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noodzy: Hashtag-Based Control For Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Gmail [Web]

noodzy is a smart bar that lets you add simple tags to manage popular social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, YouTube and more. By having all your favorite and most frequently used social media services added to a single Noodzy account, you can easily share your messages and status updates with your online buddies without having to open multiple tabs. Using this nifty web app, you can perform multiple functions, like update your status, open Google to enter a query, view your wall or your friends wall right within the same interface, play YouTube videos directly on the bar and more.

To start off, register for the service, login, click the My Settings option and then link all your social networking accounts. Once done, simply type a “#” in the text bar, and a list of available tags with various functions will be displayed in a drop-down menu.

account noodzy



Noodzy can update your status on single or multiple networks at the same time. Simply add your desired tags, type your status and hit the Submit button. As you do this, you will immediately receive a notification on the same page.


Similarly, you can view your Twitter timeline or Facebook wall right under the bar.

facebook wall

To search videos on YouTube, enter the tag followed by a query, and the search results will be instantly be displayed.

youtube videos and tag

The best part is when you select a track from the search results, as the video is played right within the site’s interface.


noodzy is a pretty slick web application that allows you to stay connected with frequently used social media sites through a single smart bar. The service definitely deserves your attention, so visit the link below and try it out!

Visit noodzy


Update: The web service has been discontinued.

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