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ViewTube: Watch Videos On Social Websites In A Separate Popup [Chrome]

If you like watching videos on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ then, ViewTube is a Chrome extension that will enhance your video watching experience by letting you watch videos in a new and unique way. The handy tool basically plays the video in a pop-up that can be moved around and placed anywhere on the page, so you are no longer stuck at the same part of the page until the video ends. With it, you can read posts and watch videos at the same time without losing focus. Moreover, you no longer have to stop commenting or reading your feeds, since you’ll always have the video in front of you. More after the break.

Once you’ve installed the extension, it automatically starts working when you play a video on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. The video will be displayed in a fixed block (a separate div, for technical purposes), which can easily be moved anywhere around the page. The video comes with Description, Comments, Channel and Related categories. You can like or dislike videos directly from the player and even post comments without having to open YouTube in a separate tab. However, this feature wasn’t functional during our testing. The player comes in two sizes, regular and large. To switch to the larger size, simply click the button located next to the close button(x). Moreover, you can watch videos from the same channel or different ones from the related category. With it, you can continue to browse your favorite social networking sites and watch videos at the same time, and if you decide to close a video, just hit the cross displayed on top of the video.


Normally, when videos are played in Twitter, they are instantly opened in a new tab, causing you to completely lose focus from the site. With ViewTube, you can watch videos right inside Twitter, without navigating to extra tabs.

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Overall, ViewTube is a slick extension that totally changes the way you browse and watch videos on popular social networking sites. It gives you the same controls/functionalities as YouTube and makes sure you never miss a popular video again.

Install ViewTube For Google Chrome

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