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Capture HD Time-Lapse Videos On Android With Droid Timelapse

Time-lapse photography has become enormously popular during recent times, particularly since widespread DSLR adoption and the availability of some point-and-shoot cameras as well as smartphones that boast this feature. Even if the time-lapse option doesn’t come as default on your smartphone, there are now plenty of mobile apps available on all major platforms that may turn anyone into a time-lapse photographer. Fresh in Google Play is Droid Timelapse – a new Android app that allows you to easily create time-lapse videos. The application is fairly feature-rich and powerful at what it does, letting you capture videos by specifying the total number of frames to be captured in a single second, resulting in a full fledged time-lapse sequence. Click Read More for our full review.

Droid Timelapse sports a Holo-inspired UI. The navigation controls and settings are reminiscent of the Vanilla camera app. The navigation controls are laid-out on the left, while to the right there’s the record button. To begin recording a time-lapse sequence, just tap the record button and hold your device still, or preferably leave it in a stable position on a platform or a stand. The app holds a total of six navigation buttons to the left that give you access to your most recent time-lapse and previously captured time-lapses, along with controls for video resolution (Highest, Lowest and device-specific resolutions like 1080p), frame capture rate, maximum duration and delay timer.

Droid Timelapse

The app captures three frames per second by default, but you can easily change this rate to a faster or slower one from the options provided there. Choosing a lower value of time will capture more frames per second, while a higher selecting a larger time value will decrease the total number of frames captured within a specific time interval.

Droid Timelapse_Frame Capture Rate

For the maximum video duration that I mentioned earlier, you can either opt for infinite, in which case the app will keep on capturing frames till you manually stop it, or if you’re more conservative about your storage space, you can limit the duration by specifying it in seconds or minutes. Lastly, the application allows you to specify a delay time prior to starting the time-lapse. You can select between no delay and a value from 6 – 60 seconds.

Droid Timelapse_Captured

In a nutshell, Droid Timelapse is an awesome Android app that offers an intuitive interface for capturing time-lapse videos right from your smartphone. The app is available at Google Play and can be grabbed for absolutely free via the download link provided below.

Download Droid Timelapse For Android


  1. Interesting app, I have tried several times to take time lapse video with my DSLR. Got varying degree of success & failure from it. Can’t say I have tried it with the camera on my phone yet, how’s the battery life with the app running?

  2. The left sidebar is scrollable and has more options such as focus settings, color options, white blance, etc! Scroll down to check them out. Nice review!

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