Sort Preferences In The iOS Settings App Into Groups [Jailbreak]

Apple has good reason behind the way everything in iOS is laid out and as Jony Ive will tell you before each new iPhone or iOS version is announced, a lot of thought went in to making it happen. iDevice owners who jailbreak their devices would disagree; the mobile OS is great but they can think of a few things they would like done differently. If one of your areas of contention is the Settings app and how the different settings are listed, then PreferenceTag is a tweak that will let you change it completely. It's available in both the BigBoss and Insanelyi repositories and it allows you to group different settings into tags. You have complete control over which setting will be grouped under a certain tag and if you aren't into creating tags you can just hide the preferences you don't use.Read More

Factura: Organize Files On Mac By Copying/Moving Them To Subfolders

Of the many things people procrastinate about and like to put off until there’s no choice left but to do it, organizing files is probably somewhere in the top ten. For the most part, files are moved to a folder that isn’t in the way and gives you a hint of what kind of files might be in it. Over time, it is filled with just about every kind of file there is, until you can barely tell what the folder was first created for. If you think finding files in a folder like this is difficult, try organizing that data and you will realize just how big a mess you’ve created. Factura is a free Mac app available in the Mac App Store that helps streamline organizing files. It is slightly redundant, but makes moving/copying files from one location to another and renaming them somewhat easier. The app provides a quick view option as well, so that you don’t have to open them separately in Preview.Read More

MenuBar ReArranger: Define An Order For Menu Bar Icons On Mac [Paid]

Do you favor apps that will add icons to the menu bar as opposed to the Dock? If yes, then no doubt you save plenty of precious space on the Dock and trade it out for a little clutter on the menu bar. For many users this isn’t a bad trade off, but what can be a little annoying, to downright counter productive, is the order these app icons appear in. Every time you start your system, all apps that you've set to start at login rearrange themselves on the menu bar. It is makes it utterly pointless to remember which icon was where, and means you will need to take a good squint-eyed look at the menu bar each time you want to launch an app. MenuBar ReArranger is a very useful Mac app available for $4.99 in the Mac App Store that can solve this problem forever. The app does what you would expect to be native behavior in Mac (but isn’t), and lets you re-order the icons on the menu bar to suit your needs.Read More

Fotobounce: Share Photos & Organize Them via Face Recognition

Digital cameras have allowed us to shoot hundreds of photos without worrying about changing the camera roll, but having a huge amount of photos means that you need to manage them to avoid cluttering up your system, and also to easily access the required photo from the collection. There are a lot of great photo managers available out there that provide you with multiple options to manage large photo collections. Today we have a simple, yet powerful application called Fotobounce, which lets you organize all the images stored on your computer and share them with your friends and colleagues. The application allows creating a private network with your friends and family, letting you choose what is to be shared with others. Additionally, it makes use of face recognition technology to help you easily tag and organize your photos. Using this feature, it automatically identifies friends and family members, and allows you to transfer the tags to Facebook. Details to follow after the jump.Read More

aiFILE Lets You Set Schedules For Regularly Moving & Copying Files

Mostly, we do not take out time to organize their downloaded files, and the main Downloads folder becomes cluttered with a lot of different types of files. We keep thinking about sorting the setup files, images, songs and documents into their respective folders but never get the time to do so. As a result, whenever yo want to locate a previously downloaded file, you have to go through heaps and heaps of files of different types.  If you manage your download files and put them in separate folders as soon as they are downloaded, you will not have that much trouble to find the required files. aiFILE is a organization application for Windows that allows you to easily move and copy files to different locations. The application allows you to set schedules for transferring or copying files from one folder to another on a regular basis. It can be extremely useful if you receive multiple files from different sources at regular intervals. You can just set schedules to automatically organize them in folders for easy access and identification. aiFILE lets you create multiple schedules, and specify different source and destination folders for different tasks. More on aiFILE after the break.Read More

Sparkbox: Tag, Rate, Organize And Search Images By Color [Mac]

Whether you take a ton of photos, or just have a really huge collection that is difficult to sort through when you need to find something, you’re in dire need of an easier way to do it. Sparkbox is a Mac app worth $19.99 (currently free for 24 hours), that helps you sort images, allowing you to tag them, organize them in to folders, rate them, favorite them and search through various image by the amount of a particular color in an image. The app lets you create smart folders, which are, in fact, smart filters for your images. All images are saved to the app’s library, and are separate from the originals, which means that even if you delete an image from the app, the original will still be intact.Read More

iSnap: Get Windows 7 Snap To Side & Shake To Minimize Features On Mac

If you’re a Mac lover, then it is highly unlikely that you envy a Windows PC over its features, and even if you did, there is probably an app that will get you those very features on your Mac, no questions asked. Mac users may or may not know what features are in in Windows 7, but for those who don’t, an extremely handy feature, known as Aero Snap, allows you (in addition to other things) to snap windows to any side of your screen by dragging it to the corner, and to minimize all windows except one by selecting and shaking it. iSnap is a Mac app that gives you this very same functionality; the app comes bundled with iShake which mimics the Aero Shake feature in Windows 7 , and normally costs $4.99, but is free for a limited time.Read More

Start Menu 7: A Transparent, Customizable, Easy-To-Navigate Start Menu

With every new release of the Windows operating system, came along a lot of changes in its interface. One of the most important menus, the Windows Start Menu, has also gone through a lot of UI changes over the years. Even after all those changes, it is still a bit difficult to find all the desired items in the Start Menu, and it is even more difficult to add custom folders or categories to the menu to organize your items. By default, the start menu only maintains a list of the most recent applications, and files accessed, and there is no way for you to customize the list, other than a delete option to remove specific items from the history lists. Today, we have a replacement for the Windows Start Menu that lets you customize the menu exactly according to your need. Start Menu 7 is an application that replaces the default Windows Start Menu with a detailed, easy to navigate and customizable Start Menu. Keep reading after the jump to check out the details.Read More

A-WAL: Metro-ish App Launcher Home Screen Widgets For Android

If you love having the apps on your Android device nicely organized, then you must’ve liked recently reviewed App Man – a free, comprehensive app management tool for Android. New to the Android Market, A-WAL provides you with yet another handy alternative to organizing your apps, allowing you to launch them via customizable, category-based homescreen widgets. Apart from sporting a neatly-designed and nifty little app launcher, A-Wal lets you decorate your homescreen with customizable widgets, each containing a group of apps of your choice. The app bases its design around tiles slightly reminiscent of the Windows Phone 7 metro UI. You can easily circle through and launch your favorite apps from within these widgets.Read More

Moodagent Auto-Organizes Your Music Collection By Different Moods

iTunes is arguably cited as one of the most popular music player among audiophiles. It's feature-rich and stylish, and the integrated idevices support makes it a lot more appealing among Apple fans. Among its plethora of features, one functionality has created a lot of fuss. Perhaps you have guessed it by now, i am talking about Genius. Although a bit flawed, it is feature that introduced automatic playlist creation based on moods and genres from existing library. It creates playlists of complementary songs that will sound good together. Its popularity has lead other developers to come up with their own colones, though not as robust as iTunes Genius. Today, we found another application that performs the same job for Windows, Android and iOS. The application is labelled as Moodagent, and as the name implies, is a music profiling agent that sorts your music library according to different moods. The desktop application of moodagent automatically analyzes the specific moods of each track in your music library, and creates a profile of tracks with similar musical characteristics. You can then sync the profile with your moodagent Android or iOS app, and the tracks will be added to their respective profiles. Read on to find out if it fares well with iTunes Genius or not.Read More

Split & Organize Your MS Outlook PST Files By Year With MailEscavator

Over time, MS Outlook archive can become difficult to manage as a single file (such as a single PST archive file). In such a case, it can be quite convenient if the archive can be split and renamed in a yearly manner. Since PST files contain data on your hard drive which may have been removed from the mail server (such as an Exchange Server), therefore, messing with the PST file manually can result in permanent data loss.MailScavator is a handy application that helps manipulate the MS Outlook PST file. It converts any PST archive into multiple files sorted according to year. With the help of this tool, you can rename your file with a name such as "example 2008.pst", making it easier to organize and manage.Read More

bliss Auto Organizes Music Files In Folders By Artist, Song & Title

Back in March, we covered a music organizer, called, Mp3 Folder Structure Maker, which creates folder structure for music albums by reading full meta tag information. The only downside of this application is that it requires user to set up different tag related options each time before creating folder hierarchy for music tracks. bliss is freshly developed music organizer which provides somewhat similar functionality but in an automated way. bliss is programmed to consistently observe your music files to apply folder structure related rules as soon as you update your music library. This saves you from the hassle of launching an application, specifying the newly added tracks in order to create folder structures. Apart from reading tag information to create folder structures for music albums, you can also create rules to add, change and resize cover art, automatically fill missing information, and organize genres.Read More

Add Self Updating QR Code Labels On Boxes For Easier Organization

Whether you frequently migrate between cities, change apartments regularly or just have a dead end job where you’re stuck storing and classifying stuff in boxes, it can’t be much fun adding labels and updating them each time the contents of a box are changed. Boxmeupapp is a free web service that lets you create virtual containers for corresponding real ones and record their contents. The app then generates a QR code that you can print and stick to your box. The code can be scanned with your Android to know what’s inside without actually opening the box. You can update the contents of the box from your phone or from your desktop without ever having to change the QR code you’ve stuck to the box.Read More

Collaborate On Tasks & Ideas And Organize Your Workflow With Folderboy

FolderBoy is a web app that takes the simple idea of Folders and uses it to organize the product of your daily brainstorms and random ideas. Like organizing files in to folders, the app lets you create folders for different ideas and each idea becomes a note. Folders can be shared with your friends and you can collaborate on any idea right from the folder you’ve created. The app includes a chat feature allowing you to have live brainstorming sessions with anyone you choose.Read More

Organize And Manage Your Downloaded Videos

When you download videos, most of them are in flash(.flv) format. How would you manage hundreds or thousands of such videos? Downloading videos from YouTube, Vimeo, etc is now a piece-of-cake, I have made a folder specifically for downloaded videos. But showing a video to a friend or co-worker is sometimes frustrating because it is buried deep inside hundreds of other videos.

Videophile II is a free video organizer for Windows that lets you manage all downloaded videos. It will auto-create a video library and also create thumbnails for all added videos. What makes organizing fun is that you can tag the videos and later browse them with ease. All tags are listed on the left sidebar, clicking them will show similar tagged videos.

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My Photo Index – A Seriously Awesome Opensource Photo Organizer For Windows

Picasa is a great photo organizing tool, some might disagree. If you are using Windows OS, then Windows Live Photo Gallery is also a good alternative. But there is one software that has recently grabbed my attention, it is a free opensource photo organizing tool called My Photo Index. It is a simple-yet-powerful photo organizing too that is both flexible and easy-to-use.

You can import the pictures from your hard drive or a digital camera and organize them according to their categories and tags. You can also rate the pictures, which can help in distinguishing between professional and amateur photos.

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Collect, Organize, And Share Your Ideas, Notes Or Thoughts Online

It happens with everyone that while using a computer they tend to come across some idea or a thought. Most people note such things on some word processor like notepad. But what if you have to write a note in your office computer, then at your friend’s computer and then finally at your own computer. How would you gather all these thoughts, ideas, or notes in one place? Luminotes is an online wiki notebook organizer where you can note down anything you want and access them online. In short, it is just your online notebook.

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Firefox: Organize Tabs And Free Up Memory Usage

Do you work using multiple Firefox tabs and want to organize them categorically rather than chronologically? A new tab is opened right next to the last tab, by the time you open too many tabs it gets difficult to sift through to find the right tab, this is where an Add-On called TooManyTabs can come useful. If you have too many browser tabs in Firefox that you might want to categorize to differentiate, this utility will help you organize tabs in special rows and it also help to reduce memory usage by putting some of the tabs in idle state.

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How To Minimize Applications To Desktop As Thumbnails

If you are a multitasking monster, most of your time may surf on finding the right tab in the taskbar, because when you do multitask a lot you have more tabs in the taskbar which makes it cluttered and unorganized, even with Windows Group Similar taskbar items option, it takes time to find the right tab, there are some applications like utorrent which can be configured to move to tray bar rather than taskbar, the other solution for this is to minimize the applications as thumbnails onto the desktop.

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How To Organize Your Digital Media Using Simple Steps In Windows Media Player

If you have a huge library of musics organizing those collections can be difficult. Using the built-in tools of Windows Media Player you can make the task much simpler. Microsoft Windows Media Player does more than just play. Windows users can use it to import their CD collection into digital music files, burn audio CDs, and organize their music collection by generating playlists and adding album art. One of Winodws Media Player 11's strengths is in organizing music by album; it's simply faster than iTunes(sorry Apple fanboys but this point is true). And browsing albums by cover is, well, fun. Combine it with Vista's search technology, which is built in to the player, and you can cue up any album just by typing in the first few letters in the Search box and then clicking on the familiar album cover.

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