Horizon Will Never Let You Record Another Vertical Video Again [Android]

Vertical videos are the bane of our time. As much as we all hate them when we click play, we don't really remember to turn our device on its side so we can record a proper horizontal video. Google Camera came up with a solution to that with one of its earlier versions where the app doesn't record unless it detects your device is held correctly and I think that was genius. It's something Apple should consider brining to iOS. Horizon is an Android app that takes the fight against vertical videos one step further and lets you hold you device any way you want while it continues recording in the correct landscape mode. The free version of the app lets you record for fifteen seconds and an upgrade worth $0.99 will let you record without any time restrictions. With the free version, you also get a watermark at the bottom right of your video and promotional animation for Horizon at the end.Read More

Easily Record Phone Calls On Android With MP3 InCall Recorder & Voice

As smart as they are, many smartphones don’t normally ship with a built-in call recording support for the obvious reason that users might abuse the feature. In truth, the need to record a phone call is very real when you consider situations such as taking a phone interview, enjoying a long-distance phone conversation on a special occasion with loved ones, or just asking for directions over the phone. MP3 InCall Recorder & Voice is a free Android app that - as its name suggests - allows you to record phone calls in MP3 format.The app runs in the background and overlays a button on the phone app’s interface. When you make or attend a call, tapping this button instantly begins the recording. The app automatically stop recording when a call ends. The app also works as a simple voice recorder. All recordings are saved in MP3 format and can be played directly in the app. The free version of MP3 InCall Recorder & Voice features ads and does not allow you to email the recordings to yourself from within the app. Upgrading to the pro version removes ads and in addition, allows you to add notes to your recordings and enable the 'Record all calls' mode. Read More

Voice Share For WP7: Record & Share Sound Clips To Earn Achievements

At times, the simplest of apps could prove to be really popular among users, as they provide just the right balance between fun and usefulness. Voice Share for Windows Phone 7 just might be one such app. The concept behind the app is nothing really new, but the developer has combined a lot of different features to create a pretty neat product. The app lets users record voice clips, and then share them with friends via SMS or on Facebook. This might sound a bit boring, as there are many other voice recorders available for Mango as well, but Voice Share has the edge over them in the sense that it lets you add graphical badges to your shares, and has an achievements system of its own, giving it a game-like feel as well.Read More

SaveMeeting For Android: Record/Share Audio & Speech-To-Text Transcripts Of Meetings

Want to share the transcripts or audio recordings of a recently concluded business meeting with your colleagues? Why not do it with SaveMeeting – a cross platform mobile app that lets you easily record and share the audio, transcriptions (speech-to-text) and other details of your meetings right from your device. All recordings are automatically uploaded to the SaveMeeting cloud, thereby helping you as well as your colleagues to instantly access shared data anytime and from anywhere. Each recording is listed under a meeting date specified on calendar that can be accessed via the company’s website. Initially released as an iOS-only app, SaveMeeting has just made its way into the Android Market.Read More

Record Your Desktop Sessions In Ubuntu Linux With recordMyDesktop

recordMyDesktop is a Linux based application that records sessions of the entire desktop or any specified window. With this application, you can save copy of your screencast sessions for creating training videos. Alternatively, it can also be used to keep a track of someone's activities when he/she uses your computer (e.g. for parental control purposes).Read More

Record And Edit Skype Video Calls

Skype is a great platform for PC-to-PC or PC-to-Phone calling, with the former being totally free while the latter charging very minimal rates. Depending on your network connection, calls with Skype are generally very pleasing, and with the option to have video conferencing, Skype becomes a really impressive communication suite. With such features comes the potential for great add-ons as well, and Vodburner is exactly that: an add-on for Skype that allows you to record video calls.Read More

Record Audio & Sound From Various Sources [Windows]

When I first found Hanso Recorder, my reaction was of jubilation – yes, I can easily get those oh-so-wanted soundtracks out of the games that I am addicted to. But it does much more than that. Hanso Recorder is a feature-rich, high-usage audio program that can perform almost all sound tasks with ease; converting CDs, Tapes, DVDs, Live performances, TV, Internet radio, Games, and any other sound source into audio files that can be played on various audio players. Furthermore, it can do text-to-speech conversions with natural voices.Read More

Musicy: Listen To Radio And Rip Streaming Music

As radio stations are contrived for different music genres and distinctive in terms of jazz, rock, metal, heavy metal, grunge and so on, listeners keeps on changing tracks. Tools for recording radio streaming are not sufficient and does not provide full scalability. Musicy on the other hand, targets those music junkies who frequently listens to different radio stations for keeping tab on particular genre. Besides being a radio streaming utility, it also let users instantly rip and download the track which is being streamed.Read More

The Last Ripper: Download & Save Songs From Last.fm

Last.fm is one of the most popular internet radio service out there. Sporting a wide collection of music and various genres, this site becomes a top choice when you want to listen to something online. But what if you find a radio station that you want to listen to again? What if a song inspires you to keep for future listening? Last.fm does not allow any downloads, and this is where TheLastRipper comes into play. This program lets you save and download Last.fm’s streams as mp3, alongside album art, ID3v2 tags, and organizing the downloads neatly in Artist/Album/Track order.Read More

Record And Share Screencast Quickly With TinyTask

Suppose you want to share a quick screencast with your friend or co-worker, what will you do? Search a screencast tool, download it, install it, learn to use it, record the actual screencast, name it, save it, and send it. Woah! that’s a long lists. Instead you can simply grab TinyTask.Read More