Monitor Website Performance With Pingdom Tools Web App

Pingdom Tools is a web app that helps you analyze the load speed and performance of your website, and offers tips to make it faster. It displays the load time, details of requests, page analysis and history charts. Furthermore, it lets you identify contents on your web page that are fast, slow, too big and so on. You can view file sizes, load times and other details about every single element of a web page such as HTML, JavaScript, images and so on. In addition to that, you can also assess the performance of your website from different locations in the world, such as Europe and the United States.Read More

Button for Amazon: Access Amazon Anywhere In Firefox

If you love to shop on Amazon, then Button for Amazon is a Firefox add-on that you'll definitely come to appreciate. It allows you to easily navigate popular Amazon categories without having you to go to the website. Once installed, a green button is added to the left of the URL bar. Click the tiny arrow on the button and use the drop-down menu to start your search. You can visually browse Bestsellers, Most gifted, Movers and Shakers and much more. The add-on is simple to use, unobtrusive, and customizable. Furthermore, Button for Amazon neatly breaks down all of Amazon's categories, and takes you right where you want to go.Read More

Create Clickable Image Maps With 4dots Imagemapper

Creating clickable image maps can be a daunting task, as it requires going through a laborious procedure for defining and linking each section of an image to the respective URL. For example, if you are designing a website for an e-store, it might be required to link a banner image with separate URLs. In such a case, the mobile phone image in the banner may require being redirected to the mobile section of the website, whereas a laptop image may have to be linked to the laptop section. Fortunately, we feature an app that makes the whole process easier.Read More

Duplicate Content Allows You To Detect Duplicate Content Online [Web]

Duplicate content on your website can hurt your website’s Google ranking, and can be a serious issue with respect to copyright violations as well. Duplicate Content is a web app that can help you detect similar content on two web pages. It is especially useful for web developers and bloggers who are interested in seeing similarity between two sites. It is a simple, online service that lets you check the extent of duplicity between two webpages by comparing the text as well as the HTML markup of both pages, and shows a comparison between the HTML, standard and smart text. You can also embed the duplicate checking code on your own website from the said web app. Details after the break.Read More

CiteThisForMe: Quickly Generate References In Harvard Referencing Style [Web]

Are you having trouble citing all your sources in a specific format, while writing your thesis? Referencing all your sources with proper punctuation can be a difficult task, especially after writing a lengthy research paper. CiteThisForMe is a handy web app that helps you create a bibliography/references using the Harvard Referencing Style. With this app, you no longer need to go through the difficult formatting process. This web app has a wide variety of options to create references from, and lets your create references for books, newspapers, journals, websites and much more. All you have to do is enter the details of your source, such as the authors name, book title, page number, URL etc., and CiteThisForMe will instantly create references for you with the exact punctuation and formatting. You can also add multiple references before copying or downloading them as a single Word file.Read More

Announcify For Chrome Lets You Listen To Articles On Any Website

Need to read one more article, but already feeling too exhausted? Announcify, a Google Chrome extension, can help you read and relax at the same time. It works by converting written text (on any website) to speech. Unlike other text-to-speech extensions, you don’t need to select any text, as this extension will read out the whole web page for you.You can hear your lengthy articles read out loud when you don’t feel like exercising your eyes. The extension allows you to change the speed, pitch and volume of the read-aloud voice.Read More

FeedBeater: Create RSS Feeds From Any Website And Get Email Alerts

FeedBeater is a free web app that creates RSS feeds for websites that might not have an option to do so. In addition to that,  you can customize your feeds using only specific content from websites, and filter out irrelevant information such as ads and comments. It organizes your content in a neat, structured format into an RSS feed that you can receive in real-time through emails and alerts, sans the need to log in or register for the service.Read More

Firefox Share: Quickly Share Links With Facebook, Twitter And Google

Are you tired of searching for share buttons either above or below web content on different websites? Firefox Share add-on makes it easier to share content on the most-commonly-used social networks with a single click. It allows you to share links on Facebook, Google Mail and Twitter (for now) using a simple button on your browser's navigation bar, which, in turn, communicates with the respective network and even pulls your data from it. More to follow after the jump.Read More

Learn English Assistant: Easily Access Useful Language Resources [Chrome]

Learning a new language can be exhaustive and requires a lot of effort. Then, even when you know a language, at times you are just not sure about the grammar, punctuation, or the right words to use. Learn English Assistant is a chrome extension that aims to change that by gathering all your online English-language resources in one place, and provides you with access to them through a single click. You can now improve your English language skills while browsing the internet.Read More

Switchy: Easily Create And Switch Between Profiles On Firefox

Firefox saves your information about bookmarks, passwords, and user preferences in your user profile; nothing but a set of files which saves all this information. While this makes perfect sense for a single-user scenario, having two different people share a computer will become a nightmare because of continuous conflicts with each other’s preferences. Firefox allows you to create multiple profiles but switching between them isn’t very easy. While Firefox allows you to create profiles, creating or switching between them is no way near as easy as it is in Chrome. Switchy is a Firefox add-on that fixes this; it allows you to create new profiles, assign different URLs to open at default and keep add-ons, preferences and bookmarks separate from the default profile.Read More

Uncircle+ Lets You Easily Remove Inactive People From Google+ [Chrome]

If you ever get around to cleaning up your friends’ list on Facebook, you would likely remove people you don’t know, people you don’t remember adding, or people who aren’t people. With Facebook and its ‘open’ security options, you don’t really want strangers to be your friends. With Google+, which has far better security settings, cleaning up a friends’ list, or rather a circle is more about getting rid of people who have been inactive too long. Finding inactive people in a lengthy list on your Google+ account can be quite tiresome. Uncircle+ is a Google Chrome extension that lets you easily delete inactive people from your Google+ circles, so that you can add more people to your circles without reaching the 5000 limit. It may be noted that although a limit of 5,000 is sufficient for most people, Uncircle+ would nevertheless be helpful in de-cluttering your otherwise going-out-of-hand contact circle.Read More

Saved From URL: Insert URL As HTML Comment When Saving Pages [Firefox]

A lot of people save web pages to their local systems for many reasons, like useful articles meant for offline reading, or for quickly referencing information when needed. With bookmarks and cloud sync, saving a web page to your PC might make little sense, and is probably something you’d only do for a particular project or something you’re researching on. The main problem with saving pages is that while the page itself is saved, you do not have the actual URL referenced even if you can tell what website the page is from. Saved From URL is Firefox add-on that adds the URL of any saved web page as an HTML comment to the very start of the page itself.Read More

W3 Launcher: Quickly Backup & Manage Your Bookmarks Online [Chrome]

If you have lots of bookmarks saved in Chrome, you'll know how hard it can be to manage them. W3Launcher, an online bookmark manager, is just what you need, to manage and organize your bookmarks. Use this Google Chrome web app to organize all your saved websites and web apps on one screen. You can open, edit or delete any bookmark from the same page. The bookmarks are saved on the user’s hard disk and never expire from W3Launcher.Read More

Print Edit: Edit Unwanted Content When Printing Web Pages [Firefox]

Do you wish to print a webpage with only the relevant information you want? Print Edit is a Firefox add-on that can help you get rid of all the unwanted content such as advertisements, side bars and blank pages when you need to print a web page. It easily allows you to edit the webpage in print preview, and lets you select sections of a web page that you want to format, hide or delete before printing.Read More

‘Prevent Duplicate Tabs’ Keeps Chrome From Opening Pages From Same URL

The number of tabs you have open in a window can quickly get out of hand; the number of tabs might get particularly out of control if it’s early morning and you’re going through your feeds and feeling all trigger happy or click compulsive. Prevent Duplicate Tabs is a Chrome extension that prevents you from opening multiple tabs of the same site. The extension can ensure that there is only a single page open of a particular domain or that there are no duplicate URLs open across any one window.Read More

Redirect To Web Server Using Fixed URL Without Requiring Static IP Address

It can cost an awful amount of money to rent a static IP from your local ISP to ensure that it does not rotate periodically. The alternative to static IP means that one would have to deploy a mechanism through which the changes in IP address assigned to your web server (via the ISP’s DHCP server) can be adjusted. This is one amongst the reasons why URL redirection applications are used. URLRedirector is a URL redirector, designed to help you cope with the changing IP of your computer (as assigned by your ISP). This application is developed for those who are hosting their own websites and would like to ensure that their web server has a static IP address. It provides the option for managing the IP addresses assigned by your ISP and allows fixing the URL of your website, even when the IP address of your web server may be constantly changing.Read More

Copy Full Path Of Files And Folders With CopyAsUrl

CopyAsUrl is a utility which helps copying system path as a URL to Windows clipboard from file/folder right-click context menu. This allows creating fully activated forms by using qualified URL link from selected file(s) or folder(s) on local drive or USB drives. The developer has made this app to eliminate a common annoyance of being unable to easily create lists of  hyperlinks to local files and folders. The selected URL can be later integrated into a textpad for easy access and form creation. For example, you can add a system path to your project when designing forms which may require interacting with a specific directory.Read More

Check Broken Links Of Any Website With Fast Link Checker Lite

In order to maintain the quality of a website, it is necessary to make sure that it does not have broken links. It can be quite frustrating for a user to find links that lead to nowhere or give an error when browsing through a website. Broken links can lead to loss of valuable visitors, search engine rating, revenue, etc and damage a website’s reputation. Fast Link Checker Lite is a free version of the Fast Link Checker application that can be used for tracking broken links of any website (via its URL). It  provides user-friendly reports for broken links that can be saved to a file in order to review and correct them.Read More

EmbedPlus Embeds YouTube Videos With Advanced Playback Controls

EmbedPlus is an excellent online video-based online tool, co-developed by AddictiveTips reader Shola Tay Omojokun, that brings advanced playback controls to embedded YouTube videos, which are not found in many popular video players. We know that YouTube offers basic playback controls which are not enough for many users, Embedplus allows one to enhance embedded videos with real time reactions whilst offering advanced DVD-like controls to handle video playback.It offers movable zoom to let user dynamically magnifies the embedded video. Slow motion option is available for videos with faster playback or with elusive videos like tricks, illusions, etc. Scene skipping is another useful control, just as you can move through different DVD video chapters, YouTube embedded videos can now be tracked forward and backward chapter-wise. Sounds awesome, right? Wait, there is more.Read More