BrandMyMail: Integrate Social Network Content In Gmail [Chrome]

BrandMyMail, a Chrome extension, allows you to customize your Gmail email messages by integrating content from various social networking accounts. The extension can be useful for users who want to centralize their email with social media content. BrandMyMail offers users with extensive social media integration options. Content ranges from simple signatures to real-time content, such as, Twitter Feeds, Facebook posts, photos, Wordpress blogs, YouTube videos, Google+ updates, Quora questions and more. To start off, simply connect BrandMyMail with Gmail, create templates, customize them with various types of social content and start sending beautiful emails. You will have to sign up for a free account with BrandMyMail, the service that the extension works with. Read More

Gnome Photo Frame: Desktop Gadget For Rotating Images In Ubuntu

We have previously brought you some wallpaper rotating applications for Ubuntu, including Desktop Drapes and Desktop Nova. This time, we have an Ubuntu gadget that rotates images within a photo frame on your desktop and in full screen mode (like a screen saver). Gnome Photo Frame is a desktop picture frame that enables rotating images from sources, such as a local folder, F-Spot database, Shotwell database, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa Web Albums, Tumblr, Haikyo Clock and an RSS Feed. Read More

Collaborate On, Share And Edit Images & Videos With CanvasDropr

Want to create collages, brainstorm, hang out with friends while sharing photos and videos? All this is possible with CanvasDropr, a powerful collaboration tool that allows you to share a virtual blank sheet of canvas, where members can upload images and videos in real time. You can share all kinds of stuff from your local system, or multiple popular websites. All items are editable, and the changes being made can be viewed by everyone. CanvasDropr is completely free, allowing you to sign in with your Facebook or Twitter account. You can also sign up for the service. Read More

das Image: Download Photos From Instagram, Picasa, 500px & Flickr [WP7]

If you are an admirer of professional photography, or would just like to have some seriously amazing wallpapers on your Windows Phone 7, then das Image is just the app you need. It is a WP7 app which brings a collection of amazing images to your screen by scouring some of the best photo-related sources on the web. das Image pulls photos from services like Picasa, Bing, 500px, Flickr and even Instagram. Read on to learn how you can use this app to get amazing, high quality images on your WP7 device. Read More

SocialFolders: Auto Download & Sync Social Accounts Data With Local Folders

With the amount of data being stored using cloud based services, including social networking platforms and personal storage websites, it is becoming hard to track and download data individually from numerous online accounts. We formerly reviewed Dropico web service, which allowed sharing your pictures across multiple social networking platforms. However, the problem with such services is their limited functionality. Today, we stumbled across a service that enables you to efficiently manage multiple online services' accounts from within the Windows Explorer - SocialFolders is a robust service for managing your online accounts (including uploading and downloading tasks) from your computer. Details after the break. Read More

Capture And Share Elements Of App Windows & Webcam Images With JShot

We have previously covered a number of screenshot taking tools, GreenShot, Shotty, WebKut, just to name a few. Recently, we came across another feature-rich screenshot taking application, called JShot. It is a cross-platform application that provides many robust screenshot taking options. It enables grabbing screenshots of the whole desktop, current window and widgets (specific area of a window), as well as from the webcam (Windows only). You can also edit screenshots, assign custom hotkeys (in Windows and Linux) and upload screenshots to FTP Server and configured Dropbox, Twitter, Picasa, ImageShack, Skype and Minus accounts. Read More

Download All Images From deviantART, Picasa, PhotoBucket & More

Image Collector is an application for image collection enthusiasts who may be interested in grabbing exotic images from websites such as Picasa, deviantART, imgur, PhotoBucket and 4Chan. It provides options to view, categorize, and download from famous web services. You to save images in custom categories, for example, you can create a category by the name of Wallpapers and download wallpapers from available web services to this category. Image Collector also comes with a built in image viewer which provides three different viewing modes; normal, stretched and center. Read More

ZangZing – Import Images From Photo Sharing Services & Share In Groups

When Google Plus came out many developers began creating extensions and services that would facilitate importing pictures from Facebook, Flikr etc., to Picasa. Whether there was any point to it all or not is another story but it makes you realize that not all your photos are on Facebook. Some are on other services like Imgur, Flickr, Photobucket and of course, in your computer. If you think about it, some of those precious photos might be in your friends’ accounts and not even in yours. ZangZing is a a web service that lets you pull photos from multiple image sharing services and add them to an album to share on either Facebook or Twitter, or via email. The service is meant to make photo sharing easy by allowing you to import images from all the different accounts you may have uploaded them to, from a single platform.

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Snapify – Search Selected Text On Popular Sites Without Leaving Tab

Ever come across a term so unique or a topic so vast that you had to Google it, look it up on Wikipedia, and see if there are any instructional videos on YouTube related to it? The fact is that these sites are a primary source of information on just about anything and everything and when researching a topic we inadvertently turn to them. Snapify is a Chrome extension that lets you search YouTube, Wikipedia, Google, Google Maps, Picasa and Twitter for any term that you select on a web page. The search results appear in a floating window in the same tab. Read More

Pictarine Import Photos From Different Accounts & Share Them Anywhere

In the past few weeks, there has definitely been a frenzy of importing and exporting your images from one service to another and it’s inspired quiet a few services in itself but Pictarine is the one stop solution to them all because it doesn’t take sides or discriminate. The web service lets you create a hub for images from your Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Instagram, Gmail and Twitter account and also to upload photos from your system and share them easily with your contacts. It also lets you create albums on Facebook, Picasa and Flickr by uploading images from your system or importing them from anyone of your connected accounts.

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MultiMi Brings Facebook, Twitter & Email To Desktop With AVG Safe Browsing

Email, Facebook and Twitter have become such an important part of our lives that it sometimes seems like a shame to bundle them together with all our other tabs in a browser window. MultiMi is a desktop application cum browser that lets you view your email from any email service provider, connect your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and stream all updates from them in one place. The desktop application lets you connect all accounts and view messages, images, attachments from either one of them. The application also lets you open and edit documents from your hard drive, view and download photos from Picasa and Facebook, send out a Tweet and post status updates and reply to Facebook comments. You can also use it to browse websites but the browsing is snail slow if you compare it with Chrome and Firefox so it isn’t likely to break the bond you have with your browser any time soon. Read More

Cloud Export Downloads Data From All Google Services To Local Drive

Recently, we reviewed Google Takeout web service, which is meant to allow users to extract data from numerous services offered by Google. Cloud Export an open source application which provides a similar utility but with more extensive options. It automatically extracts data from specified web applications and saves it to your local folder. Cloud Export has roots based on the Data Liberation Front agenda, which is a Google engineering team, assigned with the goal to make it easier for users to move their data in and out of Google products.  Such services are already gaining importance in the light of recent data related issues such as the Gmail data loss for some users and Dropbox security issues which have raised questions about the security of data saved using cloud applications. The supported accounts for importing data include Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Reader, Picasa, Google Health, Google Finance, Google Talk, Google Docs, Twitter: RSS, RSS, IMAP account, Jabber, and OFX (Financial Institutions). Read More

Fotolink Is A Facebook App That Moves Facebook Photos To Google+

All that hype over moving your life from Facebook to Google+ has inspired a lot of services and extensions and needless to say that people are about as eager to try them out as Facebook is to block them. What Facebook may not have realized is that it was actually harboring the solution to the whole time; Fotolink is Facebook application that lets you export your photos to a multitude of services like Flickr, Picasa, MySpace and more. The app effectively exports all images from any album to a preexisting one in Picasa which in effect means the images are also transferred to your Google+ account. Read More

MyCube Vault – Backup Data From Facebook, Picasa And Google Contacts

Recently there seems to be a lot of emphasis on backing up data from online accounts. Perhaps the Gmail data loss issue has raised a few flags for cloud service users. We saw such a service from Google known as Google Takeout. MyCube Vault is an open source application which provides similar functionality for backing up data from Facebook, Picasa and Google Contacts. This alpha project is emphasizing on providing a single click method of not just importing data directly from the aforementioned, but also allows scheduling periodic data backup. Read More

Download Data From All Google Accounts With Google Takeout

When it comes to launching new web services, Google seems to be on a roll. After bringing forth Google+ and Winyl, Google has introduced another useful web service known as Google Takeout. As the name implies, Takeout provides the utility of obtaining your saved data from numerous cloud services offered by Google. It basically allows you to download anything from your saved contacts in a Google account to Picasa pictures. Read More

12 Features Of Picasa That You Probably Don’t Know About

We have noticed that due to the recent colossal influx of cloud based apps in software arena, many image editors and viewers are either totally drifting away from the core image organizing and editing features which a common user likes to see, or have started capitalizing on everything, from online image sharing to social media components integration with long winded configuration process to go around with. That’s the reason why so many eminent image viewers and editors are being cascaded down the popularity graph. So, what makes an image editing software stand out from the rest? I am not an advocate of outright simplicity but when it comes to choosing a good software which while offering all important features to catch up with fast track online image sharing blaze, also provides features to enhance image viewing and editing experience, only one springs readily to my mind, and that is, Picasa. Whether you want to brush up on your image editing skills, share photos with your friends and family, or simply like to enjoy an awesome image viewer on your desktop with web sync, Picasa is arguably the most viable option you can opt in for. In this post, we will try to delve deep into its most underrated features. Read More

Use Google Apps On Desktop With GMDesk

The most popular web app provider is Google and you can see yourself spending countless hours on Gmail, Google Calendear, Google Maps, Google Reader, and Picasa Web Albums every day. It is not uncommon to see opened windows with theses web apps everywhere as more and more people rely on the cloud. GMDesk is an open source Adobe Air based application that opens Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Maps, Google Reader and Picasa Web Albums on the desktop. It therefore, eliminates the needs to use a browser to access numerous Google services. There are few reasons why it makes sense to use them on the desktop instead of the browser. Suppose you are working on a thesis in Google Docs or reading news items in Google Reader and your browser crashes immediately, what about your work? Also would you risk losing your work to restarting browser just because of one add-on? Saving work across multiple services can be a daunting task too. It makes more sense to place them permanently on the desktop, than to find them across multiple tabs inside a web browser. Read More

Upload Photos To Facebook From Google Picasa

Social networks were not really a new concept when Facebook entered the market and took the world by storm, so what did the newcomer offer that others were apparently lacking in? Facebook's prime focus had been photo sharing, and that's the sole aspect of the now-social-giant that propelled it to the top of the social ladder. However, uploading photos was not always that easy, and unless you use an automation tool that can make the job easier for you, using the web application's own uploader is quite a nightmare. Here’s a useful plug-in that will help those particularly who use both Facebook and Google Picasa. Uploading and sharing photos through Facebook is one of the most popular social networking activities, and if you often rely on Google’s Picasa to keep your photo collection organized, nothing can be more convenient than to show off that last weekend party by uploading the pictures to Facebook directly from Picasa. Read More

Easiest Way To Download Picasa Album In One Click

There are plenty of Picasa web album downloaders, just like Flick downloaders. We have  covered them in the past and have no reason to review more such tools. Picasa Web Album Downloader, however, is a minimalist tool for those who need an easy, lightweight, and fast alternative. Read More

Integrate Picasa In Windows Explorer

Picasa is a popular service from Google, which users all around the world use every day to upload, edit, and then share photos with their loved ones. PicasaExt is one of those rare gems that will come really useful to the loyal users of Picasa. It is a small plugin that integrates Picasa in Windows Explorer. Images that are starred in Picasa, i.e, made favorites, are now displayed in Windows Explorer as well. A small star overlay is displayed on every image that has been starred in Picasa. Read More