Snipreel: Snip And Share The Best Parts of YouTube Videos [Web]

Articles and documents aren’t the only things that are too long to go through in detail. Audio and video might be much more interesting but sometimes this media type can get too long to listen and sit through as well. At times like this, a comprehensive way to share the gist of a video much like the summary of an article is the only reasonable way to share a video that’s too long.  Snipreel is a web app that lets you modify YouTube videos, to quickly create highlight reels and snip the best parts of a video. This app lets you take any YouTube video and cut it into different parts which are then patched together automatically. The snipped reel you create cannot be more than 59 seconds long.  Snipreel allows users to share their videos on popular social networks and also copy the URL links for the videos. Simply paste a YouTube URL, click the snip button when you find something interesting to include in the video, and then click it again when you want that part to end. Read More

The Social Radio For Twitter: Listen To Tweets & Music Side By Side

New to the Android Market, The Social Radio For Twitter takes a unique and innovative approach to keeping you apprised of all your latest tweets. The app makes sifting through the 'text-based' tweets appearing on your Twitter Timeline a thing of the past. Instead, it reads them out to you as they come in. The app’s interface resembles the looks and functionality of a radio player that reads aloud Twitter updates, trending topics or any searched content, with your favorite music tracks playing in the background. The app, emulating the ways of a real radio broadcast, uses an audio fade-in/out effect on the TTS voice before and after reading a new tweet. That’s not all; the app supports reading various common emoticons and text abbreviations in tweets, and automatically detects the language of each tweet. Read More

LocoBuzz Pinpoints Latest News & Celebrity Tweets On Map [Android]

Keeping a close tab on the latest global news of the hour, as well as the tweets flowing in from your trusted sources requires some effort. For one, you must have a capable news reader installed, plus, a Twitter client that can keep you apprised of the required news bits. While you may find plenty of alternatives to serve both said purposes effectively, if working on suggested solutions sounds a tad too hectic to you, then you need to try LocoBuzz - a free location-based Android app that displays some of the top news stories of the hour along with celebrity tweets on the world map. The app’s concept is somewhat similar to recently reviewed Global Feed, which allows users to explore news relevant to their chosen category on a rotating 3D globe. While Global Feed also supported displaying weather conditions of some of the world’s top cities on the globe, LocoBuzz takes a different route by adding a bit of social media flavor with the option to view celebrity tweets and the location where they were posted from. That’s not all, you can tap on any news story of interest to explore it in detail (from browser) or share it on your Facebook Wall right from within the app. Read More

Museum Of Obsolete Objects: Watch Short Clips On Obsolete Technology

Over the past few years, developments in technology have been more rapid than perhaps anything else. Our daily lives have become more and more digital as old objects, gadgets and devices are replaced with modern ones. With all these changes happening around us, there is a possibility that future generations might never get to know about these obsolete items. Museum of Obsolete Objects is a web app that ensures these objects are not lost forever. It is a YouTube channel created by Jung von Matt, and comes with a very interactive interface, which displays a timeline of objects with informative clips about them. Read More

SMS Board Forwards Incoming SMS To Facebook, Twitter & Email [Android]

If you receive a lot of text messages that you feel can be set as your status updates on your favorite social networks, then this app is going to impress you big time. SMS Board is a simple little Android app that lets you instantly forward a text message/SMS from your phone to your Facebook/Twitter account or an Email address. The app’s main interface is comprised of a solitary native inbox that lists all your recent text messages. To share a message, just tap on it, pick a service of your liking and let it go! That’s not all, the app’s SMS Popup option (Menu > Settings), if enabled, displays each incoming SMS via a dialog box that provides you with an option to post the message to any supported service with just a tap of a button. Read More

Mingly: Stay Connected With All Your Social Networks Through Gmail [Chrome]

Do you often forget to send birthday wishes to your contacts, or find it hard to stay connected with friends on all your social networks? Mingly, a Google Chrome extension, is an amazing relationship management tool that can provide you with the perfect solution. It simply turns your Gmail inbox into a social network by organizing all your contacts from the most popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, letting you stay better connected and knowing absolutely everything about your friends and the latest happenings around you. Furthermore, you can set reminders for events and view birthdays. The registration process is very simple; all you need to do is sign in with your Google account, and then connect your social networks with Gmail. Read More

Sync And View Twitter Updates On Desktop & Mobile With Echofon

There are many feature-rich Twitter clients for multiple platforms including desktop and mobile devices, such as TweetDeck, Seesmic, Sobees and Pidgin. Recently, a new Twitter client was released with the name Echofon. It is a cross-platform Twitter client for desktop and mobile devices. It provides support for using multiple Twitter accounts simultaneously and makes it easy to switch between numerous Twitter accounts to view your account updates. All unread tweets are synced with your desktop (Windows or Mac) or mobile (iOS) device. For example, if you check some Tweets on your desktop computer and later access Twitter via Echofon from an iPhone device, you will be presented with the tweets which were not read from the desktop client. Read More

Trap!t: A Personal Assistant For Your Favorite Web Content

Browsing different websites for your favorite articles, trends, news, sports, foods etc, can be really frustrating, and would usually require a lot of effort. This is where a brand new web app, Trap!t, comes in handy. It acts like a virtual personal assistant for web content, and searches the internet round the clock to bring you the most-relevant content, displaying them as Traps. Trap!t displays content streams based on user behavior and activity. Furthermore, it dynamically learns what kinds of topics you like. You will be able to find a range of categories in Featured Traps, ranging from Trending and News to Lifestyle, and many more. You can check out different traps and add them to your list. Another great feature of Trap!t is that it doesn’t just pick content from the most common and widely-used websites, but also searches a range of less popular ones. Read More

Tweet Now Playing Song / Music In iOS 5 With TweetSong [Cydia Tweak]

If you’re a music-holic and would love to tell the world about your taste in music, what better way to do that than having your iOS 5 device tweet your current song playing, in no time at all using the built in Twitter integration. No need to type in, press a certain key, see what you’re about to send and voila! How? TweetSong is a new Cydia tweak that will easily let you do all this, in a matter of a few seconds. The tweak will pull in the information for the current playing song straight from your Music app, using it as the body of your tweet. Read More

fotoSearch Is A Gallery For Trending Images On Twitter [Android]

Social networking and micro-blogging phenomenon, Twitter, certainly provides its users with a great platform to convey their thoughts loud and clear to the entire world through short and concise messages, referred to as tweets. That being said, the revered service is not about tweeting in plain texts; it allows you to supplement your text-based messages with relevant images, video links and URLs for numerous other associate services. For uploading images, Twitter utilizes affiliation with several photo hosting services, including yfrog, TwitPic and many more. Quite agreeably, the official Twitter client and several other third-party Twitter apps for Android offer a great experience when it comes to checking and posting tweets from all over the world, but what if you were to dive deep into the world of all those gorgeous photos shared on the network? fotoSearch for Twitter is an image searching app for Android designed specifically to fetch all popular and trending images from Twitter, yfrog and twitPic. Most online galleries and image aggregation apps don't provide a feed of public Twitter pics. fotoSearch for Twitter vows to fill this void by offering Twitter uers a standalone image viewer for the unending stream of pictures shared on the network. Read More

Orchestra For iPhone: Create Reminders And Get Social Feedback On Them

Orchestra (no, this is not another music-related game for iPhone) is a free iOS app that can be used to create reminders about tasks you want to do in the future. Not only that, you can even dictate tasks to Orchestra verbally, and create new reminders that way. However, all that is offered by other similar iPhone apps, too (like Astrid, which we covered recently), but what's special about Orchestra is that it allows you to sync your reminders with the cloud. Additionally, if you want, you can request your Twitter and Facebook friends to help you with a particular task, too, right from within the app. This means that Orchestra can be used both as a simple to-do list keeper, as well as a comprehensive tool for team collaboration during group projects. Read More

Batch For iPhone: Easily Share Photos In Bulk To Facebook & Twitter

At the launch of iPhone 4S, Apple proudly highlighted the fact that iPhone’s camera is one of the most used cameras in the world and the origin of most photos on services like Flickr. If so many people are using their iPhone or iPad to share photos over the web, then iOS must focus specifically on photo sharing. Although there have been enhancements in this area with the release of iOS 5, there is still room for further improvement. And that’s where third-party photo-sharing apps like Batch come in. Using this free iPhone app, you can share photos in tandem over your social network or simply save them to the cloud to be accessed at a later time. Batch can be thought of as a service that you can use for backing up your photo library with complete ease. Read More

ZipList: Search Thousands Of Recipes And Create Shopping Lists [Web]

Do you still jot down recipes in books, or browse different recipe sites every time you want to try something different? Ziplist is a web app that brings one big recipe box for all your favorite dishes, making cooking and grocery shopping a whole lot easier. In contrast to its competitors, ZipList takes the lead in its well-organized search and cataloguing features. You can organize your grocery list and add recipes to your box, and then sync your list and recipes with your cell phone before running to the store for purchases. Read More

Earbits Radio Lets You Discover Unique & New Internet Radio

Discovering new music has been made easier with online Radio stations and music streaming services like Spotiy,, Pandora etc. The only problem is with these services you will only ever hear mainstream music. Radio stations play top and trending songs from famous artists. While this might be enough for the average music appetite, for someone who is more of an audiophile, finding great music by lesser known artists is also important. Earbits Radio is a web app that lets you sit back, relax, and stream online radio without any boring ads or commercials. The service features songs from different genres by lesser known artists. Earbits works directly with these artists to bring their work to you. You can go back and forth from one genre to the other, and skip through unlimited tracks. You can also share music with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Read More

Picfull: Easily Add Amazing Filters & Effects To Your Photos [Web]

There are a number of online photo editing tools out there that let you edit your photos without installing any software, but very few are as fast and creative as Picfull. Picfull is a web app that adds a variety of filters to photos only in just a few simple clicks. Just choose any photo you like, apply one or more of the custom photo effects or filters, and save it either to your local file system in JPEG, or share it on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. There is a vast range of effects that can be added to photos; filters like Vintage Dark, Line Coloring, Pen Outline and Color Separation are only some of them. Read More

How To Use Siri To Update Your Twitter And Facebook Accounts

Who doesn’t know about iPhone’s latest game-changer, Siri, by now? The voice-based personal assistant lets you perform a variety of tasks on your iPhone 4S without even having to look at your phone’s screen. But still, the tasks that Siri can perform are limited. You can not, for example, ask Siri to go to your Facebook account and update a status for you. Also, there is no direct way of getting Siri to send your tweets to Twitter, either. But we say directly because there is a workaround for that scenario, using which you can simply dictate your tweets or status messages to iOS’s latest addition. You will not need to have a jailbroken iPhone 4S in order to use this method, as this is just a rather clever use of some of Siri's existing functionalities. Read More

Watch Record Breaking Videos With Guinness’ Official Chrome App

Guinness World Records is one of the most-watched TV programs across the world. It features a vast range of record breaking videos that are full of excitement and entertainment. These videos keep audiences thrilled and glued to their seats for ages, and if you want to share the thrill, then you can access all these videos at the Guinness World Records - Record Player Chrome app. This app lets you watch videos from different categories and share them to your social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Read More

Zocail TV : Watch The Most Shared Videos On Facebook And Twitter

Video content is easily some of the most engaging type of content online and every day or every other week you hear about a new video going viral. For people who don’t visit YouTube daily, are not active on Twitter and haven’t heard of Reddit, viral videos likely reach you long after the buzz behind them has died down. While it isn’t as much about being the last one in on the joke, knowing which videos are being viewed the most is an easy way to find interesting video content.  Wouldn’t it be great if you found a list of top rated videos that the world is watching right now? is a web app that brings you trending videos from multiple categories, posted on Facebook and Twitter, and that, too, organized by weeks and months. If you're bored and looking for some entertainment, then is the right site for you to visit. It helps you discover the Top 25 most popular videos for the day, week or month, and covers the usual categories along with ones that focus on education, non-profits and animals. Read More

Firefox Share: Quickly Share Links With Facebook, Twitter And Google

Are you tired of searching for share buttons either above or below web content on different websites? Firefox Share add-on makes it easier to share content on the most-commonly-used social networks with a single click. It allows you to share links on Facebook, Google Mail and Twitter (for now) using a simple button on your browser's navigation bar, which, in turn, communicates with the respective network and even pulls your data from it. More to follow after the jump. Read More