How To Transfer Files, Settings & User Profiles From Windows 7 To Windows 8 [Guide]

Migrating applications, personalized system and application settings, and other important data from old PC to new PC isn’t only time consuming, but also a wearisome task, as one needs to make a list of all the installed applications, Windows components, User Profile folders, System settings including Personalization, Color Management, Fonts, Accessibility, Keyboard and Mouse settings etc., and then manually transfer the settings and data to new PC. In the past, we’ve covered numerous applications such as Backup Utility, Backup Folder Sync and DataGrab, which let users effortlessly backup User Profile folders without having to manually transfer Documents, Pictures, Music, AppData, Roaming and other important folders. Applications like Special Folders Manager not only makes it easy to create copy of Users profile folders, but also help restoring them at their original locations with a click, but what if you want to migrate entire system including Settings, Applications and data saved in local drives from old PC to new PC? Read More

Lion UX Pack Transforms Windows 7 To Mac OS X Lion User Interface

Those of you who have been regularly following AddictiveTips, would know that we have covered a number of elegant skin packs for our readers in the past, including the Android , Windows Phone 7 Mango, iOS, Windows 8 and the Ubuntu Skin Pack. Most of these skin packs were developed by Hamed, and required following a simple setup wizard for getting the job done, instead of going through any complex theme patching methods. Recently, we cam across a Mac OS X Lion skin pack that was even easier to install than the previously reviewed Lion Skin Pack. The Lion UX Pack has been designed to instantly transform your Windows 7 system into a Mac OS X Lion style desktop. Read More

WinUSB: Create Bootable Windows Installer USB In Ubuntu Linux

WinUSB is an Ubuntu application for creating a Windows USB installer for Windows Vista and Windows 7. Like other applications that enable creating installer USBs, you can create a bootable (installation) USB from an ISO disc image or a DVD. While other tools like Unetbootin can perform similar tasks, however, WinUSB is much simpler than other competitors, and delivers a two-click solution for creating a Windows installer USB. This may be a blessing for users who may require creating a USB installer for Windows for dual booting it with Ubuntu or other Linux distributions. Similarly, you might require installing Windows on another system, but do not have Windows installed on a computer to utilize tools such as the Windows 7 USB DVD Tool. Read More

WinLaunch Brings Mac OS X Lion Launchpad To Windows 7

Finding applications and system utilities from Mac OS X default Application folder (which is accessed from system Dock) can become quite wearisome, especially when you’ve installed applications in great number. For this reason, Mac OS X Lion brought a complementary utility for Application folder, namely Launchpad, which lets users quickly find, organize and launch installed applications. Although Windows 7 Taskbar, aka superbar, makes it easy to keep frequently used applications at fingertips, you may need a Mac OS X Launchpad alternative to conveniently organize your ever-growing app list. Today, we stumbled across WinLaunch, which clones Mac OS X 10.7 Launchpad, allowing you to quickly manage your installed applications as well as launch most frequently used applications with a click. Read More

Bring New Year Joy To Your Desktop With New Year 2012 Skin Pack

2012 has finally arrived, and the New Year celebrations and decorations are in full bloom across the world. In the wake of 2012 celebrations, we have something special for Windows 7 users, i.e., the New Year 2012 Skin Pack. This skin pack has been created by Hamed, who has previously brought us several elegant skin packs, including the Android , Mango, iOS, Zune, Windows 8, Mac OS X, and Ubuntu Skin Pack. Interestingly, the New year skin pack has some very similar features to the recently released Christmas Skin Pack, and even the boot screen shows a Christmas tree (perhaps some elements that the developer can modify). Just like our previously-reviewed skin packs, you can install this one by simply launching an executable file, and following the simple setup wizard. Read More

Mitini Is A Siri Like Virtual Personal Assistant For Windows

As most of us know, Siri is apple's latest brainchild, a personal (virtual) assistant that acts as a knowledge navigator, and provides information regarding voice queries made by the user. Unfortunately, since long, there has been no application for Windows users that can provide Siri like functionality. Recently, Mitini was launched, which is a portable, Siri-like application for Windows users. This third-party application uses Microsoft’s speech engine to recognize your voice and to reply to your queries. Read More

Basics To Know Before Moving From A Windows PC To An Apple Mac

Changing phones, email providers or web browsers is something that takes a lot of conviction and adjusting to; imagine if you felt compelled to change your OS? The move would definitely be a bigger adjustment and if you’re switching from Windows 7 to Mac, since the adjustment would probably be equivalent to sleeping on the opposite of the bed. This guide helps you ease in to that adjustment. It is neither a feature list nor a comparison between the two operating systems. It was written just to tell you where the electric box is, and how the plumbing works. Briefly, we will look at how you can search for apps, files and folders on your Mac, find and install apps, manage windows and finding system preferences. Read More

Xbox 360 Transformer Pack Makes Windows 7 Look Like Xbox 360

After bringing you a number of Windows 7 transformation packs, including he Android , Mango, iOS, Windows 8, Mac OS X, and the Ubuntu Skin Pack,  we have come across yet another elegant skin pack, called Xbox 360 Transformer Pack. Unlike the previously-reviewed transformation packs, this skin pack has been developed by a different developer, “the-dhruv-8”. However, just like our previously reviewed skin packs, you can install this one by simply launching an executable file, and following the simple setup wizard. In other words, you do not need to go through any manual theme patching methods. Read More

TinyWall Makes It Easy To Control Windows Firewall Settings

Using the Firewall can help secure a system by blocking unwanted (and potentially malicious) incoming connections. Many users turn off the default Windows firewall due to the number of annoying pop-ups and confusion in configuration that they have to deal with. This is particularly true for the Advanced Firewall in Windows Vista and Windows 7. TinyWall is an easy to use tool that makes it possible for common users to use Windows firewall, without having to deal with any annoying pop-ups, and provides users with the option to whitelist or unblock programs easily. For example, you can initiate connection white listing using a hotkey, select an application from the list of running processes, and allows completely enabling/disabling all connections in a click. Read More

Bring Holiday Joys To Your Windows 7 Desktop With Christmas Themes

Christmas has arrived once again, and all the houses, streets and cities are lit up with the Christmas spirit. While your house is filled with Christmas pleasure and goodies beneath the Christmas tree and you probably have been looking forward to the arrival of Santa Clause, it’s also time to brighten up your Windows 7 desktop with sparkling images of holiday celebration and Christmas wonder, as we have four beautiful Christmas themes for your, including a complete Christmas transformation pack to give your PC the snowy, festive look. Read past the break for more. Read More

How To Setup Dropbox-Like Synchronization Using Windows Live Mesh

Many users who use Dropbox and other cloud storage services, have recently been more concerned about security vulnerabilities that can compromise their personal data. While many people like using services like Dropbox because of the convenience that they provide, Windows Live Mesh can be used as a viable alternative for syncing multiple folders (instead of just one parent folder) between Windows and Mac computers. In this post, we will walk you through the steps of setting up your Windows Live Mesh synchronization folders. Read More

Reset Lost Windows 7 User Account Password With Ubuntu Live Disk

Windows 7 has an in-built option to create password recovery disk to log into system in case a user forgets the Windows account password. You may know that Windows 7 keeps the administrator account concealed unless you activate it from Local Users and Groups or by using net user administrator /active:yes command in CMD. Using the admin account, you can easily log in to system and reset admin, standard and guest accounts’ passwords. However, in a worst case scenario, where you don’t have a password reset disk nor have access to administrator account, Ubuntu Live media disc may help. In this post, we will guide you through step-by-step procedure of resetting and changing Windows 7 administrator, standard and guest user account password. Read More

Instant Beautiful Browsing: Windows 8 Metro Workspace In Windows 7

If you don't like spending your time under a rock then you must have heard about Windows 8 Developers Preview by now. That's it, the upcoming Windows operating system from software giant. One of the new things about Windows 8 is its  Metro UI, which has been under a lot of love and hate discussion since the release of Windows 8 Developer’s Preview. Some stated the OS is doomed as the Metro UI is more suited for tablets and less for desktops, but we can't comment until the final release. Microsoft has also done away with some other useful features that we all know and used to. If you really like the Metro UI but don’t want to leave Windows 7 just for the sake of UI change, you can now enjoy Windows 8 Metro interface in Windows 7, too.  How? By using Instant Beautiful Browsing. IBB is an open source project aimed at developing a workspace that includes applications such as multi-view browser, clock, weather app, store and links to other applications in a eye-candy Metro User Interface. Its aimed at people who absolutely adore the new Windows 8 look. Although still under development cycle, it seems to have much potential. We went ahead to see whether its gonna quench the thirst of Metro UI aficionados. Read More

Notepad7 Is Ribbon Based Alternative To Windows Notepad

The default Notepad of Windows hasn’t seen much GUI changes since a very long time. Even when Windows 7 came out, we were presented with a lot of changes in the user interface, but there was not anything different about the way Notepad looked. To be honest, the current GUI is pretty lame in my opinion. There are no tabs, no buttons to access the settings and you have to access simple document editing options such as Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All, Find, Replace, Font Style, Size, Bold, Italic etc from the menus at the top. Having the same options in as quick access buttons can save a lot of time of the users, since they will not have to open up a menu every time they want to perform a simple action. If you too find the default Windows Notepad boring and somewhat annoying, you can check out Notepad7. It is an application for Windows, more like a replacement for the default Notepad, which provides you with all the options of the default Notepad, but all on the main interface. Notepad7 removes the need to open a menu every time you have to perform an editing action. Read more about the application after the break. Read More

Nemo Documents: Now With Jumplist Support & Colored Labels

Last year, we reviewed Nemo Documents, a Windows application for inspecting your current folder structure to see documents, images and other files, all mapped into a calendar-like view. This makes it easy to find files according to chronological order. Over the past year, Nemo Documents has undergone some major improvements, including Windows 7 Jumplist and drag/drop support, colored labels, faster document indexing, better file sorting features, many bug fixes and more. Read More

Get Infinite Scrolling On Windows Desktop With WindowSlider

Virtual desktops allows you to have multiple work spaces available while having just a single monitor. It allows you to have more than one program windows open at all the times, so you do not have to close and open it again and again whenever you want to change your focus from one project to another. If you are tired of playing around with virtual desktop, or opening, closing, minimizing and maximizing application windows to avoid clutter on your desktop, have a go at WindowSlider. It is a desktop window management application that makes the desktop infinite on both left and right side. Infinite scrolling was first introduced on the web, and WindowSlider applies the same concept to Windows desktop (though not the first one to do so). You can scroll desktop to the left and right side allowing you to open multiple windows at a time. This gives you more space for application windows without them getting overlapped because of less screen space. It gives you the liberty to scroll left or right using keyboard hotkeys or just with your mouse. Read More

Take Ownership Of Files And Folders In Windows 8 With TakeOwnershipEx

Taking ownership of a file in Windows involves a complicated procedure, which can be confusing for people who are not acquainted with user rights management and NTFS file permissions. There are numerous reasons why one may require taking ownership of a file including unlocking of system files, accessing files, which may have been restricted for the administrator by a local user and installing Windows tweaks. For example, the Windows 7 Logon Screen Capture tool requires taking ownership of system files to add a screenshot facility to the Windows logon screen. Read More

Metro7: Get Windows 8 Style Metro Start Screen In Windows 7

Since the release of the Windows 8 Developer's Preview, there has been a lot of talk regarding the pros and cons of using the Metro UI (update: Microsoft has now changed the name from Metro to Modern UI due to some legal issues). If you are one of those users who are thinking of sticking with Windows 7 or just cannot upgrade to Windows 8, you can still enjoy the Metro UI with Metro7. It is a widget filled application that brings the Metro UI style interface to your Windows 7 desktop. It provides instant access to built-in widgets and a custom store from where you can install more applications. Obviously, the applications are not the ones that you would find in the original Windows 8 operating system, but some of them (like the weather app), come pretty close to providing you with the functionality of the real Metro applications. Read More

How To Install Windows 8 On A Windows 7 Tablet [Guide]

If you have a tablet capable of running the Windows 7 operating system, then you might be interested in trying out a more tablet-oriented Windows OS, i.e., Windows 8. Although the currently available Windows 8 build is still in its pre-beta stage, however, you might find the new Metro UI to be more suitable for your tablet. In this post, we will provide you with a guide for installing Windows 8 on a Windows 7 tablet. Read More