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Easily Record Phone Calls On Android With MP3 InCall Recorder & Voice

As smart as they are, many smartphones don’t normally ship with a built-in call recording support for the obvious reason that users might abuse the feature. In truth, the need to record a phone call is very real when you consider situations such as taking a phone interview, enjoying a long-distance phone conversation on a special occasion with loved ones, or just asking for directions over the phone. MP3 InCall Recorder & Voice is a free Android app that – as its name suggests – allows you to record phone calls in MP3 format.

The app runs in the background and overlays a button on the phone app’s interface. When you make or attend a call, tapping this button instantly begins the recording. The app automatically stop recording when a call ends. The app also works as a simple voice recorder. All recordings are saved in MP3 format and can be played directly in the app. The free version of MP3 InCall Recorder & Voice features ads and does not allow you to email the recordings to yourself from within the app. Upgrading to the pro version removes ads and in addition, allows you to add notes to your recordings and enable the ‘Record all calls’ mode.

When you make or attend a phone call, a small green button appears at the top right; simply tap it to begin recording. The button will disappear and you will see the normal phone app controls. In the notification bar, a red button similar to the green one that you tapped to imitate the recording will let you stop the recording at any time.

MP3 InCall Recorder  record recording

MP3 InCall Recorder & Voice will automatically stop recording when you hang up. The recordings are saved to and easily accessible from your SD card, but the app itself provides a more organized view for them. The app will recognize when a caller is in your contacts. You can view the length, size, date, and time of recording for each recorded call. To play a recording, select it from the list and click the play button that appears at the bottom. The player features an equalizer that you can use to fine-tune the quality of the audio playback.

MP3 InCall Recorder  recordings  MP3 InCall Recorder play

To use the Voice Recorder feature of the app,  tap the mic icon at the bottom that appears when no files are selected. Alternatively, you can tap the ‘Call Recorder Files’ drop-down at the top and choose the Voice Recorder option. Many of the app’s features get unlocked when you upgrade to the pro version but if you go to the app’s settings from the cog wheel at the bottom of the recordings list, you will be able to choose one of two audio sources: the microphone or the phone line. You can also select a different default position for the app’s recording button and choose a default gain level.

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  1. My only problem with these recorders is not the recorder itself but my music players.

    Off topic a little I guess but I use the standard Galaxy S3 player as well as ubermusic and find that they will automatically pick up voice recording files and add them to the library.

    Now the chances of me setting up my music player wrong are high so this might be user fault rather than app fault.

    Either way this recorder looks exactly like what I want to have, however until I find a music player that will only scan folders in the memory that I choose, I’m stuck not having a recorder at all. Any tips would be great as this recorder looks sweet.

    Great article by the way.

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