Hipstamatic Oggl For iPhone Is Like Instagram, And Then Some

After Twitter’s introduction of photo filters of its own, one might make the case that the future of standalone photo editors for smartphones is not too bright. For now, however, there are some things that just can’t be done without the help of apps that have been designed specifically for the purpose of tweaking photos. When it comes to third-party image editing apps, Hipstamatic is not a new name in the game. We have already seen some really good photo-related apps from Hipstamatic, including the popular IncrediBooth and Hipstamatic Disposable. That hasn't stopped the vendor from spotting room for more, and has come up with the new Hipstamatic Oggl. This app supports both real-time filters and post-capture editing. The main feature of Oggl, though, is its ability to let users combine different filters and lenses to come up with unique results. It is also possible to snap photos of your own using the exact filter combos used in any of the photos publicly shared by others. Read More

BonAView Is An Image Viewer, Manager & Editor With A 3D Carousel View

Photos...we all love them, and we love to take them! And as much as we like taking photos that look great, most of us also like to keep them well-organized and accessible in one place so we can instantly go back and view those incredible moments we once caught in our camera. BonAView is a feature-rich photo manager and image viewer for Windows that also doubles as a powerful image editor. Sporting an elegant UI, the application is designed to help you organize and access all your photos in a user-friendly manner. It boasts a host of features and houses a fascinating 3D View option that makes photo viewing more enjoyable and intuitive.Read More

Moldiv Is An Android & iOS Collage Maker With Tons Of Styles & A Great Built-In Photo Editor

It seems like iPhone owners love meshing their photos together to make collages, or at least that’s what the developers think. In the past, we have covered collage-makers like Pixplit and Collagetastic, so the newly released Moldiv should be just another similar app, right? In our opinion, that's certainly not the case. Moldiv comes from JellyBus - a developer who knows what it takes to make a successful photo editor for iOS, having already released the likes of HDR FX, Beauty Booth and PicsPlay. Moldiv is pretty different from other apps of this kind though, as it offers a staggeringly large number of frame styles. Also, unlike other collage creators, Moldiv focuses on editing features as well, rather than just stitching your photos together in different styles. Update: Moldiv now available for Android.Read More

GTKRawGallery Is A Powerful Photo Manager & Editor For Photographers

The advent of DSLR cameras and their ever-decreasing prices have turned many into part-time photographers lately. While photography is an exciting activity, it becomes much more fascinating when properly done using a DSLR. DSLRs as well as many high-end point-and-shoot snappers produce images in RAW format by default, and not many conventional image viewers and gallery manager programs support RAW formats, with all their manufacturer-specific variations. Though with apps like GTKRawGallery, you won’t need to worry about this issue at all. It’s an open-source program designed to handle RAW images with ease. The application is reminiscent of Photivo and RawTherapee that we reviewed quite a while ago, and packs tons of photo editing and management features.Read More

Overlay Weather & Location Info On Photos In Windows Phone With Ciel

To varying extents, all photos capture the essence of the moment when they were snapped, but there are times when you need to add some written information to the image in order to ensure that anyone who views it can gauge the environment in which the photo was taken. iOS has apps like InstaPlace and InstaWeather for this purpose, while Android has CamWeather. These type of apps usually offer certain templates that let you overlay real-time weather and location info on your photos. Ciel does the same for Windows Phone users, but the number of templates it offers make the app more than a match for similar apps on other platforms. Ciel has readymade overlay effects that deal with weather, location, lifestyle or a mixture of all of these. The sharing options are pretty good as well, while the app's integration with Foursquare ensures availability of data on all nearby places. Read More

Hipsterize Photos With Retro Effects, Lighting & Frames Using XnRetro

Photography imperfections were a common occurrence back in the old days when camera equipment was far from being advanced by today’s standards. Light bleeding, inconsistent flash, blurs etc. were all fairly common. While such quirks seemed quite annoying at that time, vintage photography with precisely those effects has become quite popular among smartphone users these days – Instagram being the first app that comes to the mind in this genre. People love to upload and share such photos on social media sites. If you want to turn your favorite images into vintage masterpieces, try XnRetro. This powerful desktop app gives your snaps a quick retro makeover. The application sports a host of vignette effects and even allows you to put virtual frames around your images. Read More

[Giveaway] Kestrel GX: Elegant, Feature-Rich Photo Manager & Editor For Windows

Back in 2010, we covered a feature-rich photo manager for Windows called Kestrel GX. It was unarguably one the most elegant image management applications that we had come across, not only because of its sophisticated design but also because of its slew of handy features. Unfortunately, since last year, the application is no longer available for free and has been replaced by a paid variant that carries hefty price tags of $59 and $89 for home and commercial licenses respectively. Here's where you being a regular reader at AddictiveTips pays off. Details past the break.Read More

Face Retouching App Perfect365 Makes Its Way To Windows Phone 8

Perfect365 started off as a desktop application, and has had a mobile presence for quite a while now as well. The service has pretty decent apps for iOS and Android, but a few Windows Phone users started anticipating the app’s arrival on Microsoft’s mobile platform when Perfect365 for Windows 8 came out. The anticipation wasn't unfounded at all, it seems, since the app is now available in the WP Store. Having used most Perfect365 apps, I must say that the WP8 app is actually better than other mobile appsof the service. The interface is really neat, making the process of configuring the editing points on the face quite easy. In addition, you can also make any face look prettier by applying one of the predefined filters available in Perfect365. Read More

Glass Booth Offers Tons Of Awesome Glass Photo Effects On iPhone

As you can probably gauge from our list of best iOS photo editors, most of the popular apps of this genre offer a variety of image effects and editing options. This doesn't mean, however, that there isn’t any room in the market for photo editing apps that focus on just one genre of filters. The presence of apps like Vintique clearly demonstrate that people still like to give single-purpose apps a try every once in a while. Glass Booth is not the kind of app that will replace the photo editor you are currently using on your iPhone, but it will certainly lure you to keep coming back to it frequently. The filters offered by the app are built around the same theme - they are meant to give the impression that you are looking at your photos through glass. This might sound a bit too specific, but in fact there are plenty of customization options and variety of effects available to keep users interested for a long time. Read More

Fix Unwanted Blurring In Photos With A Click Using SmartDeblur

SmartDeblur is a free Windows application by Vladimir Yuzhikov that lets you enhance blurred or out-of-focus images, and sports a host of additional features. The application is able to recover data from photos with three different types of blurring, namely Motion blur, Gaussian blur and lens blur (in photos that are simply out of focus). It also boasts a powerful ‘auto-detect blur’ option, which allows it to identify the type of blur effect on its own and take care of it without requiring much input from the user. In addition, you can choose to remove blur either from the whole image, or a specific region.Read More

Place Text & Doodles Over iPhone Photos In Real Time With Text Camera

A few months back, Instagram announced its decision to remove live filters from the famous app, and not many have received this omission kindly. You can always edit your photos after you have snapped them, but the capability of applying filters and other image effects even before shooting the picture is sure to come in handy every once in a while. A testament to this is the popularity apps offering real-time filters have gained in the recent past. Text Camera for iPhone goes beyond simple image effects, and lets you overlay doodles, text snippets and even quotes over the scene you are about to capture. You can easily adjust the position of these entities by simply dragging them around, and to keep you coming back for more, Text Camera offers the option to unlock more effects by sharing photos through it. Read More

Make Objects In Photos Pop Out Of Their Frames With PopAGraph For iOS

Instagram can make your photos look good without much effort, but this convenience comes at a cost. Since there are a only a limited number of photo effects available in all one-touch photo editors, a lot of times monotony might start creeping into your pictures. This is why there is always a market for photo editors that aren't too complicated but still offer some level of control over the output. If you are looking for an iOS app of this kind, ColorStrokes might be the simplest available option, while AnyShape is a similar though more complicated photo editor. The newly released PopAGraph offers a way to edit selective portions of an image, making an object within pop out of the photo. The app lets you mask objects within a photo, apply a frame and then have these objects seem as if they're popping out of the frame, forming a 3D effect of sorts.Read More

ClipCrop For iPhone Lets You Crop Photos Using Shapes & Characters

The concept of cropping photos to fit different shapes and frames is not really new. Even if you don’t want to turn on your computer to edit photos, you can easily crop them or apply masks over them using several iPhone apps. In the past, we have covered apps like PIP Camera and SymbolGram, both of which allow you to use different masks to cut photos into patterns of your choice. While no app is likely to rival the vast collection of frames offered by PIP Camera, the app could have been a bit better in terms of customization options and sharing. SymbolGram, on the other hand, lacks variety. ClipCrop is a new app of this genre, and it seems to have found the perfect balance between simplicity and variety. The app offers a decent number of masks, a great UI, and plenty of sharing options.Read More

Camera360 Comes To WP8 With Live Photo Filters & Great Interface

Among the crowd of photo editors available for iOS and Android, Camera360 has been among the best for a long time. The app is so good that it even made its way into our list of top ten Android photo editors. Windows Phone has been getting a lot of big apps lately, but no one expected Camera360 to pop up in the WP Store out of the blue. Yet, the app is here in all its simplistic glory, bringing with it all the great image effects you can expect from a photo editor of this class. Camera360 for WP8 lets you apply filters to a scene in front of you, even before the picture is snapped. The app also lets you view your entire image collection in the form of a calendar, or sort photos based on the exact time they were snapped.Read More

AltaPixShare Is A Photo Resizer, Styler & Sharing App For Windows With A Great UI

They say sharing is caring. Sharing photos with your folks is probably the best way to rekindle old and good memories. Due to the advancements in technologies such the high availability of home and mobile broadband internet access, along with various image sharing websites and services, the process of sharing photos with others has become much more easier than it was a few years ago. Though at places where you don't have access to high speed internet, for instance a trip to the countryside, it can be a bit hard to instantly share your high resolution photos, especially if they are fairly large in size. The best way would be to resize the images to a smaller size before you send them to others. If you require to instantly do that, AltaPixShare has an answer. This lightweight Windows app streamlines and unifies the processes of photo resizing and sharing, and even lets you apply a few filters to them in the process.Read More

Fotor & Its Suite Of Photo Styling Options Now Available For PC & Mac

Fotor is a very well known name among iOS photo capturing and editing apps, and the developers have just released Windows & Mac versions of the app, and that too with a price tag of free. Like Fotor for iOS and Andriod and Fotor for Windows 8, Fotor offers lots of features on Mac as well, including the same effects as its iOS variant, a sophisticated crop feature, and an excellent tilt-shift effect. In addition, it has the usual rotate and color adjustment options that you can find in most photo editing apps, which are usually paid. The tilt-shift effect allows you to add both a radial and linear tilt-shift effect, and its intensity can be adjusted in terms of focal point. You can crop an image to a size that's customizable down to the pixel, straighten an image, add borders i.e. frames to it, and of course, apply color filters. The app can also read EXIF data for your images.Read More

Add Aviary Photo Editing Tools & Filters To Facebook In Chrome

Aviary's powerful image editor is widely used in photo editing apps for smartphones. Though it's far less common to see it integrated in on the web, since most web services do not provide a lot of editing options, or offer their own tools instead. Fly Photo Editor for Facebook is a Chrome extension that integrates Aviary's photo editing tools in Facebook. The extension lets you enter an edit mode from the theater view of any photo, and you can then proceed to add filters and frames to the image, crop it, add stickers to it, draw on it with a free hand drawing tool, and more. Once you've made the desired changes, the extension uploads your edited image to the same album as the original one.Read More

Google+ For iOS & Android Get Community Options, Photo Editing & More

It’s been a while since we last gave Google+ smartphone apps any coverage, the reason being that the app didn't receive a major update after the one that brought Pages support to it. Now, however, it has been updated with a number of really great features. Both the iOS and Android clients now focus a lot more on communities than they previously did, with options to share posts from your phone and popularizing a community coming to the mix. Another great new addition is the revamped photo editor that has been integrated with Google+ for iOS. Not only does it offer a lot of image effects, but also makes it possible to crop pictures before sharing them.Read More

The Comprehensive ‘Photo Editor’ By Aviary Comes To Windows 8 And RT

Photo Editor by Aviary is one of the most robust web-based photo editing platforms out there that lets you edit your photos to your heart’s content right from your web browser or mobile device. The app is fairly popular on iOS and Android platforms, receiving praise for its stellar photo editing plugins and a powerful standalone version that does a lot more than conventional photo editors normally do. After getting rave reviews on both these mobile platforms, the app has now landed on Windows Store as well, and it's no different from its counterparts when it comes to features and functionality. Simply labeled Photo Editor, the app provides you with a clean, easy to use photo editing environment so you can give your favorite images a quick makeover. Read on for our full review. Read More

Paint Amazing Filters & Effects Over Photos With Repix For iOS

An iPhone or iPad photo editor is rarely labeled as unique, but apps like Repix always show that there is still room for innovation even in the most congested categories of the App Store (Update: Now available for Android). There are two areas where Repix differs from its competitors. The app has all the filters that are usually found in good iOS photo editors, but rather than applying these effects to entire images, Repix gives users the choice to manually apply them to specific parts of the photo. It offers brushes for all effects, and these brushes can be used to transform your photos by painting over them with your finger. It is also possible to adjust other aspects of images using simple swipe gestures. Furthermore, the intuitive interface of the app adds to its overall uniqueness. Read More