SearchInFiles: Search Text Within Files By Line Number & Context On Mac [Paid]

Spotlight search in Mac is plain amazing. Even if you advocate actively for Windows PCs and insist that the Start Search is possibly one of the best features to have come to Windows, you will still be blown with the search results from Spotlight. While it is amazing and all, it does have a few limitations, or, as some might say, slight complications. The file type search isn't as conspicuous as it should be, and the iFileX utility reviewed earlier was one way to make it easier. SearchInFiles is a Mac app that is free for a very limited time (just a few hours), which lets you search text within files and display the results by line number. The app works with TXT, RTF, HTM, CSS, XML, C, M and Java files. PDF files are not supported. Read More

NotesTab: Elegant Note Taking App That Sits In The Mac Menu Bar

A note taking app is never hard to find, but finding one that you love and can start using instantly is a little tough. Many people might just forgo using a note taking app because they don’t like it and go with a simple feature deprived text editor. For those that have yet to find a note taking app with an appealing interface, NotesTab is Mac app with an elegant interface and is free for a limited time. The app sits in the menu bar and doesn’t have to be launched each time you want to create a note. It supports keyboard shortcut (Control + N) to open its dashboard, and quickly lets you add a new note. You can edit the shortcut key to suit your preference  and keep the app visible at all times hide it when another window is active. Read More

LookDisk: All-in-One Search Tool With Text, Archive & Duplicate Lookups

Previously, we have covered some very useful tools for quickly searching through files and folder by defining certain criteria and specifying parameters, such as UltraFileSearch and SearchMyFiles, and applications that allow you to search and delete duplicate files and folder on your system, like NoDupe. Today, we have a portable tool for you, called LookDisk that combines both these functions and allows you to search duplicate files, files and folder using filters, such as file size, date and attributes, search for text in any file including PDF, displays the disk overview and search within multiple archive formats. More on LookDisk after the break. Read More

Google Image Ripper: Minimalist Image Search With Direct Download Links [Web]

Google Image search is one of the most comprehensive image search tools on the web that provides users with fast and accurate results. While we search Google images, thumbnails of images are displayed and, when clicked, the image is displayed in a box over the original website. In order to download an image, the user can either close the box and download the image from the website, or view the full-size image and then download it. Downloading images from Google Image Search results means that you have to go through some extra steps. Google Image Ripper, a simple tool, solves this problem and makes both image search & downloading easier. Both Google Images and Google Image Ripper have the same search results, but Ripper comes with a minimalist layout and displays images with direct download links, so you do not have to leave the search page to download the image. It then allows you to view the full sized images in a slideshow. However, a drawback of Ripper is that the search filters are removed, and only two filters, Safe Mode and Image Size, can be applied to the search results. Read More

Pretty Run: Find Files/Folders & Bookmarks And Launch Applications

When the default Windows Start Menu received a facelift in Windows Vista, a very useful search feature was also added. It comes in very handy for quickly searching your whole computer for any type of file or folder, including images, documents, folders, zip archives, executable files etc., without opening any window or search module. Pretty Run is an application that does more than what the native search function of Windows Vista and Windows 7 is capable of. It allows you to search not only the contents of Windows Explorer and your program files, but also search between other items, such as the bookmarks saved in different browsers, text saved in the Windows clipboard, between metadata information of mp3 files etc. Keep reading to learn more about Pretty Run. Read More

View Trends, Insights & Statistics For Google Search Results [Chrome]

Insights For Search, a Chrome extension, provides statistics, trends and insights for Google search results, by displaying graphs for interest over time, top related & rising searches to the right hand-side of the search results. The extension quickly shows you what people are searching for, the top searches, and the rising searches over a time period of 30 days. With it, you can spot trends and find out what people around the world are interested in.  The full reports allow you to compare search terms by geographical locations, time range, and other various filters. The extension is great for visualizing how interest for a particular search term has grown with time. The top and rising searches can help you with keyword research. Read More

FindList: Dropdown List For Firefox Find-In-Page With History Feature

Firefox's word search function can search one word after another, without keeping a history of the previously entered words. This means when you're searching multiple webpages or websites, you have to enter the same search words over and over again. Not only can this be tiring, but also a time consuming process. FindList, a Firefox add-on, turns the find box to a drop-down history list, and saves the last 50 searches on a web page. So, while browsing the web, you can simply access and select words from this drop-down list. In addition to that, the number of entries can easily be changed from the FindList Preferences. Read More

iFileX: Search Files By Name, Size, Modification & Creation Date [Mac]

Spotlight search in Mac is, no doubt, one of the best utilities there is. It lets you search across any and all folders for all kinds of files, and remembers your frequently used files and apps so that the results are always more meaningful. While it is an excellent global search for the entire system, it does lack filters. iFileX is a Mac app that that lets you add several search criteria when you are looking for a file. Search can be narrowed down by name, modification date, creation date, size, folder or alias. You can also limit your search by specifying a particular location. Read More

CloudMagic Releases Its Mail & Twitter Search Client For Android & iOS

Whether you’re a businessperson, a student or a casual web user, chances are that you often find yourself swarmed by plenty of emails, contacts, online documents, calendar events, social activities, and so on. Surely, with the consistent flow of information from so many various sources, it becomes a tad difficult to recall and pluck something at the time of need. CloudMagic is a cross-platform online search tool for Gmail, Google App accounts, Google Docs, Events and Contacts and Twitter that claims to fetch you required content from multiple accounts in just a few seconds through its handy web extension for desktop browsers as well as the recently introduced smartphone client for Android and iPhone. Read More

Search Files & Folders Using Extended Filters With SearchMyFiles

Usually, there are thousands of files stored in our computer, and looking for something in that big a stash is something very hard if you have to do it manually. A better, more efficient way to look for a file is to use a search tool. When searching for files or folders, setting up the proper filters plays a very vital role in quickly locating the required file or document. The default Windows search function is a bit limited when it comes to adding multiple wildcard entries, and setting up filters for including and excluding multiple formats from the search. SearchMyFiles is a portable file searching application for Windows, developed by Nirsoft, with multiple searching modes, including Standard Search, Duplicate Search, Non-Duplicate Search and Summary Mode. It allows you to search for files in multiple, user-selected folders and exclude folders from your searches, while performing system wide searches. The application lets you apply separate wildcards for files and sub-folders, as well as add specific extensions to exclude from the search. Other filters include file size, recursive search, attributes, file time and maximum number of results. The search results can be saved and exported in HTML format for later viewing. Read More

Sparkbox: Tag, Rate, Organize And Search Images By Color [Mac]

Whether you take a ton of photos, or just have a really huge collection that is difficult to sort through when you need to find something, you’re in dire need of an easier way to do it. Sparkbox is a Mac app worth $19.99 (currently free for 24 hours), that helps you sort images, allowing you to tag them, organize them in to folders, rate them, favorite them and search through various image by the amount of a particular color in an image. The app lets you create smart folders, which are, in fact, smart filters for your images. All images are saved to the app’s library, and are separate from the originals, which means that even if you delete an image from the app, the original will still be intact. Read More

Search Highlighted Text On YouTube From Context Menu [Chrome]

The Search Google For ‘Selected Text’ option that appears in all browsers when you select and right-click text is more than helpful. While it’s an easy way of sending a search query to Google, it is all the more helpful when you have to search a long phrase or a difficult to spell word. No matter how you look at it, it’s a simple feature with use in a large context. While the feature is undoubtedly useful, the fact is that Google, or whichever your default search engine is, is not the only source of information on the web. You may want to ‘Google’ something but instead of going through a list of search results, watching a video on the topic or reading a Wikipedia page on it might give you a more concise idea of what you’re looking for. Search YouTube is a Chrome extension that adds a Search YouTube option to the right-click context menu. It works exactly like the Search Google for ‘Selected Text’ option except the text you have selected is searched on YouTube. The option is good when you know you can find a tutorial or an interview related to a topic that you’re reading and would like to search for the videos on YouTube. Read More

Instant File Searcher Professional: Advanced Search Tool For Windows

The Windows default search utility provides quick access to files and folders across the system. Despite being a very handy utility, many users consider Windows Search to be too slow in providing results, and sometimes items can fail to appear in search results due to non-indexing. Furthermore, it can be quite hard to locate items using custom parameters in Windows Search. For this reason, some users opt for alternative search utilities that provide quicker search results, such as Quick Search. Instant File Searcher Professional is a portable search tool, which acts as a more advanced alternative to Windows Search. Details past the break. Read More

Music Cloud For WP7: Search, Stream & Download Songs From SoundCloud

We have all used SoundCloud  at one point or another, either the web service itself, through browser extensions, or on our Android or iOS devices. Windows Phone 7 users, however, have been missing out on the fun. Not any more, though. Released this holiday season for you and your family to dance and groove on the songs showcased by the music sharing giant, Music Cloud for WP7 is a third-party SoundCloud client that lets you search for, play and download music on the go along with making playlists of your favorite songs. The app has both a free trial and a paid version, where the only difference between the two is that the free variant is ad-supported. Read More

goHow Airport For Android Vows To Put An End To Your Travelling Woes

Developed by Sapient Corporation, goHow Airport is for Android, iOS and BlackBerry helps you track your flights, and explore the world’s top airports in a very comprehensive and convenient manner. Although there are quite a few other flight tracking and travel-based apps such as SkyScanner, Kayak, Momondo and Hipmunk etc available across various mobile platforms, goHow Airport is special because it fetches all its data from directly from major airports around the world. Whether you wish to receive push notifications for the status of your flight, or want to get view airport maps, information on gates, locations to claim lost baggage, security wait times, live weather forecast and parking/transportation facilities, this app has you covered. In addition, goHow Airport has a built-in flight tracking feature that lets you track flights by route and flight number. Read More

Official MSN Autos Apps Released For Android, iOS & WP7-Using Car Lovers

If you are one of those blokes who like to visit every car showroom in the city and watch re-runs of Top Gear, scour the web for the latest updates about the automotive industry, and dream of owning a Lamborghini someday, then you are probably familiar with MSN Autos, which is considered to be the largest source of information about all kinds of cars on the internet. If the name does ring a bell with you, and you happen to own an iOS, Android or Windows Phone 7 device, then here's some good news for you. The official app for MSN Autos is now available for all three mobile platforms. The MSN Autos client offers a comprehensive set of features, including search of new and used cars by make/model, category and favorites, slideshows of latest cars in the market, and articles/blogs pertaining to them. Read More

Official Momondo Flight Search App Arrives In The Android Market

Momondo is a free travel search engine that fetches its results from no less than 700 travel websites to help you find cheap flights to your preferred destinations. The service has had its official iOS client available in the iTunes App Store for quite some time now, whereas its Android variant has just recently been released to the Android Market. Like other popular flight searching apps (such as Kayak, Hipmunk and SkyScanner), Momondo also offers you the facility to search for, filter and compare the best possible flights all across the word right from your mobile device. The app is very simpler to use, easy on the eyes and offers a more than adequate set of options than most other apps of its genre. Read More

Identity Finder: Find, Manage & Delete Personal Information From Your PC

Identity theft means stealing the identity of another person by obtaining personal information, such as drivers license number, social security number, and other identification documents, and using them to impersonate that person to gain benefits, or performing criminal acts. The problem amplifies when the crimes committed by the impersonator are attributed to the victim of identity theft, and the burden of proof of innocence falls onto the victim. Internet has provided criminals new and easier ways to steal your personal information, and commiting fraud in your name. Your computer collects detailed information about you, such as logins, passwords, addresses, credit card numbers etc, and stores them on your hard drive. So, if a thief can gain access to your system, he can easily grab this information. Today, we have a very useful application called Identity Finder that allows you to locate all the sensitive information stored in your PC that can be stolen and used by someone with malicious intentions. Read on to find out how to protect yourself from identity theft. Read More

Search Files, And Find Text In Files/Folders Using UltraFileSearch

Having a proper searching tool to look for required files and folders allows you to save a lot of time. Imagine if every you needed a file and you did not remember its location, you had to manually look through the hundreds of folders in your hard drive. A search utility allows us to save time by providing us with filters to quickly locate the required file. The default search utility of Windows works fine, but it does not have a lot of options, when it comes to applying filters, or choosing multiple locations at a time to search. UltraFileSearch is a search application that can find text, files and folders on your local, removable and network mapped drives. It lets you find files containing one or more than one specific words, define several file names and drives at the same time, and sort the results according to properties. The application allows you to search according to file names, text included in the files, date and size of files, or wild cards, depending on your requirement. The results can be exported to TXT, CSV, HTML and XML file formats. UltraFileSearch is a system-space and system-resource friendly application, as it does not use background indexing for searching. Read More

Add Permanent Search Button To On Screen Controls On Galaxy Nexus

With Ice Cream Sandwich, came the Galaxy Nexus, and with the Galaxy Nexus we saw the elimination of the hardware capacitive / physical buttons, used to navigate an Android device. With those buttons now conveniently built into the OS for the Galaxy Nexus, Google decided to do away with the much useful Search button. So, you no longer have access to the Search button at anytime on the screen. Kind of annoying for some people. Besides, there’s still plenty of room for one button down there! XDA-Developers forum member paulobrien was quick to get this rectified. Well, no Google didn’t, he had to do it himself, so hats off to him for releasing a mod / patch that now makes the search button a permanent on screen button on the Galaxy Nexus. And not just that, he also added a few more twists to it as well, including placements and the addition of the legacy menu buttons placement and behavior as well. More on it, after the break. Read More