How To Publish Photos Directly From Adobe Lightroom To Instagram

Instagram is more than just a place to show off clothes, food, jewelry, and selfies. The social network is an excellent place to showcase artwork. It's where you can find artists who work wth all sorts of mediums showing off their work and their works-in-progress. For photographers, Instagram is no different and in addition to using the platform to showcase their work, photographers make use of other photo editing tools as well such as Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom is a feature rich photo editing app that works great with other Adobe products and has a huge offering of Plugins to make it all the more useful. LR/Instagram is one such free Plug-in that might interest you if you're looking for an easy way to publish photos from Adobe Lightroom directly to Instagram.Read More

Background Burner Helps You Remove Background From Photos

So you’ve got a photo that you’d love to use in your blog post, your slideshow presentation, or your eBook, but first and foremost you need to cut out its background? Well, with a comprehensive tool like Photoshop that shouldn’t be an issue. But then, we all don’t have Photoshop installed, and even if we did, it’d still take several steps (and precious time) to carefully trim the background and isolate the subject from the rest of the image. No thanks, I’d rather use Background Burner to get the job done because it’s free and it works just so flawlessly well. It’s a similar tool like Clipping Magic that we covered a year ago, which allows you to cut the background of images in similar fashion.Read More

Preview Images And Change EXIF Data With Photo Data Explorer

Ever since cameras went digital we've been freed from almost all limitations to how many pictures we can take. The restrictions that came with the camera reel and the cost of having it developed are all gone leaving us free to take amazing pictures or lots of bathroom selfies. One can capture a ton of pictures and save them in a tiny memory card or thumb drive that can easily slip into their pocket. But removing the cap on the number of pictures we can take wasn't all that digital photography did; it gave users the ability to  embed different types of information into the images, such as the date and time when the photos were taken, GPS coordinates for Geo tagging, camera make and model info, shutter settings, exposure time and whatnot. This information is called EXIF data and can be viewed using various image viewers. Photo Data Explorer is one such Windows tool that lets you access the EXIF data stored inside of photos.

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How To Get The iOS 7 Photo Booth App On iPhone Or iPod touch

It might not be the most popular app on the iPad, but Photo Booth still has a considerable amount of fans. Many photo editors and camera replacement apps have tried to emulate Photo Booth on other platforms, but there is always a certain charm in using the real deal. Since Apple doesn't offer Photo Booth for iPhone, developers have been coming up with ports and alternatives for smaller screens. On iOS 7, Photo Booth (iOS 7) brings this classic iPad app to iPhone and iPod touch devices running the latest iOS firmware version. The port offered by the tweak is a little too simple, but serves the purpose for which it has been designed. You get all the popular camera effects, as well as a set of comprehensive sharing options.Read More

Prettify Is A Gorgeous, Free Aviary-Based Photo Editor For iPhone

There are two schools of thought when it comes to 'saturation' of apps on mobile app stores. The first - which I am a proponent of - says that all the great apps have been made, and that new apps such as those for checking the weather, and editing/sharing photos, are no longer required, since the ones we have now are more than sufficient! The second school of thought believes that there is always room for innovation and improvement, even within hugely saturated app categories.Now, when it comes to photo-edting apps, I consider myself a big fan of VSCOcam. After trying out several photo-editing apps such as Camera+, KitCam, and Instagram itself, I have settled with VSCOcam's excellent collection of filters and editing tools.So, can Prettify dethrone VSCOcam for a casual mobile photographer? We'll find that out past the jump. Read More

Studio Design For iPhone & Android Is Like Instagram For Designers

Instagram's success didn't just happen in a day, but it's no secret that the photography app has captured a lot of attention since its inception. Many apps and services have tried to mimic Instagram's success through similar features for photography fans, though not a lot of them have succeeded. Studio Design, however, aims to bring an interesting proposition to the table, offering something that would appeal to designers who would like to create ravishing designs out of their favorite stills, remix designs shared by others by adding their own touch, and share the results with others. In other words, it’s the Instagram equivalent for designers. Available for iOS and Android, the app is fun, beautiful and just works!Read More

Edit Facebook Photos In Chrome With The Aviary-Based ‘Photon’

Aviary is a popular cross-platform photo editing suite, offering free image editing apps for desktop, mobile and the web. Previously, we've extensively talked about its wealth of features when we reviewed Aviary’s official apps for Windows 8, Android and Windows Phone. Besides official clients, there are also many third-party image editing tools that are powered by Aviary’s engine such as Photo Genius for iOS. Photon is yet another new Aviary-based image editing tool designed to work in Google Chrome to let you edit photos from Facebook right in your web browser. You can adjust various parameters of the images, and save edited copies to your computer. The extension is fairly feature-laden, thanks to Aviary’s powerful image manipulation tools.Read More

Web Camera360 Is An Online Variant Of The Popular Photo Editing App

Just because you’re unable to afford expensive photo editing software like Photoshop, it doesn't imply that there's no viable and affordable or even free alternative for you to edit or enhance your favorite photos. There are many different desktop and web-based tools around that come with plenty of features at a zero price tag, Fotor and Pixlr being popular names in this genre. A lot of photo editors nowadays have web and mobile apps, desktop versions and in some cases browser extensions too. Camera360 has earned a lot of fame on Android, iOS and Windows Phone, and recently, I discovered its web-based version Web Camera360. Just like its mobile app counterparts, this web variant of Camera360 allows you to edit your photos online, complete with various handy tools and effects for performing different photo editing tasks.Read More

Add The Photographer To A Group Photo With groopic For iPhone & Android

We all have that one friend who is really into photography, and somehow always ends up being the photographer during group shots. Even if you shuffle things around a little, it is not always possible to get the whole group into a single shot, unless you are willing to ask a passerby for help. iPhone apps like eyeReport and Signature Camera take a rather naïve approach towards solving this problem, which is a far cry from actually squeezing every member of the group into a picture. groopic might be offering the best solution to this issue. This iPhone app (update: now on Android as well) lets you capture two photos, both with different people behind the lens, and then combines the two photos automatically, giving the impression that every one posed for the picture at once. As an added bonus, you get some pretty decent photo effects, and the ability to share your group shots directly from the app.Read More

Phototastic Is A Windows 8 & RT Collage Maker With Loads Of Grid Layouts

Photo collage creating apps have always remained fairly popular both among mobile and desktop users. Despite that, we have yet to find any good photo collage app for Windows 8 yet – with the exception of Cool Collage – that is both free and feature-rich. Phototastic, though, looks quite promising, to say the least. This Modern UI app lets you create photo grids using a handful of templates and customize each individual photo to your heart’s content. Details to follow.Read More

Zittr Camera For iPhone Impresses With Extensive Feature-Set

With iOS 7, users will soon be getting a revamped default camera with some much-needed features. The changes include live filters, burst capturing, and even a new capture mode. If you are using a third-party camera app though, chances are that you already have access to all these features, and more. In the past, we have seen some really great alternatives to the stock iOS Camera app, like VSCO Cam and Blux Camera. There is no shortage of photography apps in the App Store, so a new app has to be truly remarkable or unique to make its mark on the audience. Zitrr Camera might not be completely unique, but it offers a buffet of features that just might make it a perfect app, ensuring that you don’t have to use any other photo editor or camera alternative on your iPhone.Read More

Pixlr Touch Up by Autodesk Is A Handy Offline Image Editor For Google Chrome

If you're even remotely interested in photography and image editing, you will have come across the name Autodesk and their popular Pixlr brand. The company is known for creating robust 3D software suites aimed at graphics professionals, artists, designers etc. We’ve covered Autodesk Inc.’s handful of apps including Pixlr Express and Pixlr-o-matic for mobile platforms, and today we will take a closer look at another new release by them called Pixlr Touch Up for Google Chrome. It’s an offline image editing tool geared towards casual photo editing needs of those who want to quickly fine-tune their favorite portraits. The app sports a really clean design and packs some powerful features that will inject new life into your photos. Read on for more details.Read More

Rhonna Designs Offers One Of The Most Complete Photo Editing Solutions On iOS

The word ‘unique’ is often thrown around quite liberally when it comes to photo apps for iOS, but every once in a while, there is bound to be an app that actually deserves to be called that. Rhonna Designs might not be the most feature-rich photo editor out there, and it doesn't have the novel approach that the likes of layrs and HelloLab boast, but the app is unique owing to the content it offers inside its seemingly ordinary menus. The photo filters, adjustment options, frames, and fonts have been handpicked by the app’s developer, and the finesse in their choice clearly shows. Rhonna Designs isn't all fun and games though, as some of its features are enough to give any serious photo editor a run for its money. You can apply masks to your photos, and even make use of the layered photo editing support.Read More

Create Photo Grids On Your Instagram Profile With Instagrids For iOS

There is no lack of image filters if you want to edit your photos on an iPhone before showing them to the world. A lot of people prefer Instagram for photo sharing, especially because of its nice array of effects, but there are also many third-party photo editors out there that you can use before sharing your pictures. InstaWeather and InstaPlace are two of many apps that aren't officially associated with Instagram, but are still meant to churn out images that are to be shared over the service. Instagrids is a new app that doesn't let you edit photos in the traditional sense of the word, but the end results are no less fantastic. With Instagrids, you can shoot or load any image, and then share it over Instagram as a grid of several broken images. This might seem a bit confusing on the Instagram main feed, but whenever someone visits your Instagram profile, the photo shows up in the form of a complete grid, where each tile completes the big picture. Read on to see it in action.Read More

Easily Scale Or Reduce Size Of Photos On Windows Phone With Shrinkit

The likes of Photo Genius and Fhotoroom have always enabled Windows Phone users to have some pretty good photo editing options at their disposal, but there are times when you need more than just image filters and a few shiny features. For some editing tasks, there is no way other than transferring photos from your device to a computer and doing the work there on an editor like Photoshop or GIMP. Even something as simple as reducing a picture’s dimensions and file size cannot be done too easily on WP without the help of desktop tools like MS Picture Manager or ImageSmaller. Now that the Windows Phone Store has matured though, there are a few apps that can help you in this regard. Shrinkit is a very simple utility that lets WP8 users reduce the resolution and dimensions of the photos stored in their device’s camera roll, and that too with a comprehensive set of options.Read More

Repix Brings Its Awesome Photo Editor & Brush Filters To Android

Google Play Store is full of photo editing apps, some of which are quite pricey, while the others are totally free. Repix is the new kid on the block that aims to outpace the competition by bringing something different to the table. We covered the app back in March when it was first released for iOS and as soon as the Android variant was released, we couldn't wait to give it a go and see how it fares against its iOS counterpart. Suffice to say, we weren't disappointed in anyway. The app features some really innovative brushes that let you transform your photos into classic masterpieces without a lot of effort. Details to be followed after the jump.Read More

Wheel Introduces A Quick New Way To Apply Photo Effects On iOS

There is the odd exception of course, but most iPhone photo editors are meant to be used for just casually sprucing up images. Even if you use a photo editing app fairly regularly, it isn't too likely that you can name even half of the image filters available in it. The whole purpose of effects is to give the photo a new, refreshing look. That is why any fan of casual photo editors is sure to love Wheel. This iOS app lets you edit your photos without putting in any effort at all. The app automatically picks a combination of different image adjustments and filters for the loaded photo, but also keeps the door open for user input, as the intensity and some other aspects of the effect can be altered by spinning the wheel that shows up on the screen. Wheel even has a few gestures that can help you share your photos or undo a change after each step.Read More

wiggle For iPhone Stitches Two Photos Of A Scene To Make It Seem 3D

Very recently, we covered an app named TypoPic for iOS, which distinguishes itself among a plethora of typography tools owing to the fact that it can easily give a three-dimensional touch to the text overlaid with any photo. While iPhone photo editors are improving on almost daily basis, 3D effects are something that we rarely see even now. Autodesk’s Homestyler is among the very few iOS apps that offer 3D renditions of images. wiggle isn't as comprehensive as Autodesk's offering, and isn't meant to be used for performing serious tasks, but the app can still provide you with hours of fun and some pretty decent end results. With wiggle, you just have to snap two photos, and watch as the app stitches them together as an animation, giving the whole thing a distinctly three-dimensional look.Read More

Get Rid Of Those Zits & Marks From Your Selfies With Blemish Remover

Thanks to all the feature-packed photo editors out there, we have various tricks to remove acne, blemishes or any other skin imperfections that ruin an otherwise gorgeous portrait. If you take digital pictures and have a program like GIMP or Photoshop available, you can easily take care of these little quirks with a few simple clicks. But lets just face it, Photoshop is an expensive software, and GIMP, on the other hand, is not very easy to use. That’s where this apps like Free Photo Blemish Remover come in. The free Windows application lets you zap those zits and nasty black marks in no time. Read past the jump for more details.Read More

Clone Items In A Photo Or Video Or Merge Multiple Shots On iOS With Split Lens 2 Pro

Cloning tools in iOS/Android photo editors are quiet rare. In the past, we have seen the feature in Adobe Photoshop Touch and TouchRetouch Free, though both these apps deal only with still images. Split Lens 2 Pro, on the other hand, might just be the first app to offer cloning in videos. The app does have an image section of its own, but the real magic happens when you shoot a video using it. Using the app, you can easily create a video of you shaking hands with yourself, or maybe there is a toy you want to see flying around the room. Split Lens can do all that, and much more, without making the users break a sweat, thanks to its awesome cloning capabilities.Read More