Microsoft Launches on{X} For Android; Redefines Rule-Based Mobile Task Automation [Review]

Task automation or remote control is nothing new for Android. Those familiar with the likes of Tasker, Locale, or several other similar apps, like Modus Operandi, Sleep Timer, Bluetooth On CallProximity Sensor et al know very well what possibilities a task automation app can achieve by utilizing the various resources of the OS and device. However, when the tech giant, Microsoft, decides to enter the task automation arena with its very own solution, you can expect exactly what you’ll be getting. Labeled on{X}, this Android-exclusive app (currently in beta) is Microsoft’s attempt to make task automation easier. It provides users with remote control over automating every action or task on their devices from triggering a custom status bar notification upon unlocking your device to setting your favorite music player to start playing music when you begin jogging.Read More

sRemote: Remotely Execute Commands To Control PC via Gmail Account

If you've ever wanted to control your PC from a remote location (when you don't have ready access to the hardware itself, like on a vacation), you can do so now by sending certain predefined commands through your Gmail account. Indeed, it sounds more a gimmick, but this is what sRemote has to offer. It's an application for Windows that allows you to control and perform certain actions on your PC, such as shutdown, restart, log off, take screenshot etc, by sending various commands in an email subject field. It does so by continuously monitoring specified Gmail account, where the actual commands that are to be executed are sent, and applies the actions on the PC where this program is being run. The application may seem a bit difficult to configure at first, but once you get a hang of its options, it becomes fairly easy for you to monitor your PC from a remote location. Read on to find out how it works.Read More

Sophos Releases Anti-Malware, Anti-Theft & Privacy Protection App For Android

It is a well-known fact that among all popular mobile platforms, Android is unarguably the one that is heavily plagued with all sorts of malware and other potentially harmful entities. Despite the committed efforts of concerned authorities to make one of the world’s most widely-used mobile OS free of all the various vulnerabilities, new threats keep rearing heads on a consistent basis. Perhaps that’s the reason why Sophos, the trusted security hardware and software provider, has decided to stepped into the foray to provide Android users with a reliable and feature-packed mobile protection tool by the name of Sophos Mobile Security. Currently in Beta, the app vows to offer uncompromised security for your Android device through three nifty and most sought-after device protection and anti-theft tools, namely Scanner, Loss & Theft, and Privacy Advisor. Each individual tool features several handy options that we shall look at in detail.Read More

JumiAmp Allows Remote Control Of iTunes & WinAMP From Android Or iPhone

Back in January, we covered an Android app called TuneSync HomeStream, that allows users to wirelessly stream their iTunes music library from their PC or Mac to their Android devices. What if you wanted to remotely control music playback on your iTunes desktop application right from your Android device? Developed by Jumitech, JumiAMP is a stylish iOS and Android app that allows you to control music playback on iTunes and WinAMP desktop applications over WiFi or mobile data (3G, EDGE). While JumiAMP has been around in the iTunes App Store for quite some time now, its Android variant has just made its way into the Google Play Store.Read More

SoftPad Turns Your iPhone Into A Remote Control For Windows PC [Cydia]

There are many ways of turning your iPhone into a keyboard, mouse or a monitor for any desktop system. You can get a lot of apps and tweaks that let you do that, but not many of them have the ability to assume these roles simultaneously. SoftPad is one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-configure Windows remote control apps for iPhone that we have seen so far. The Cydia app has three main modes; you can use your iOS device as a mouse or keyboard for your PC, or control the entire Windows interface through your iDevice's touchscreen. Moreover, SoftPad makes it extremely easy to switch between the three modes, adding another layer of convenience over its functionality.Read More

AirDroid Receives Mega Update, Adds Screen Mirroring, File/APK Drag & Drop, Video Streaming & More [Android]

When we reviewed the debut version of AirDroid last November, it was already one of the best, most comprehensive Android managers out there, offering wireless control and management of almost every single facet of Android devices. If you thought that the app already had enough on offer and couldn’t get any better, think again! AirDroid has just recently received a massive update (to v1.0.5) that has helped the app step up several notches from the rest of the competition.Read More

Remote4Play: Remotely Control Google Music Playback From Android & iPhone

Remote4Play is a fairly lightweight yet effective Android and iOS app that connects you to your Google Play Music account via its Chrome Extension, so that you can remotely control music playback from your mobile device. Both the extension, as well as the mobile clients of Remote4Play, require minimal configuration. A remote connection is established between your web browser and mobile device as soon as you scan the QR code displayed by the extension. Once connected to your Google Play Music account, the mobile app presents you with its own Play Music interface, using which you can view the currently played track, along with album art. Using various controls on the player, you can control music playback and enable/disable the shuffle and repeat options. All the changes made through the mobile client are instantly implemented and replicated on the web interface.Read More

Splashtop Touchpad Turns Your iPhone Into A Remote Keyboard & Mouse For PC/Mac

Last month, we covered an app named Mobile Mouse Server, which turned an iPhone into a remotely controlled mouse for your Mac. That app was limited to Mac only, and although PC users have a few iOS alternatives for that functionality as well, among the most popular remote control apps is Splashtop Touchpad, which is compatible with both PC and Mac. The app goes one step further than Mobile Mouse Server, and not only functions as a mouse, you can even input text to your desktop using the app, as it features a full keyboard as well. The area where the app has the greatest advantage over its competitors is its ease of use. You can learn more by reading on. Read More

Clik: YouTube Remote Control, Streams Videos To Desktop [Android, iOS]

Looks like the popular YouTube Remote app just got some competition! The team behind the famous cross-platform IM app, Kik Messenger, has rolled out a brand new Android and iOS app called Clik that works on more or less the same grounds as Google’s very own YouTube Remote app. The app, in combination with any flash-enabled desktop browser, can be used to access, search for, stream and control YouTube videos from your mobile device straight to your computer’s web browser.The process behind Clik is simple. Just open on your desktop browser, and using the Clik app on your device, scan the unique QR code on the website. This will launch the app’s native YouTube explorer interface on your device, using which you can browse or search for any video on YouTube. The selected video is then streamed directly on the web browser in fullscreen, and can be controlled via the app running on your device. No need to set up any desktop servers, or log in to any services.Read More

Intel TelePort Extender: Get Android Call Alerts, Texting & More On PC

With the previously reviewed Intel Pair & Share app for Android and iOS, we saw an extremely effective (and rather unique) way of remotely streaming photos from a smartphone/tablet to PC and other devices over a shared Wi-Fi connection. Taking the aforementioned concept even further, Intel is back with another impressive app called Intel TelePort Extender that focuses on remotely accessing several core phone/device features from a Windows PC. The app lets you remotely access, search for, send and receive text messages, view caller ID notifications, and browse your phone contacts on your PC through a desktop client. That’s not all; using various controls on the desktop client, you can also remotely sound ringer, map a custom location, and launch car navigation on your device. As of now, the mobile client of the app is currently available only for Android devices, while the desktop client works only with Windows 7. Any device that is sharing the same Wi-Fi network can be paired with the desktop client, one at a time.Read More

ZappoTV For Android: Browse Local/Online Media & Stream To Your TV

ZappoTV Mobile Media Center is a comprehensive local and online media discovery, browsing and streaming app for Android and iOS-powered devices. Not only does the app allow you to view all photos and videos stored on your device and local network, but also stream content from numerous popular social media networks including Facebook, YouTube, SHOUTcast, Flickr, Picasa and lots more. What’s even better is that the app can be used to remotely stream media from your Android device to another, or an internet-enabled TV. After its successful debut in the iTunes App Store, ZappoTV has finally made its way to the Android Market.Read More

BuddyTV Brings Its Handy TV Guide & Remote Control App To Android

In a just a short span of a little over four years, BuddyTV's web service has been able to earn the love of a sizable group of users. The infotainment-based online service is known for generating content pertaining to a wide array of TV programs, entertainment news and worldwide sports activities. To cater for the needs of smartphone and tablet users, BuddyTV also has a multi-platform mobile client called BuddyTV Guide. Currently available for iOS and Android-powered device, the app can be used to get a detailed list of scheduled TV programs, set reminders for your favorite shows, and explore its digital TV guide.While the iOS client has been around for quite a while now, the Android variant has just appeared on the Market. Using the client, Android users can get timely TV show recommendations, filter the channels list according to their personal preferences, remotely control their TV from their device, tune in to their favorite shows with just a few simple taps,  make friends, and share the best findings with them.Read More

BT Controller: Use Your Android Device As A Bluetooth Gamepad For Another

A couple of weeks ago, we reviewed Tablet Remote – an Android app that let the users remotely control one Android device with the other through Bluetooth. Now, while said app can be used to, say, remotely control media being played on another Android phone or tablet connected to your TV through HDMI, BT Controller allows playing emulator games in the same way. The app turns your Android device into a bluetooth gamepad, allowing you to remotely control emulator games running on another device (the host). Like Tablet Remote, BT Controller must also be installed and running on both the devices - the host as well as the controller – that are paired with each other over Bluetooth. As of now, the app only works with a handful of game emulators, and supports controlling one Android device with the other over Bluetooth connection only.Read More

Splashtop Remote Desktop For Android Available For Free On GetJar

Originally priced at $9.99, and currently at $4.99 in the Android Market as a holiday gift, the official Android client of one of the best cross-platform remote desktop applications, Splashtop Remote Desktop, is now available absolutely free of cost on both GetJar and the Amazon Appstore. Using the app, you can remotely access and control your entire computer, whether PC or Mac, complete with high quality display and audio stream, right from your Android device. The remote control mechanism takes place over a commonly shared Wi-Fi connection, can be secured using an user-defined password, and involves a desktop client (Splashtop Streamer) in between, which helps establish a successful connection between your device and the computer.Read More

Tablet Remote: Control One Android Device With Another via Bluetooth

Tablet Remote is a handy little Android app that lets you remotely control one Android device, be it a smartphone or tablet, with another over Bluetooth. Imagine the facility of remotely controlling media functions of your Honeycomb tablet, or troubleshooting a problematic Android device through another without the involvement of cables, an internet connection or a desktop client. With an extremely simple configuration process yet a comprehensive set of remote control options, Tablet Remote is inarguably one the most feature-rich and easy-to-use apps of its kind that we've come across so far.What could the app possibly be used for, you ask? The image above is an excellent example of its practicality. If you have an Android tablet or phone with an HDMI output port (Motorola Xoom, HTC EVO 4G), you can connect it to your TV, and control the output from the comfort of your couch.Read More

Comodo Unite: Remote Control Desktop, Create Private VPN & Group Chat

Remote access to another computer on your network has been around for quite a while now. The internet repository is flooded with various tools that make it easier to connect to another computer on your LAN. While remote access on the same network sounds easy as a pie, it can be a hassle to connect with a computer that is located on a different network (e.g. an office computer). In such a case it can be quite complicated to create a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for remote connectivity. Comodo Unite is an application for creating your very own VPN, to connect and share files between two geographically distant computers. With the help of Comodo Unite, you can easily access one PC from another, as if it was located on the same local network. It works even from networks that are protected with a firewall and comes with an integrated secure messaging service, which uses 128-bit encryption to secure private communications.Read More

Anti-Theft App Prey Helps You Locate Your Misplaced Or Stolen iPhone

We all value our iPhone and iPad due to the sizeable amount of money that has to be spent to get your hands on these gadgets. A proof of that is the number of protective covers and cases available in the market for iOS devices. Prey is an anti-theft service that, until recently only allowed users to track their stolen or misplaced laptops and Android devices, but now, has made its way to the iPhone as an alternative to Apple's very own Find My iPhone. Head past the break for details.Read More

AirDroid Allows Remote Access & Control Of Android Over Wi-Fi Via Web Browser

Very much similar in functionality to previously reviewed Paw Server and LazyDroidAirDroid lets you remotely control your Android device from your computer over a common Wi-Fi connection. Apart from serving said purpose quite effectively, AirDroid offers many additional features for which you’d otherwise have to install at least a couple of different apps. Whether it be reading, forwarding, replying to, composing or deleting text messages, managing and playing various multimedia files, installing/uninstalling apps, managing contacts, ringtones, call logs and various files stored on your SD card or viewing your device status in detail (internal/external storage breakdown, number of installed apps & files) as well as managing all the various tasks running on it, you name it, AirDroid can do it, and all from within your web browser.Read More

Team Viewer 7 Brings Better Multi-Monitor, Performance & Meeting Support

Team Viewer is perhaps one of the most widely used desktop remote sharing, control and collaboration application, which is used by not just system administrators for remotely controlling servers, but also by entrepreneurs, employees of small and medium size companies and even common users who require help regarding technical issues from their friends. Earlier, we covered  features and enhancements in Team Viewer 6, and the iPhone and iPod version of Team Viewer. Recently, Team Viewer 7 beta was launched with improved remote control and meetings features. In this post we will provide you with a list of the new Team Viewer enhancements.Read More

Total SMS Control: Remote SMS, Call Log Backup & Forwarding To Email Or Twitter [Android]

The Android Market is filled with apps (free and paid) that let you backup and remotely access your phone’s content, help tracking/securing your device when it is misplaced and offer various privacy settings to ensure that both your device and the data lying within is always safe from prying eyes. To avail so many features at once, you are often required to install multiple apps. However, if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution, then you must consider using Total SMS Control. Apart from the aforementioned functionality, the app offers a few handy new features of its own, such as automatically forwarding incoming SMS to Twitter as Direct Messages, remotely backing up and forwarding call logs and texts to email and more. Read More