Whitelist For Chrome Blocks Access To All Websites Except Allowed Ones

Wasting too much time on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter? There are many website blocking extension available, but most are either too complicated or only limit the time you spend on websites. Whitelist For Chrome extension quickly lets you focus on work, eliminating distractions by automatically blocking all pages from any website that is not in your list of allowed sites. Not only does this come in handy for avoiding distractions while working, but also if you have kids in your household and want to limit their use of the PC to specific allowed domains. When creating a whitelist you can also use wildcards to allow the subdomains for websites. Read More

View YouTube, Wikipedia, Twitter & Others’ Results In Google Search [Chrome]

Often, we browse multiple services for the same search term. Not only is this tiring, but can also be a time consuming process. If this is the case, then a Chrome extension, Sidebar, enhances your Google search by adding results from some very useful services, such as Wikitionary, Wikipedia, Flickr, YouTube and Twitter in a sidebar. This sidebar is added to the right hand side of Google Search results, which lets you quickly browse through search results of multiple services, without having to open new tabs or windows. Sidebar can be useful for people who regularly look up search terms on different services, such as, Wikipedia, Google or YouTube, and can save a lot of time and effort. The extension allows you to enable/disable services in the sidebar, as well as their positions. Furthermore, you can set the maximum number of YouTube videos that will be displayed in the sidebar. Read More

Collaborate On, Share And Edit Images & Videos With CanvasDropr

Want to create collages, brainstorm, hang out with friends while sharing photos and videos? All this is possible with CanvasDropr, a powerful collaboration tool that allows you to share a virtual blank sheet of canvas, where members can upload images and videos in real time. You can share all kinds of stuff from your local system, or multiple popular websites. All items are editable, and the changes being made can be viewed by everyone. CanvasDropr is completely free, allowing you to sign in with your Facebook or Twitter account. You can also sign up for the service. Read More

Tweet Time For iPhone: One-Stop-Shop For Instant Sharing Over Twitter [iOS 5]

iOS 5 brought deep Twitter integration to the Apple's mobile platform, providing users with fast sharing over the micro-blogging network from within its various native apps, but there is always room for improvement, and Tweet Time for iPhone aims to fill whatever gap there is left in said functionality. Much like InstaTweet and Twicon, the app focuses on providing you a quick and painless way to tweet. Not only that, it allows you to share your current location, Now Playing music, random quotes and even device details, all in a couple of taps. There are many similar apps and tweaks available for jailbreak users, but tweet Time is unique because of its availability in the App Store. Read More

Make Free Voice Calls To Your Twitter Friends Using OnSay For iPhone

Twitter is a pretty open platform for social networking as compared to Facebook, so if you want to get in touch with someone over the micro-blogging service, direct messages are the only private option you have got. OnSay is an app which brings a whole new dimension to Twitter. Using this iOS app, you can make voice calls to any "tweep", without having to go through any complicated procedure. You can think of OnSay as a VoIP client, but with a twist; the app automatically patches you through to your Twitter contacts! Read on to know all about this amazingly useful app. Read More

Secretly Use Twitter On iPhone In Office Or School With CovertChirp

iOS is, in no way, short of high quality, feature rich Twitter clients. Even the official app is among the best ones, offering seamless integration with the micro-blogging platform, and sporting an elegant interface. It begets serious thought, then, when we decide to review another Twitter app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. CovertChirp, the app in question, however, offers something quite different when it comes to Twitter. It conceals the entire Twitter experience in an iOS-native Notes-like interface, making it ideal to use the social network where others won’t appreciate it should you be caught, viz., offices and classrooms. Read past the jump for details on this refreshingly stealthy approach towards Twitter. Read More

Automatically Change Desktop And Twitter Backgrounds Daily With Kuvva

Desktop customization is rather important for so many good reasons, such as for one to work productively and efficiently. While working, a good wallpaper can have very pleasant and positive effect on you, which leads to an even greater productivity. Other than that, the wallpaper you choose showcases your personality, and a new wallpaper gives you computer screen freshness. Windows 7 has integrated auto wallpaper change option, which keeps cycling through the selected directory. However, the wallpapers can be selected only from your local directory, which means you may get bored of viewing same wallpapers again and again. If you are fond of changing wallpapers of your computer screen each day, and want some refreshing background that you have never come across before, then check out Kuvva. It is an application that automates the process of searching for wallpapers and changing them each day. It is connected to the Kuvva website, and automatically downloads and sets a new wallpaper each day from the website’s database. You can configure Kuvva to daily change the desktop background, as well as the background of your Twitter account. Details to follow after the jump. Read More

TweetyPop: An Intuitive, Beautiful Twitter Client For The iPad

There are a lot of people who start their day by going through their Twitter timeline, but after a while, you might get bored of the same, old interface presented by the micro-blogging service. It’s always nice to have something new added to your every day life, and TweetyPop does just that, by giving you a completely revamped Twitter experience. iPad has a reputation of having beautifully laid-out apps, and TweetyPop is certainly one of them. It is a Twitter client that completely renews your Twitter timeline, and using it, you can view tweets on your account in an attractive and fluid way. Read More

Plan Your Dream Holiday With Tripomatic [Web]

Want to plan your dream holiday without wasting time searching for things to do, or places to visit? Tripomatic, a web application, is a planning resource that locates all the major tourist attractions throughout the world, and lets you organize trips with only a few simple clicks. This tool comes with a large number of worldwide destinations, along with detailed maps. With it, you can discover new places and activates to do there. It lets you assemble an itinerary, and once you're done, you can print, share, download or embed the entire plan for your trip. Trips other users create can also be accessed from the homepage, which you can simply download or print. The service is free, and you can log in with your Facebook account. Read More

AppTweeter: Tweet Any App From iOS App Store Client [Cydia]

With over half a million apps crowding the iOS App Store, it can be difficult to distinguish between trash and something really useful. Each time you come across an app which can prove to be beneficial for people you know, your first response is to tell your friends about it. This can be done using the Tell a Friend button on the app’s official description page in the App Store. However, that sharing button is pretty limited in functionality, and you can just send an email through it by default. AppTweeter is a Cydia tweak that allows users to share an app over Twitter, using the same Tell a Friend button. Read More

Social Lite: Facebook, Twitter & Gmail Client With iOS-Like Interface

Social Lite is an application which makes it possible to manage Facebook, Twitter and Gmail accounts within a compact, iOS-style interface. This way, one can avoid using the browser for managing social media and Gmail accounts, and also receive system tray notifications for new updates. Furthermore, Social Lite is a cross-platform application with versions for Windows and Mac OS X. Details, screenshots, and download link after the break. Read More

Popular Social Media App MyPad For iPhone Free For Limited Time

Lately, the iOS App Sore has been swarmed with apps that combine Facebook and Twitter into one platform. But when you add multiple user login, free music and games to the mix then you get MyPad for Facebook & Twitter. This was a paid app at the time of release but has, just recently, gone free for a limited time, much to the delight of Facebook, Twitter and iOS users. If you aren’t familiar with the app, read on past the break to find out what it has to offer. Read More

Twicon: Tweet From Your Home Screen On iOS 5 [Cydia Tweak]

The integration for Twitter in iOS 5 is truly amazing. Most of the stock iOS apps now have options to allow users to tweet from right within the app. Also, you can use gestures to start composing tweets on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, but it is always possible to make things a little bit more easy. That’s what Twicon is all about. While all the apps now boast of having Twitter integration, you still have to launch the Twitter app if you want to tweet something. This simplistic Cydia tweak does nothing except adding a standalone icon to your iDevice Springboard, which will launch the native iOS 5 tweet composition screen. Read More

uberHype: Explore & Play Music Posted On Blogs Or Twitter [Android]

If you’re an Android user with a love for music, then you must be delighted to see the recent surge in music discovery apps (that yielded HitlantisExfm and SoundTracking). Add to this list uberHype – a brand new Android app that lets you listen to and share the best music that is being posted on Twitter and some of the most popular music blogs around the world. Developed by Dirty Water Labs and powered by The Hype Machine – an online music blog aggregating service - uberHype not only lets you search for and filter music by blogs, track title, artist, popularity and time relevance, but also lets you subscribe to your favorite blogs/artists, and access all featured content related to them (requires login). In addition, you can add tracks to a favorites list, and listen to all songs that you come across via the app’s built-in music player. Read More

Restore Twitter Timeline To The Left With User Script

Twitter just revamped their web layout and it is definitely appealing. As opposed to text links, they have gone with buttons and they’ve also flipped things over, literally. Before the revamp, suggested users to follow, trending topics and your account summary appeared in a column on the right while the column on the left was made up entirely of your Timeline. The new design has moved the Timeline to the right and not everyone might be comfortable with it. Fellow geeks at How-To Geek have created a user script Fix Twitter for Chrome and Firefox  that should put the Timeline back where it belongs. Read More

Popular Preference-Aware News App Zite For iPad Now Available For iPhone [Update: And Android]

Zite, a widely used, smart news app previously only available for the iPad, has now been released for iPhone users as well. It gets you news from around the world, and analyzes your Twitter and Google reader accounts so that it can get you feeds from the genre of news you like to read. It gets updated by the minute, and its easy-on-the-eyes interface makes reading on the go a great experience. Read More

Twitter For iOS Updated To Reflect Changes In The Web Version

iOS has enjoyed deep integration with Twitter ever since iOS 5 rolled out, but Twitter itself isn’t lying dormant by any means, as shown by the update rolled out today for Twitter’s official iPhone and iPad app. The famous micro blogging service updated its web version recently, and those changes are now reflected in the iOS app as well. Not only has the interface been completely revamped, the app now has a bunch of new options and features too. Head past the break to find out everything about the new Twitter. Read More

Snipreel: Snip And Share The Best Parts of YouTube Videos [Web]

Articles and documents aren’t the only things that are too long to go through in detail. Audio and video might be much more interesting but sometimes this media type can get too long to listen and sit through as well. At times like this, a comprehensive way to share the gist of a video much like the summary of an article is the only reasonable way to share a video that’s too long.  Snipreel is a web app that lets you modify YouTube videos, to quickly create highlight reels and snip the best parts of a video. This app lets you take any YouTube video and cut it into different parts which are then patched together automatically. The snipped reel you create cannot be more than 59 seconds long.  Snipreel allows users to share their videos on popular social networks and also copy the URL links for the videos. Simply paste a YouTube URL, click the snip button when you find something interesting to include in the video, and then click it again when you want that part to end. Read More

The Social Radio For Twitter: Listen To Tweets & Music Side By Side

New to the Android Market, The Social Radio For Twitter takes a unique and innovative approach to keeping you apprised of all your latest tweets. The app makes sifting through the 'text-based' tweets appearing on your Twitter Timeline a thing of the past. Instead, it reads them out to you as they come in. The app’s interface resembles the looks and functionality of a radio player that reads aloud Twitter updates, trending topics or any searched content, with your favorite music tracks playing in the background. The app, emulating the ways of a real radio broadcast, uses an audio fade-in/out effect on the TTS voice before and after reading a new tweet. That’s not all; the app supports reading various common emoticons and text abbreviations in tweets, and automatically detects the language of each tweet. Read More