Always Brew The Perfect Cup Of Tea With A Timer To Get It Right

Brewing tea is pretty simple if you look at the directions on a box, or watch one or two YouTube videos. That said, tea has as many types and flavors as pizza (if not more) and each type is made differently. If you're looking to learn how to make the right cup of tea, Mighty Timer is a free iOS app that's worth checking out. The app is basically a timer and a recipe book rolled into one with the the condition that all recipes in are for tea. It comes with tea brewing recipes, complete with timer, temperature, and quantity needed to brew the tea.Read More

Sleep Timer: Set A Timer To Sleep Your Device And Turn Off Music [Android]

A feature I craved badly on my phone (an iPhone) was the ability to play music for a certain time period. I had to do a quick Google search to find out that it is something the native Music app supports. It's something that every smartphone should be able to do and while a native app may not support it, there are third party apps. Sleep Timer (Music&Screen Off) is a free ad supported Android app that lets you set a sleep timer for your screen in general, and music in particular. The app lets you set a timer and when the timer expires, it will sleep the device and turn off any  music that is playing. Putting the device to sleep means that perhaps you fell asleep using an app that keeps your device awake but if a timer is enabled, it will sleep your device and save precious battery. The app isn't available freely in all countries so you might need a work around to download the region restricted app.Read More

Set Timers For Any Length Of Time On Any Future Date With DownCount [Android]

The default clock app of Android is useful enough for quickly timing things like boiling an egg, waiting for you friend, or steeping tea. But when you need to keep track of longer periods of time, or use multiple timers simultaneously, the clock app can’t help you. Downcount, a new Android app available for free at the Google Play was developed to fill this gap, allowing users to instantly create timers for any length past the usual hours limit. Is it worth your time? Let’s go check it out!Read More

Google Camera v2.2 Update Brings Timer, Panorama Modes, And Aspect Ratio

Google Camera has received yet another update. The last major update brought us the amazing blur effect and this latest update brings us three new features, making the app more powerful. The timer has returned with this latest update allowing users to delay picture taking by 3 or 10 seconds. Aspect ratios have been introduced and a separate ratio can be set for both the front and the back camera. The major update though is the introduction of two new panorama modes that let you take a circular fish-eye like photo and a wide angle mode.Read More

Stop Or Silence Any Audio App After A Set Time In Android With Super Simple Sleep Timer

It often happens that you are listening to your favorite song on your phone or tablet at night, and you unknowingly fall asleep with the music still playing and headphones still in your ears. You wouldn't like that to happen at all, of course, as it would not only drain your device's battery, but even worse, can also disturb your night’s sleep with the constant music noise. If you wish your device could pause music playback automatically during such situations but your music player app of choice doesn't support an auto stop or sleep functionality, then give Super Simple Sleep Timer a shot. It’s a super-simple and user-friendly Android app created by XDA-Developers member crazyfool_1 that allows you to lower the volume of your music player after a specified interval. You can also use it to automatically close your music player via a predefined timer. Details right after the jump.Read More

OK Timer: GO Dev Team’s Minimal Timer App For Android With A Nifty Widget

GO Launcher EX is one of the most famous third-party launchers available at Google Play Store, and comes is jam-packed with a ton of customization options. But besides the launcher itself, the GO team has also been offering many other useful apps to Android users such as GO Locker, GO Task Manager and GO SMS Pro etc. for quite a while now. The GO Team is at it again, and this time they have come up with a simple timer app called OK Timer. And while it’s quite hard to get excited about a timer app, especially when there are loads of them available on Play Store and Android ships with a basic one out of the box, OK Timer’s simple and intuitive design makes it a worthy alternative that allows you to manage multiple timers under one roof.Read More

Quickly Set Timers With Custom Reminder Text From Chrome Omnibox

They say time is money, so the more you learn to manage it, the better because whether you like it or not, time’s implacable progress cannot be stopped. Chances are strong that, at some part in your life, you've thought of having access to some sci-fi way to stop time at will. But at the end of the day it’s up to you to prioritize your activities to get the most out of your time. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of timer apps on web, desktop and mobile platforms. Some are a bit complex, while others focus on being intuitive and easy to use, just as Omnibox Timer. It’s an incredibly simple extension for Google Chrome that allows you to set a timer for different situations such as a coffee break, picking up an old friend from the airport, or a meeting with an important client. Read More

Clear Timer Is A Gesture-Based, Themable Stopwatch App For iPhone

Despite making headlines for infringing upon the trademark of Swiss Railways Service’s clock design, the stock Clock app in iOS 6 received a lot of positive attention from Apple back in September last year. The app is no longer just a place where people set their daily alarms, as other features like stopwatch and countdown timers have been improved as well. And if you want an app that offers some unique features, there are choices like Wave Timer, which lets users control the countdown without even touching the screen. Clear Timer does not offer any such exotic features, but it is by far the most efficient timer app we have seen for iPhone in a long time. You can configure multiple reminders simultaneously using the app’s gesture controls. and the app comes wit plenty of themes and alert sounds for the customization fans among us.Read More

Add A Stopwatch To The iPhone Lock Screen With Stoppur

Whenever you have to use the stopwatch available in your iPhone, there is a possibility that you will forget all about it once it goes to the background and you start using another app. This is because for some inexplicable reason, iOS does not show any notifications or even an icon badge when the stopwatch is in operation. Stoppur solves this problem quite efficiently. Recently released in the Cydia store, this tweak does something even more useful than adding a badge to the Clock app; it adds the entire stopwatch display to your device’s lock screen. Of course there is no way of controlling the timer without launching the Clock app, but having the continuously updating time display right on your lock screen can certainly come in handy in a lot of situations. Read More

Set Activity Phases For Your Workouts With Runtastic Timer For Android

Timer from Runtastic is yet another brilliant innovation from the famous developer known for releasing the perfect apps for your workout training needs to keep you in shape. With Timer, the developers have taken on a simple concept, and turned it into something innovative for every one. Users are able to set their own activity phases and receive voice alerts for them, all set in a neatly laid out UI – something prominent in all Runtastic apps. So if you know your workout pattern and need no automated training app, or you simply want to track some activity other than a workout, read on after the break to learn what Timer has to offer.Read More

This Timer App Lets You Silence Its Alarm Without Touching Your iPhone

Mobile phones have driven wristwatches and pocket timers out of vogue, but there are times when you are sure to miss those simple gadgets. You can use your $500 iPhone as a stopwatch, but if you are cooking in the kitchen or working with clay, it is probably not wise to touch the screen with dirty hands. Fortunately, Wave Timer for iPhone has got you covered in such scenarios. It is a timer app, but there are a couple of things that make it really unique. First, it has a great interface, complete with a spin wheel for setting the timer quickly, but the best part is that you can silence the alarm through motion detection, simply by waving your hand in front of the screen.Read More

The New iOS 6 Native iPad Clock App With Alarms, Timer & Weather

Finally, a Clock app lands on the iPad 2 and iPad 3, courtesy of iOS 6! There could be a number of reasons why Apple didn’t feel the need to include a functional clock app on a device that set the trend for a high performing tablet, but finally, it is here and I have to admit, it looks really impressive with some really intuitive features. Oh, did I mention that the clock app also comes close to delivering the function of the weather app as well, despite lacking in details as can be found on an iPhone or iPod Touch. With a World Clock, Alarm, Stopwatch and Timer built into one app, the Clock app is a definite welcome, even if it’s subtle and replaceable. However, a native feature is always more fun. For more on this wonderful app and how it works, read on.Read More

CamTime Adds A Countdown Timer To The Stock iPhone Camera

When it comes to smartphones, most people like it if things aren’t too complicated. One of the reasons iOS has been so successful is the fact that Apple prefers keeping things simple, rather than stuffing too many features in all their apps. The stock Camera app for iPhone is a pretty simple one, and if you need a lot of photo effects or other photography options, you will have to rely on the apps available in the App Store. Having said that, this emphasis on simplicity has the potential to leave out a few feature that are really useful, and this can get a bit annoying for users. The camera in iDevices does not even have a countdown timer, and if you want to add a delay before a picture or video is automatically shot, you can’t do it with the stock iPhone camera. Luckily, the Cydia store can help you with that. CamTime is a new Cydia tweak that adds a timer button to the stock Camera app in iOS. This button works in all areas of the iPhone that make use of the stock Camera. Not only is the functionality offered by CamTime a really useful one, it is also really easy to use and requires users to just enter the desired delay period before each shot is taken.Read More

Auto-Lock Your Workstation After Regular Intervals To Enforce Breaks

Working continuously for long hours makes you feel tired and can take a toll on your health. It is advised to take a break after some time to get up and stretch your legs. Moreover, working continuously does not increase your productivity; in fact, it is reduced due to your brain getting tired. If you work in intervals, it keeps your mind fresh and in the long run, enables you to perform a lot better. If your job involves sitting in front of the computer all day, taking small breaks after a while prevents eye and wrist muscle strain, too. The best way to prevent RSI is by taking regular breaks. Previously, we have covered a lot of applications that remind you to take breaks., such as Time4Breax, an portable utility that notifies you wen it is time to take a break and shutdowns the computer if you keep ignoring the notifications. Today, we have another application for Windows called Scirocco Take a Break, which reminds you to take breaks after specified intervals, notifies the user through visual, as well as audio alerts, and automatically locks the workstation when the timer reaches zero. More on Scirocco Take a Break after the jump.Read More

Alinof Timer: A Simple Hard-To-Ignore Timer For Your Desktop [Mac]

Countdown timers are simple and you can find one for just about any device and platform. Although the concept of a timer is simple, and there are as many apps as there are kittens in spring, not all of them have a great interface. Alinof Timer is a free Mac app that is a basic timer but with an excellent interface. It has the basic alarm/alert/pay-attention-to-me features i.e., an on-screen alert that fills the whole screen and an alarm. The app lets you set a timer for up to 24hours and for as little as one minute. It can be useful if you want to remind yourself about the a meeting you need to get up for.Read More

Sleep Timer: Automatic Shutdown With Countdown, Inactivity & Time Modes

A lot of times, we have to leave our computer turned on overnight for a download or a file transfer that's taking ages to finish. You can let your computer run if you are sure to be around it when the download or process completes, but a lot of times, we have to go out with friends, go to sleep or leave for shopping and are unable to wait, or be there, when the download, file transfer, scan, defragmentation or any other time consuming process gets completed. Unnecessarily keeping the PC on for long periods not only wastes a lot of energy, but its also adds up to your energy bill. To cope with this nuisance, automatic shutdown applications are a great way to avoid keeping your PC on when its not needed. A lot of auto shutdown tools come with self triggering timers, which when triggered, perform the defined tasks (shutdown or restart in our case). Just a few days back, we covered DShutdown, a tool that allows you to turn off both local and remotely connected computers. However, if you are looking for a simple and more importantly, a portable tool that can shut down, restart or put your PC in hibernate mode at the required time, try Sleep Timer. More details jump past the fold.Read More

Orkanizer: Web-Based Pomodoro Manager With Daily & Yearly Statistics

Pomodoro is a time management technique that was developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. It is basically a working method used to increase efficiency by breaking down the work periods into 25 minutes intervals with 5 minutes breaks. The idea behind the technique is that frequent breaks, instead of working straight for in long stretches, can improve mental agility. Previously we have covered some very good Pomodoro applications, such as Flowkeeper,  a light-weight, unobtrusive Pomodoro application that allows you to keep track of pomodoros as well as tasks, PomodoroApp, a tool that lets you set a timer to help you complete a task within specified time, CherryTomato, an open source Pomodoro based productivity tool that automatically informs your Windows Live Messenger and Skype contacts when you are using the Pomodoro technique, and browser extensions, including Strict Pomodoro, a Chrome extension that adds a timer to your browser, as well as effectively blocking distracting and time wasting websites. Today, we have a web-based Pomodoro service for you called orkanizer that allows you to add and break down tasks to be completed in 25 minute intervals and shows a timer at the top to monitor how much time has passed.Read More