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Record And Edit Skype Video Calls

Skype is a great platform for PC-to-PC or PC-to-Phone calling, with the former being totally free while the latter charging very minimal rates. Depending on your network connection, calls with Skype are generally very pleasing, and with the option to have video conferencing, Skype becomes a really impressive communication suite. With such features comes the potential for great add-ons as well, and Vodburner is exactly that: an add-on for Skype that allows you to record video calls.

When installed, Vodburner will integrate with your Skype (you will have to set up permissions for that; the program will prompt you how). Once it has been set up, the program will sit in the system tray as a red record button, with the configuration window hovering above. By default, the program will record all incoming/outgoing Skype video calls and store in the default location.


Vodburner is free but comes with its limitations. For example, while you can record Skype-to-Skype calls with other Vodburner users without limitations, non-Vodburner users’ recordings would contain a watermark in them. Similarly, basic video editing can be done for all call recordings, but advanced features can only be utilized for recordings that were done with other Vodburner users.

Vodburner’s feature list is non-exhaustive, and here are some of the salient ones:

  • Create complete video productions directly from Skype calls.
  • Record both sides of any Skype video conversation, directly to your hard disk.
  • Captures at full frame rate and maximum resolution for the best quality possible.
  • Once the call is complete, generate a single complete video, incorporating both sides of the call, with just a couple of clicks.
  • Edit the video prior to publishing, using the built in Post-Production Console.
  • Alter which camera is used at any point (this side, other side or both sides).
  • Trim portions of the call so they do not appear in the final production.
  • Add text captions to the final production, with the ability to alter font, color and background.
  • Add pictures to the final production.
  • Add background audio to the final production, with professional fading options and volume control.
  • Generate ASF/WMV files suitable for uploading directly to YouTube and other services.
  • Upload directly to YouTube for public or private sharing.
  • Generate video with your choice of aspect ratio and resolution.
  • Anti-drift technology keeps both sides of the call in sync.
  • Ideal for podcast interview recording.
  • Ideal for recording shared desktop sessions.

Vodburner is a Windows platform application and we tested it on Windows 7 32-bit OS.

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