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Auto Arrange Windows In Grid Or Border Layout With Desklayer

Desklayer is a windows management application which can be used to arrange window size and layout dynamically according to the size of the open window. Desklayer re-arranges the layout by expanding it in an empty direction to fill desktop space. The two main layout types are called Grid and Border layout. The former arranges active windows vertically like a grid and the latter displays border tips of the open windows. As you maximize more windows, they get auto arranged according to your selected layout. This can help you arrange open windows in a convenient format to easily view multiple maximized windows simultaneously.

After being launched, Desklayer sits in the system tray. From here, you can access Settings to select a layout type (border or grid), disable layouts, and enable auto start for Desklayer at system start up. You can also add application windows to exception from Add to make sure that their alignment is not affected by the applied layout.


The Grid layout, automatically arranges windows in a grid like format by vertically arranging them. If you resize windows, the empty space is automatically filled to adjust other windows to fill the empty space.

Grid Layout

Similarly, the Border layout displays window edge and fills the empty space when a window is expanded or contracted. Such alignment can be quite handy to keep the main window in the center while viewing the other window types from their edges (as show in the screenshot below).

Border layout

Desklayer works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Desklayer

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