View A Real-Time Log Of TCP Connections On Windows With TcpLogView

Nirsoft is known for creating single-purpose Windows utilities that boast minimalism and simplicity as their defining characteristics. Nir Sofer, the founder of the company, is seemingly smitten by simple user interface, which we think is a great strategy as it makes the programs very light on system resources and at the same time fairly easy to use by anyone. The developer has released many network-related tools in the past including NetBScannerWirelessKeyView and NetworkInterfacesView, all of which help users extract key information from various network-related sections of Windows. TcpLogView is yet another industrious effort by the developer. It’s a Windows program that monitors all TCP connections on your computer. The application monitors everything in real-time and displays a new log entry the moment a new connection is opened or closed. This feature makes it stand out from other similar tools that usually display just a history log of the connections.Read More

WhatsUp PortScanner: Monitor All Opened & Closed TCP / UDP Ports Of Network PCs

One of the very first step that most viruses/malwares take to infect a PC is surreptitiously open TCP/UDP ports to permit listening connections from harmful sources. Such malicious applications use ports to regulate their incoming and outgoing connections to download complementary scripts in order to exploit admin/root access, as well as steal confidential information from the system. If you’re a network administrator and looking for a tool that can remotely monitor TCP/UDP ports across the network, try out WhatsUP PortScanner. The application has been specifically designed for system administrators to scan all well known ports, all ports, or only specified ports of defined client PC in their network. Unlike previously covered CloseTheDoor, it provides additional tools to detect TCP and UDP ports, advance scanning parameters, and tab-based interface to monitor multiple clients’ IP addresses. Read past the break for more.Read More

fireBwall Is Modular Firewall For Creating Packet Processing Modules

fireBwall is an open source firewall for Windows that makes use of the NTKernel drivers. By using fireBwall, you can manage all of your TCP and UDP connections. All that is required is to configure your network adapter and to choose which ports will be whitelisted. By default, fireBwall blocks all incoming new connections, therefore, you will have to manually configure all incoming and outgoing connections after fireBwall installation. With performing these basic configurations, you will not be able to use the internet and will also encounter access issues on your local network.Read More

Prevent Mac Apps From Using Internet Connection With TCPBlock

Like Windows, where malicious applications can gain access to network over TCP/UDP protocols, Mac OS X is also prone to such attacks not only from internal programs, but also from external scripts and apps that connect with system through internet. Although Mac OS X’s native Firewall app tries to block all connection requests from external sources, it doesn’t keep a check on internal applications that send requests to connect with internet, or try to communicate over TCP or UDP ports. Whether you haven't installed a staunch security application or Mac OS X native Firewall settings are too lax, you need an application like TCPBlock. It secures Mac from those installed applications, processes and scripts, which either attempt to surreptitiously communicate with external sources over TCP or UDP ports, or open connections to  networks without asking for permission.Read More

List TCP/UDP Opened Ports To Prevent Remote Attacks With CloseTheDoor

One of the major network security specific loophole is unauthorized opened port. As you may already know that applications and system & user initiated instances, which attempt to bypass Windows Firewall to open a TCP/UPD port for listening incoming connections from external sources, are highly prone to security attacks and vulnerabilities. Since Windows CLI netstat command doesn’t help you in finding details regarding the applications and instances which have already opened ports to listen incoming connections, you must try CloseTheDoor for this very purpose. The application has been created to list down all the active/passive listening TCP/UDP ports over IPv4/IPv6 along with the associated programs. According to developer, it was specifically built to close backdoors in order to prevent unauthenticated sources from stealing confidential information.Read More

Perform Network Throughput Test On Wired And Wireless Networks

Network throughput is measured as the average rate of successful message delivery over a communication channel. The data may be delivered over a link, or pass through a certain network node and is usually measured in bits per second, data packets per second or data packets per time slot.TamoSoft Throughput Test is an application for performing network throughput test on wired and wireless networks. The test is performed using a client server setup which requires at least two machines (physical or virtual, the former being more reliable for testing). The client connects to the server and sends TCP and UDP data streams while computing important metrics, such as upstream and downstream throughput values, packet loss, and round-trip time. The results are displayed in numeric and 3D chart formats. The available information can be saved as a bitmap or copied to clipboard for further review. Another good feature of this application is that it supports both IPv4 and IPv6 connections and can evaluate network performance based on the Quality of Service (QoS) settings.Read More

TCPView Lists TCP and UDP Endpoints [Windows]

TCPView is a powerful utility that displays an extensive list of TCP and UDP endpoints on your system. It shows all the relevant information in multiple informatory columns ranging from Process, PID, Protocol, Local and Remote Address, to, Sent Packets, Received Packets, etc. Importantly, it lets you view the all the information in real-time to keep you updated with all the running process.Read More

TCP / UDP Port Listener – Monitor Windows 7 Incoming Connection

System Security is essential and it may be ensured by actively monitoring your system to find the particular ports through which external entities are trying to access your computer. Attacker is a TCP/UDP port listener which supports both Windows 7, allowing you to listen to the incoming traffic on your system and when a connection request arrives at the port(s), it notifies you with an alarm.Read More