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Sleep Timer: Set A Timer To Sleep Your Device And Turn Off Music [Android]

A feature I craved badly on my phone (an iPhone) was the ability to play music for a certain time period. I had to do a quick Google search to find out that it is something the native Music app supports. It’s something that every smartphone should be able to do and while a native app may not support it, there are third party apps. Sleep Timer (Music&Screen Off) is a free ad supported Android app that lets you set a sleep timer for your screen in general, and music in particular. The app lets you set a timer and when the timer expires, it will sleep the device and turn off any  music that is playing. Putting the device to sleep means that perhaps you fell asleep using an app that keeps your device awake but if a timer is enabled, it will sleep your device and save precious battery. The app isn’t available freely in all countries so you might need a work around to download the region restricted app.

Once installed, use the circular slider to set the timer. Go to the app’s settings to customize the ‘Snooze’ feature and manage timers.

Sleep Timer activate Sleep Timer timer

Under settings you can manage the maximum length of the time slider on the app’s home screen. By default, it is set to 100 minutes but if you want to set a timer for a longer period, like two hours, you have to select the right timer length from the settings. You can also select what the app stops when it puts the device to sleep.

The ‘Extension length’ acts like a snooze button for the app in that it delays the sleep time by a few minutes. You can customize the extension duration from the settings. When the app is running, it appears in the notification area where you can use the Extend button to add a few minutes to the timer. The app can sleep your device, pause music, and pause or stop broadcasting. The unlocked version of the app removes ads and also lets you turn off WiFi and Bluetooth.

Sleep Timer settings Sleep Timer

What I love most about this app is that it isn’t an all or nothing deal. You can choose to let it pause music only, or to just put your device to sleep and paying to unlock WiFi and Bluetooth seems worth it. Any time you use Bluetooth you can have the app turn it off for you. Similarly, if you’re going out in say an hour or two, and you plan to use your data plan, you can have the app disable WiFi to save battery. More functions would be very welcome.

Install Sleep Time (Music&Screen Off) From The Google Play Store 


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