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Fast Facebook: A Faster, More Efficient Facebook Client For Android

Fast Facebook is an unofficial Facebook app for Android, developed by Team2Soft, that attracts with its catchy looks and, quite obviously, its title. As its name suggests, Fast Facebook is an attempt to provide Android users with a faster, more fluid alternative to the rather slow and slightly annoying official client of the world’s premiere social network.

The app, currently in beta, has an interface that is slightly reminiscent of the Ice Cream Sandwich Holo theme. However, more than any other aspect, it’s the app’s easy-to-use controls, super-fast navigation and customizable backgrounds that makes it attractive. Fast Facebook covers almost all important bases; everything that an avid Facebook user goes through on a frequent basis.


The app’s homescreen presents you with all of the most important sections of Facebook. The bar at the top contains the options to send messages, search Facebook for users/pages, view your friends list and explore your Facebook photos/albums. Tapping the button at the extreme left of this bar reveals the app’s main menu, which houses various options, including a shortcut to your Facebook profile, toggle for changing the app’s background, option to access your Facebook groups, and the option to log out of the app. For the app’s background, you can select from a couple of default backgrounds, or use an image from your device’s gallery.

Apparently, as of now, there is no support for push notifications, which could be a deal-breaker for a lot of users.


The toolbar at the bottom contains controls for all major Facebook actions, such as composing a new status message, uploading a new photo, checking in to a place, reading your personal messages, and taking a look at your recent Facebook activities within a compact, scrollable pop-up.


The middle portion of the screen is dedicated to displaying your Facebook Wall, complete with all the latest posts, comments and likes. Tapping a post lets you comment on it, like it, share it with others, or view it within a browser.


Again, since the app is currently in beta, you can expect it to have some minor glitches, but overall, Fast Facebook has got a solid foundation on which, with the addition of a slightly better-looking interface, it can certainly build a Facebook client that users would want to adopt as their default Facebook browser. Though, even as it is right now, for users who prefer effectiveness over eye-candy, Fast Facebook is definitely worth a try.

Download Fast Facebook for Android

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