Add Elevator Music To Windows Progress Bar

Tired of looking at those slow-moving progress bars in Windows? Instant Elevator Music is a fun tool that adds a system tray icon and automatically starts playing elevator music when you do something that requires waiting. It can be copying files, searching for drivers, waiting for a program to load, and so on. Read More

Minimize All Windows To Hide In System Tray

In Windows 7, you can minimize and restore all windows with a simple hotkey, Windows + D, but minimizing to the taskbar is never a good idea since anyone can check the open windows and programs. There are many apps that can hide windows to the system tray, what makes Minime different is that it hides all windows inside a simple icon which doesn’t look much suspicious. Read More

IP Tray: Display System Hostname And IP Address

If you are working in such type of network envoirnment where the IP assignment is set to dynamic, then IP Tray can be useful for you. It sits in the system tray and upon mouse hover, it displays the current IP address of your system along with the hostname. You can also copy the IP address information to the clipboard. This can be useful for those who switch on their computer only to find that their IP address has changed. We know that constant changing of IP addresses can be a headache and frustration that we all have to deal with. If you are at home, then it can be solved by changing IP assignment from dynamic to static. But if you are in a work environment, like large enterprise companies, then this nifty little utility will come very handy.

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Hide Windows 7/Vista/XP Taskbar With Taskbar Hider

If you want more space on your desktop, then it is recommended that you should keep your taskbar on auto-hide. The Taskbar Hider is a free, light-weight and portable application which hides the Windows taskbar with a shortcut key, a great way if you want to hide the taskbar manually. Read More

Find Software Updates With FileHippo Update Checker

No doubt Windows does a great job when it comes to checking security and Windows product updates. But it doesn't check for latest versions of all installed 3r party software. FileHippo Update Checker is a lightweight tool which resides in the system tray and notifies you about the available updates of  all software installed on your computer. Read More