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Start Menu 7: A Transparent, Customizable, Easy-To-Navigate Start Menu

With every new release of the Windows operating system, came along a lot of changes in its interface. One of the most important menus, the Windows Start Menu, has also gone through a lot of UI changes over the years. Even after all those changes, it is still a bit difficult to find all the desired items in the Start Menu, and it is even more difficult to add custom folders or categories to the menu to organize your items. By default, the start menu only maintains a list of the most recent applications, and files accessed, and there is no way for you to customize the list, other than a delete option to remove specific items from the history lists. Today, we have a replacement for the Windows Start Menu that lets you customize the menu exactly according to your need. Start Menu 7 is an application that replaces the default Windows Start Menu with a detailed, easy to navigate and customizable Start Menu. Keep reading after the jump to check out the details.

When you install the application and launch Start Menu 7, the first thing you will notice is that the menu is semi-transparent. This allows you to view your desktop and running application at all times without blocking icons or items from the view. You can easily create, modify or rearrange items from the button available at the top-left corner of the menu. Each application is already placed into a separate category, and easy accessible directly from the Start Menu, without having to expand/collapse panels.

Start Menu 7

The Options button in the bottom-right corner provides configuration parameters such as Menu, Wizard, Skin, Change size of menu etc.

Start Menu 7 optiosn

Some notable additions that Start Menu 7 brings to the table are alphabetical sorting of contents, separate quick start and autorun tabs for applications, a customizable power options panel, as well as Power Timer, that can delay any of Windows’ power management settings. The program comes in a paid version as well (@ $19.99), adding additional support for custom tabs and one-click launch for virtually all applications. Start Menu 7 works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Start Menu 7


  1. It is my favorite app launcher for over a year. I got the pro version back then via Giveaway of the Day which allow one-click launch option. Plus point is option to launch separately via quick launch / tray icon, not replacing windows 7 start menu.

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