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Add Self Updating QR Code Labels On Boxes For Easier Organization

Whether you frequently migrate between cities, change apartments regularly or just have a dead end job where you’re stuck storing and classifying stuff in boxes, it can’t be much fun adding labels and updating them each time the contents of a box are changed. Boxmeupapp is a free web service that lets you create virtual containers for corresponding real ones and record their contents. The app then generates a QR code that you can print and stick to your box. The code can be scanned with your Android to know what’s inside without actually opening the box. You can update the contents of the box from your phone or from your desktop without ever having to change the QR code you’ve stuck to the box.

Containers  Boxmeup

Once you’re signed up, you can start adding your virtual containers. You can name the containers anything you want and add as many as you like. Once a container is added, you can start adding the contents and their quantity. All items and containers can be edited any time. Once you’re finished adding items to a container, click the Print Label button and your QR code will be printed for sticking to a box (glue not included).


You can update the contents or the container name any time without ever having to replace the label. Contents can be added or removed from both your Android and your desktop, making it easy to update and organize contents of boxes any time.

boxmeup android

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  1. In March I wrote a post on my little blog about using QR Codes and Google Docs to make a home inventory. It’s more involved (as in “more work”) than this, but it works. I’m not much of a blogger, and I’m clearly not a professional writer. But if you’re interested in this kind of thing you can take a look at http://recreationalgeek.blogspot.com/ and see if it give you any idea.

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