How To Start Outlook 2010 With Start-Up Switches

Startup switch(es) enable users to launch Outlook 2010 with minimal resources, you can either block Outlook instances, modules, etc which are causing application crash or  halt. OutlookTools is an add-on which lets user choose startup switches to run Outlook with specific commands to prevent any major damage.Read More

Outlook 2010: Add Notes With Contact Card

Outlook 2010 Contact provides user with an option of adding a small note while saving the contact information. It is of great help to attach an important piece of information about the person, whose contact information is being filled. This post covers how to add notes with Contact Card.Read More

Outlook 2010: Print Contact Card

Outlook 2010 offers a list of contact views and styles with many options like print, move card to specific folder, email contact details,etc. If you are looking for printing a specific contact card, you can pick one out and print it.  In this post we will let you know how to print a contact card.Read More

Outlook 2010: View Account Folders’ Sizes

Outlook 2010 offers a simple way to check the size of each folder contained into your account. Data File Properties provides a list of information about the account in question. You can upgrade to color categories, protect account with password, and view each folder’s size.Read More

Make Outlook 2010 Update Send/Receive Process Before Exit

Outlook 2010 Send/Receive is responsible for checking new mail items and other updates in all the included mail accounts, if you need to always run this process before exiting Outlook, you can easily set it up in this way. To make Outlook always perform Send/Receive update on exiting, head over to Send/Receive tab, and from Send/Receive Groups options, click Define Send/Receive Groups.Read More

Outlook 2010: Search For Calendar Items

Outlook 2010 provides real time search for calendars’ items; tasks, events, meeting schedule, etc. If you’re overwhelmed with lot of events, schedules, tasks etc in Outlook 2010 calendar. It is a bit hard to find manually the one for which you’re looking for. Since Outlook 2010 has real-time search capability, you can search for the specific event/task instantly.Read More

Outlook 2010: Quickly Send Contact Details via Email

Many a times it is required to send the contact details to recipeint through email. Outlook 2010 offers a simple way to let you send contact card as an attachment with email. To send person’s contact details via email, from main navigation pane, click Contacts. Now from center pane, right-click the desired person’s contact card, and from Forward Contact sub-menu, click As an Outlook Contact.Read More

How To Disable / Remove Outlook 2010 Add-in

There are hundreds of third-party addons available on web, some work seamlessly with Outlook 2010 while others can raise compatibility issues or cause deadlocks. This post covers how to disable/remove the Outlook 2010 add-in. To remove Outlook add-in, on File menu, click Options. It will open up Outlook Options dialog. From left sidebar, click Add-Ins. From main window, select an add-in and from bottom of window click Go.Read More

Categorize Emails By Size In Outlook 2010

Cleaning multiple mailboxes in Outlook is not easy, especially if you're dealing with mail folders that contain thousands of emails. On the other hand, sorting the emails from a selected folder is a cinch, and requires nothing except a click on sort headers to quickly view the email list by required attributes. For example, if you want to sort all emails from a folder by date, just click the date header (Received) in the Mail window to sort emails by date. However, while cleaning mailboxes, one often needs to find out emails that contain large attachments. These large attachments not only takes extra disk space, but also affects the overall Outlook load time. If you have been looking for a way to find out all the email with hefty attachments, then you need to sort emails by size. As you may know that Outlook Mail window include Size header in email list window, you can easily sort the email by size, which in turn creates size-related categories including Enormous, Huge, Very Large, Large, Medium, Small and Tiny. In this post we will let you know how to sort emails by size.Read More