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DownOff: Auto Shutdown PC When Download Rate Drops Below Defined Speed

There must have been a lot of times when you had to keep your PC On overnight for a download to finish. The problem is, the PC stays On even when the download is finished. This not only wastes a lot of energy but also adds up to your electricity bill. DownOff is an application which automatically shutdowns your PC when the download rate reaches a minimum level set by the user. It can be used to manage large file downloads and large file transfers on a network when the PC is left unattended by the user.

DownOff shuts down your PC by monitoring your download speed. You can set a minimum average download rate; if it reaches and stays below the minimum limit for a specified time, DownOff will initiate automatic shutdownof your system.


You can configure system shutdown parameters used by the application, while it runs neatly in the system tray. You can set the download threshold and download delay for activation of the  shutdown timer and delay time for initiating shutdown.

It starts monitoring the download rate after the time specified in Activate After field. When you first run the program it is not activated. It activates after 2 seconds. You can change the default 2 seconds time from the configuration panel.

After the 2 seconds are up, the application starts to monitor the download speed. If the download speed remains below the defined limit for the user specified time interval (during testing, we set it to less than 2 KB/s for 300 seconds), the shutdown timer in automatically initiated.

DownOff 2

DownOff also lets you choose between Hibernate, Monitor, Power off, Reboot, Shut Down and Standby, as the shutdown modes. The application maintains logs which enable you to record and analyze the previous system shutdown information. You can specify the log level, meaning the amount of details that you want the program to save about its behavior. The log file can be accessed by clicking the View Log button available at the bottom of the main interface.

view log

Since the tool triggers the shutdown by monitoring the download speed, it must be noted that if you are using the computer but the internet connection is idle, you will have to manually disable the program to prevent it from shutting down your PC. It requires a registration code to run which can be obtained for free from the product page. After completing the registration form you will receive an email with your username and registration code. DownOff supports Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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  1. I don’t get it.

    Why would you want to turn your PC off when it hasn’t finished downloading? lol.
    Won’t that corrupt your file and achieve absolutely nothing?
    I thought these programs shut the PC down when the download is over?

    • Version 6 of AllOff was released in August 2013 which includes many new features and an updated display. Ne wfeatures include running a program on startup and the ability to monitor running processes

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