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Search For & Compare Cameras To Find The Perfect One With CameraRocket

Finding the right laptop to suit your needs is difficult, but finding the absolutely perfect camera is near-impossible. Unless you’re a photographer by profession or pursue it aggressively as a hobby, it’s very likely that you do not keep up with every single camera that is released. Even professional photographers aren’t walking-talking camera catalogs so when the time comes to buy a new one, you find yourself lost in the different specifications, brands and models. CameraRocket is a website that helps make the search simpler. It lets you find the right camera based on the specifications you need. You can filter the results by price, brand, MPs, weight, and much more. From the results, you can compare in detail any two cameras to make the best decision. The reviews on CameraRocket are curated from all around the web. These include customer reviews from Amazon.

When your first visit CameraRocket, you land on the comparison page. Unless you know what exactly you’re looking for, you should switch to the ‘Sort’ tab from the top-right. The column on the left lists the search criteria and as you fill it out, the right side begins to filter all matching results and shows them to you. The search criteria lets you pick the brand, price, review (rating), video resolution, and a whole host of other features such as HDR, Panorama, 3D etc. For all selection criteria except ‘Brands’, you can select a range of figures. When it comes to ‘Brands’, you can only select one at a time.

criteria camera rocket

The search results are divided into multiple tabs, one each for the criteria you’ve selected. You can switch between the tabs and compare the differences between each camera. Each camera is accompanied by a check box that lets you select it for comparison with any other camera.

camera rocket search results

The comparison is very detailed; everything from price, rating, and reviews, to each feature is compared. Scroll the entire comparison page to read reviews and see feature comparisons. These include performance comparisons, benchmarks, and a detail of the differences between the two selected cameras.

compare camera rocket

The comparison ends with any and all reviews available for the cameras being compared, and a full side-by-side comparison of its detailed tech specs.

specifications camerarocket

If you still aren’t sure which camera to buy, you can visit the ‘Compare’ tab where the most popular and trending comparisons are listed. The cameras are all linked to e-commerce sites where they are available for purchase. The website is very useful and works as an excellent search tool. The only problem is that to use it, you must know what each feature that you select in your search criteria means in terms of performance and the effect it will have on your photography. For this reason, it’s not something that a novice can use and by novice, we mean your average Instagrammer, but for anyone who understands the basics of photography, the website is great.

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