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Tile Tabs For Firefox Displays Multiple Websites In A Single Tab

Hate switching between multiple tabs while working on something? Tile Tabs, a Firefox add-on, allows you to display multiple websites in a single tab without switching between multiple windows and tabs. Click the arrow on the button to open a context menu with tile tab options. Using this, you can tile tabs, tile new tabs, tile duplicate tabs and assign tabs. Furthermore, you can also expand tiles and choose a layout from the list. Clicking the Tile Tab, Tile New tab and Tile Duplicate Tab options opens a submenu with options to add the tab at the top, bottom, left or right of the currently selected tab. The add-on lets you display three, four or even more websites in a single tab. In order to remove a tile, click Untile Tab, and to go back to the normal mode, click the Tile Tab button once.

Once you’ve added the add-on, the tile tab button will be added right next to the URL bar. To access all of its options, just click on the Down arrow on the button, and a menu will be displayed. Here, you will find a number of options, such as Tile Tab, Tile New Tab, Tile Duplicate Tab, Assign Tab, Untile Tab and Expand Tab. Furthermore, you can arrange your tabs in different layouts by clicking New Layout, which can either be vertical or horizontal, and can have 2, 3 or all tabs. In addition to that, you can also close or save your layout.


There is no limit to the number of tabs that can be added. Drag the blue outline on the tiles to adjust their size, and to go back to the normal mode, just click the Tile Tab button once.


Tile Tabs is a very useful add-on that provides speedy access to all of your favorite websites without requiring you to switch between multiple tabs and windows. Visit the link below and enhance your browsing experience.

Install Tile Tabs Add-on For Firefox


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