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RT Se7en Lite: Create Customizable Windows 7 Installation Disk/USB

It can be difficult for common users to understand the complex process of creating an unattended installation disk (that requires for no manual interference during operating system installation), add custom wallpapers, themes, screensavers and other components to a Windows 7 disc. RT Se7en Lite is an application that simplifies the process of adding such features and creating an unattended installation disc/USB for Windows 7. Read on past the break for details on this useful little tool.

At startup, select a source for your Windows 7 installation package, e.g., an ISO file, and extract it to a destination folder. Make sure that you have ample space on your hard drive, as the Windows temp folder is also used by this application during the Windows 7 installation media creation process.

RT Seven Lite

Once done, the Task tab will become clickable. Head over to Task and select the changes that you wish to perform. Selecting each option will allow you to make changes in the respective tab. For example, when you click Un-Attended, the Un-Attended tab will become active. Other options include ISO Bootable, Customization (both being important options), followed by Un-Attended, Tweaks, Components and Integration (optional). For detailed instructions, you can also refer to the step by step guide on the right side of the program in Task.

Step 3

After selecting your desired features, click each respective tab and make appropriate changes. For example, you can add custom screensavers, themes, wallpaper, logon screen, gadgets, documents, sample, music. media sounds etc, from the Integration tab.

Step 4

Once you have made all configurations, head over to the ISO Bootable tab and select a burning option (Direct Burn, Create Image, Burn Image, Erase RW or USB Bootable). Click Make ISO to proceed further.

Create ISO

This will burn your custom image to the selected media device.


The supported operating systems for RT Se7en Lite include Windows 7, Windows Vista SP1 – SP2 and Windows Server 2008. For complete system requirements, we recommend that you check out the developer’s instructions.

Download RT Se7en Lite

[via intowindows]

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