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TwittStalker: Follow Anyone’s Twitter Activity Without An Account [Cydia]

It makes sense to be a bit privacy-conscious about your Facebook account, but Twitter is a much more public service, and it is meant to be used as a tool for broadcasting your thoughts to the masses. Still, Twitter is not like a blog which anyone can view, and you have to follow a person before you can get updates from them (you can still view them, though). However, if, for any reason, you want to subscribe to updates from any particular user without having to follow them, there is TwittStalker for that, a Cydia app which jailbroken iOS users can employ in order to create a customized Twitter feed without even signing in to Twitter, let alone following someone. You can add any public user to your TwittStalker feed, and then read all their tweets without the stalked user ever getting a clue.

TwittStalker Tweets TwittStalker Feed TwittStalker Browser

The Cydia app is available in the ModMyi repo as a free download, and after you have downloaded it to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch it will appear as a standalone app icon on the Springboard. Using the app is easy, and you just have to launch it and then it allows you start building your feeds. To do that, tap the Edit button in the top bar of the Tweets section, followed by the ‘+’ button which is bound to appear. Now enter the Twitter handle of any user and then hit Add. In a similar fashion you can add any number of users to TwittStalker and populate the app’s feed. From the main page, it is possible to read all the tweets in chronological order, just like the real timeline, or you can tap any user’s icon and read updates just from them.

TwittStalker incorporates a whole browser windows within it, titled Web, which will come in handy each time you tap any tweet. Not only will the Web section be used to display the tweets, but the links embedded within them will also be opened in the same browser window, which comes complete with refresh, back and forward buttons. In the Settings menu of the app there is the Rebuild Database option, which is like the app’s very own Self Destruct button and will leave the main page of TwittStalker empty and devoid of all the users you chose to add to the feeds previously.

This Cydia app can be downloaded free of cost, and has the potential of proving to be handy for a number of users, specially those who don’t want to sign up for Twitter.


    • Add what to a private list where? I think you missed the basic point – this app lets you follow a user’s public tweets even if YOU don’t have a Twitter account, or don’t want to use one, for that matter.

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