Add Panoramic Camera Motion To Time-Lapse Videos With Panolapse

If you’ve ever seen those nature documentaries on Discovery Channel or National Geographic, you don't really need any explanation about time-lapse videos. Just how they fast-forward time to capture all those plants growing and sun moving in and out of sight in seconds is simply jaw-dropping. With wide adoption of DSLR cameras, time-lapse photography has become quite famous over the past few years. Beside professional cameras specifically designed with this option, there's a variety of smartphone and desktop apps developed to help all types of users with creating time-lapses. So, how about creating them using a bit of your time and a free desktop tool called Panolapse? It’s a free app available for Window as well as Mac OS X for creating time lapse videos with virtual camera motion. Read More

Capture HD Time-Lapse Videos On Android With Droid Timelapse

Time-lapse photography has become enormously popular during recent times, particularly since widespread DSLR adoption and the availability of some point-and-shoot cameras as well as smartphones that boast this feature. Even if the time-lapse option doesn't come as default on your smartphone, there are now plenty of mobile apps available on all major platforms that may turn anyone into a time-lapse photographer. Fresh in Google Play is Droid Timelapse – a new Android app that allows you to easily create time-lapse videos. The application is fairly feature-rich and powerful at what it does, letting you capture videos by specifying the total number of frames to be captured in a single second, resulting in a full fledged time-lapse sequence. Click Read More for our full review. Read More

Easily Create Time-Lapse Videos From Images In A Folder

Time lapse photography purportedly dates back to as early as the 19th century – a period when the camera equipment itself was quite expensive. The technique helps users playback a group of photos of the same subject taken at different times during a day, hour week or even month, as a single video sequence. When you playback these photos at an adequately high frequency (usually 24 frames per second or higher), it creates an effect of fast-forwarding time at the same spot, thus creating a time lapse. A quick peek at Wikipedia reveals that the technique has been in use for a while now and has been employed in various subjects of research such as plants growth, evolution of construction sites, celestial motion and so on. Today, I stumbled upon a unique Windows application called Motion Timer Lapser and couldn't wait to give it a try. The open-source application is designed to let you customize and create various time lapse sequences out of a group of similar photos. Read More

Worldscope Webcams 4.0 For Android Brings Holo UI, Tablet Support & Time-Lapse Recording

Worldscope Webcams is popular multilingual Android app that lets you view virtually any part of the world in real-time with the help of thousands of live webcams that are installed at various locations in some of the most scenic regions around us. Be it streaming High Quality views of Niagara Falls in Canada, Eiffel Tower in Paris or live traffic camera view of the roads of Melbourne, Worldscope Webcams has you covered. Not just that; the app also lets you keep an eye on the weekly weather forecasts of selected locations, discover new webcams from all across the globe, set a favorite webcam view as your live wallpaper, bookmark favorite locations under various groups, enjoy breathtaking time-lapse videos of some of the most revered locations on Earth (from various perspectives), explore amenities near the selected locations, and search for, as well as share, your favorite locations with your mates, all from your Android. If you’re already impressed by the app’s set of features, let us inform you that a totally revamped beta version (4.0) of Worldscope Webcams has just hit the Play Store, which is designed in accordance with the latest Android (ICS) standards. Apart from the much-needed facelift, the latest update also brings several handy features, including customized time-lapse recording of your favorite live webcam views, optimized layout for Android tablets and Google TV, and plenty of bug fixes. Read More

Create And Automate Timelapse Videos Using Webcam Timelapse

Many of us have been left awestruck after watching time-lapse videos where the flow of time can be accelerated in order to give us a better view of changes in areas of interest over time. Now, creating, modifying and processing time-lapse videos through your webcam has been simplified and made accessible through the Webcam Timelapse tool. Although this utility appears simple, it equips you with advanced functionality through features including Daily SelfPic, Adjustable delay, Avi video creator, reverse video mode, manual capture mode and the like, making it relevant for time-lapse and stop motion applications. If you want to see yourself grow in age over the years, you don’t need to consistently record all your activities anymore, just use the Daily SelfPic feature, which takes your picture at a specified time every day, so that it can be compiled for a final video time-lapse all through your webcam. Read More

Sony Releases “α” CLOCK for Mobile: A Time-Lapse Photography Android App Powered By “Time-shift UI”

Seems like Sony has decided to leave Android users with plenty of visual goodness to savor over the weekend through a couple of great new apps. Just yesterday, we saw a beautifully-designed photo gallery app called 'million moments' released by the technology giant. Today, we’re going to present you with yet another fine-looking Android app from the company. "α" CLOCK for Mobile lets you experience Sony’s new Time-shift UI on your Android device. The app presents you with photos of several worldwide destinations (UNESCO World Heritage Sites) taken with cameras that use "α" Interchangeable lenses. From a single point, countless photos of each location are snapped at various times of day, and compiled into a single time-lapse photography package. Using the aforementioned Time-shift UI feature, users can enjoy breathtaking sights of the selected location from a preferred time of day. Though, that's not all the app has to offer. Read More

OSnap: Easily Create Time Lapse Videos On Your iPhone

Time-lapse photography might not be used in our daily lives, but the results it can produce really justify the effort and time spent on creating such a masterpiece. Who doesn’t like seeing a flower grow right in front of their eyes, or the sun visibly moving across the sky? I, personally, have always marvelled at the time it must take for the photographer to create a time-lapse video, but now there’s an app for that! OSnap is an iOS app, using which, you can make your very own time-lapse video without having to do a lot of work. The app even lets you add background music to the video you create. More on OSnap after the jump. Read More

CamTethering: Take Pictures & Schedule Time Lapse Photos On Mac

You may have connected a lot of devices to your Mac; phones, tablets, cameras and what not. For the most part, you do it only to access files on the device, and very seldom is it seen that you can actually use the device. This means not connecting you device for just accessing the storage, but actually using the device for its intending functionality. CamTethering is a free Mac App that allows you to connect your capable DSLR camera via Wi-Fi, USB or Bluetooth, and take pictures from it. You can specify the shutter speed, the F Number, shutter speed and crop factor. Read More

Lapse It For Android: Capture & Share Time-Lapse Videos On The Go

Fond of watching time-lapse videos of sunset at the seashore or clouds moving across the sky? Well, if you ever wished you could capture such time-lapse videos yourself via your Android device, then rejoice, for your wish has been granted. Lapse It (Native) is an Android app that captures consecutive snapshots at regular, user-specified time intervals, compiles them as a video file and hence, provides users with a chance to enjoy time-lapse videos on their devices on the go. The app, through its user-friendly interface and fully customizable video capturing, editing, rendering and scheduling options, allows simple and hassle-free capturing of quality time-lapse videos. With Lapse It, you may render your time-lapse recordings with different settings as many times as you like, save them to your device, push them to the online Lapse It galley or share them with your buddies. Read More

Chronolapse Creates Time Lapse Video Of Your Desktop / Webcam Captures

ChronoLapse is an open source app for creating time lapses and stop motions. It is a must-have tool for users who love creating time lapse videos using either screenshots or webcam captures (or both). The application, besides having the ability to create time lapse videos of screenshots and webcam captured images, offers plentiful of features which includes, schedule time lapse job, adjust, resize, rotate saved images, annotate saved images and videos, picture-in-picture composition, encode photosets into videos, and dub audio over video files. Read More

Make Time Lapse Video From Photo Sequences

What Is Time Lapse Video

Time Lapse Videos are those videos that are created from multiple still photos. These still photos must have a relation with one another, either you can take still photos of any subject from one location or you can take the photo of an subject from multiple locations. Read More