P Gingerbread firmware has been leaked over at MyDroidWorld thanks to forum member p3droid. The leak is strictly unofficial, but has been tested for over 4 days apparently without any serious issues encountered. Being the first LTE Droid, and boasting some very impressive specs, running the Froyo firmware was almost shameful. Not anymore, and you know what makes this leak even hotter? The fact that the leak comes in 4 different packages. You have:
  • A stock and non rooted ROM.
  • A stock and rooted ROM.
  • A stock, deodexed and rooted ROM.
  • A deodexed, debloated and rooted ROM.
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Root T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II [S2] Via ODIN [Guide]

Finally there is some great news for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II owners looking to root their phones. It has been a really slow root achievement because Samsung didn’t release the kernel source until recently. The method to root T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II is pretty identical to gaining root privileges on Samsung Galaxy S II generic version and AT&T Galaxy S II [S2]. You will need ODIN for root method and unlike full recovery and root kernel flash, you will first install recovery followed by to gain root rights on your device. If you’ve been using ODIN before or know regarding flashing kernel Tar files, then this will be a piece of cake for you.

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How To Unbrick Samsung Galaxy S 4G [Guide]

If you are a Samsung Galaxy S 4G owner with a bricked device, then you are in luck! 1madfitter, Rootz Wiki Forums member, was able to unbrick his device following a series of “rituals” that otherwise sound pretty weird. Apparently 1madfitter’s Samsung Galaxy S 4G was facing a permanent brick situation with a total blackout of screen and no signs of “life”. The process to get your Samsung Galaxy S 4G Android phone is pretty easy but requires a lot of patience and determination. We weren’t able to figure out the logic behind this unbricking workaround, but as long as the deed is done; who cares!

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Install Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread Official Update On Galaxy S 4G/Infuse 4G [Guide]

Finally there is some great news for Samsung Galaxy S 4G owners as Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread update for this phone just got released unofficially. The credit for releasing this update for general public goes to SamFirmware. This Android portal is dedicated to releasing official Android firmware/ROMs for Samsung phones that are still to be made public by Samsung or the carrier. This firmware/ROM leak for Samsung Galaxy S 4G and Samsung Infuse 4G updates your phone to Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread integrated with all the changes. Apparently Samsung Galaxy S 4G's Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread update is meant for AT&T subscribers with Infuse 4G dedicated to T-Mobile only. We aren’t sure if you will be able to regain root access on your phone after upgrading to this build as there are no testimonies supporting re-root after upgrade. There is no clear or published changelog regarding Android 2.3.5 GB, so you will have to find the differences and fixes, if any, on your own.Read More

How To Unbrick Samsung Infuse 4G And Fix Partition

If you’re not an experienced Android user with a Samsung Infuse 4G, but are brave enough to experiment and learn on the go as you try to mod your it, chances are that you might, or might be stuck with a bricked device. If you’re reading this and wondering if life would ever go back to normal again, worry not, for your device may still have a chance of breathing again. XDA-Developers forum member gtg465x has released a solution that could most likely unbrick your device. We’re not saying, it WILL, we’re saying it could, and has in some scenarios.

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Install ClockworkMod Recovery On Samsung Mesmerize i500 [How To]

What good is a rooted Samsung Mesmerize if you don’t have ClockworkMod recovery installed on it. With a simple root, you’re nowhere at getting the taste of Custom ROMs, kernels and you’re certainly far away from the comfort of flashing unsigned zip files with ease. Android Forum’s forum member ifruit6 tells us how to get the most famous custom recovery on your phone.

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One Click Unbrick For Samsung Phones Having Odin [Guide]

The falling sensation while you are half-asleep, the dead feeling in the pit of your stomach, the utter helplessness, these are all emotions you normally go through when you brick your expensive smartphone with your own hands. In addition to the substantial loss you suffer financially, problems like loss of important contacts and data also arise. Bricking of a device can occur for a number of reasons like flashing a new ROM or following some advanced procedure in the wrong way. If you own a Samsung device running odin, then you are lucky that there are methods to unbrick it (and that too pretty easy ones), like the one we discussed here. But sadly, if you are just a simple Android user and don’t know how to follow procedures that are too advanced, then a bricked device might be a huge problem for you. That's what this guide is here for. If you have a bricked Samsung phone running Odin, now you can fix it completely with a single click!Read More

How To Root Any Samsung Galaxy S I9000 Stock ROM

Samsung Galaxy S I9000 is one of the most popular Android devices out there. We have previously covered rooting guides for the Galaxy based on Froyo Stock ROMs. Then a few weeks back when the unofficial Gingerbread was leaked, it obviously removed all previous root privileges you enjoyed, hence a root for the Galaxy running Gingerbread had to be developed. While we don’t mind the different methods or tools involved every time, we wouldn’t mind one universal solution. Thanks to XDA-Developers, forum member nikademus has come up with a kernel that now allows you to root any stock Galaxy S ROM, from Froyo based stock ROMs, to Gingerbread based ROMs. For more on this, and how to use it, read on!Read More

Fix 3-Button Combo Download & Recovery Mode In Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000

There was an unlucky batch of some Samsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S phones that cannot be put into download and recovery modes using the standard three-button combos. This poses a huge problem for the users of these phones, as they cannot literally apply any mods, leaked firmware etc whatsoever.The problem is caused by a faulty SBL (secondary bootloader) in these devices. Luckily, a fix exists for this issue, involving flashing a custom ‘fixed’ secondary bootloader to your device, that should enable the 3-button combos once again.Read More

How To: Use Odin To Upgrade Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 To Froyo

Samsung’s flagship handset, the brilliant Galaxy S GT-I9000, has been on the unlucky end when it came down to receiving the official Froyo update, something that has been promised again and again, and delayed likewise. A couple of weeks back users in the Nordic region were lucky enough to see official Froyo updates through their Kies software. At the same time Samsung announced that the Froyo rollout will be complete to all users everywhere by the end of November. Recently European users and those in the United Kingdom have also seen the ‘frozen yogurt’ trickling through Kies, with two firmware variants, XWJPA and XXJPO.Read More