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Easily Tweak And Customize Your Windows 7 System With Sunrise Seven

Most users want their Windows to be customized to their own liking and comfort, and they start changing options here and there soon after installing the OS to their system. Customizing your Windows, starting from your desktop icons and background to the way your queries are handled and files are displayed in Windows Explorer, are part of the customization process. Sometimes, however, it happens that you change a setting which causes an issue and when you go back to revert it back to normal mode, you cannot seem to remember where exactly the option was located. That is where tweaking tools come in. They provide you with a unified interface to access and change multiple default and added settings for Windows that allow you to quickly tweak your system according to your requirement. Sunrise Seven is one such application that is designed for Windows 7 and provides you with a long list of tweaks to change and manage from within the interface. Keep reading to find out more about Sunrise Seven.

The application has Quick Adjustment, UAC Settings, Performance, Security Settings, More Adjusting Options, Explorer and Start Menu, MiniStart Menu, OEM Information, and Cleaning and Maintenance tabs at the left side, containing a host of different options related to each category. For instance, the Quick Adjustment tab has Start menu and Shell Options, Object Context Menu Options, Additional Settings and Notification options available.

Each option can be easily applied just by selecting the check box beside it. Some of the options with multiple ranges have sliders to choose the required settings, such as options related to the width of the start menu.

Version 1.2 build 60

The Explorer and Start Menu tab provides you with a large number of options for tweaking the items present in the Windows Start Menu, such as Show Run, Show Computer, Show Network, Show Control Panel etc. Having everything enabled can clutter up the Start Menu and this option allows you to choose only the important items. Moreover, you can also select elements to hide in the Navigation Panel, and change the width on Start Menu. There is also a long list of Start Orb’s to choose from for settings a custom icon for it.

Version 1.2 build 60 Explorer and Start Menu

Sunrise Seven provides you with a long list of other options for tweaking your Windows 7 to your liking. It works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7.

Download Sunrise Seven

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  1. Site is not in English and I have no idea if the software is in English or not.  Your screen shot indicates English but I am little concerned about installing it.  MSE says it is a security problem too. Help!

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