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TweetsBetween: View Recent Conversations Between Twitter Users [Web]

TweetsBetween is a web application for Twitter that allows you to see the most recent conversation between two Twitter users. Although TweetBetween is a great tool, remember that you can’t track conversations of users who have private Twitter accounts. Also, note that the app only retrieves the most recent messages, so you will only be able to see conversations as long as the users have exchanged messages in the last week. With it, you can keep up with the latest gossip between your favorite people, celebrities or stars. More after the break.

To start off, simply type in the Twitter handles of both the people into the specified fields and hit the GO! button.


Once a conversation has been retrieved, you will be able to sort it by Newest to Oldest or Oldest to Newest options. Additionally, you will be able to copy a link, which you can either share with others or save it for later use.


The downside of the app is of course that fact that only the most recent conversations can be pulled. although the app confines itself to conversations in the past one week, it is very possible that several conversations might have taken place between two users and there is no way to view them. With Twitters new and vastly improved way of viewing conversations this app would do better to add additional features for viewing older conversations. The feature to save and then share conversations is, of course, excellent and a reasonable way of sharing and saving Twitter conversations. The app does not say what happens if a Tweet made by a user is Tweeted but it is likely that the conversation will still exist if you’ve saved it with this app before it was deleted.

Interface wise, the conversation view is readable but the overall design could do with some cleaning up so that emphasis is more on the conversation and the share link is highlighted a bit more.

TweetsBetween is a cool and easy-to-use app that lets you keep track of the latest gossip, allowing you to save conversations or share them with others. According to the developer, the app will be enhanced with new a design and features in near future. If you’re an avid Twitter user, you might find TweetsBetween quite useful.

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