Microsoft Releases Official SkyDrive App For Windows Phone 7 & iOS

Almost every smartphone these days has its own cloud solution. Google has cloud services for its Android platform, while iCloud exists for iPhone users. Microsoft, however, has gone an extra mile, and has released its official SkyDrive cloud storage service app for both Windows Phone 7 and iOS. With Microsoft SkyDrive app installed on your Windows Phone/iOS device, you can view existing files in your SkyDrive account, upload photos, or create new folders on the go. SkyDrive app demarcates your personal and shared folders in your files collection view. Details after the break.Read More

Microsoft HealthVault For WP7: Track Your Fitness & Medical History

Keeping records of medical tests, appointments and medication is never easy, especially in case of some chronic ailment. Simple charts for small things like temperature and blood pressure can become hard to manage, once they grow in size. Wouldn’t it be a relief if we could take care of all our health issues in our Windows Phone 7 on the go? Microsoft HealthVault has just released its mobile client for Windows Phone 7, where you can constantly consult and update medical information about yourself, and your loved ones, with just a tap of your finger.Read More

Themes for WP7: Create & Apply Custom Skins To Unlocked Windows Phone 7

Although the idea might seem laughable for now, but looks like Windows Phone 7 is slowly striding towards getting everything iOS has. Barely two days ago, we got WP7’s version of Cydia (dubbed Bazaar) and today, the folks over at Windows Phone Hacker have launched the first ever comprehensive theming platform for the metro OS. Themes for WP7 is a desktop application using which you can create custom themes for your Mango phone, incorporating any image and color of your choice.Read More

All flights-Skyscanner: Find & Book Flights, Pin Good Offers As Live Tiles [WP7]

It’s a horrible feeling when the time of your annual two-week vacation comes but you cannot go anywhere, and only because you couldn’t find the time to call the travel agent and book a flight. Life becomes a lot easier if you have a flight booking app on your smartphone, so that you can look up available flights on the go. All flights-Skyscanner for Windows Phone 7 is another fine addition to such apps. It gets you the cheapest flights to anywhere in the world, and lets you book and buy tickets from travel agents and airlines without any hassle. Just enter your location, destination, the dates on which you would prefer to fly, and leave the rest of the work to the app.Read More

JotPad: A Drawing & Notes App For WP7 That Supports Zooming & Themes

There are lot of note-taking apps available for Windows Phone 7, ranging from well-known ones like Evernote and OneNote, to the likes of Note Well and Smart Notes 2. However, in real-life scenarios, you don’t always have the time to type on your phone’s keyboard to create an important note on the go. JotPad is a new app, designed for exactly these same occasion, using which you can jot down anything in freehand. Not only that, the app can also be used for some lazy doodling. JotPad comes with some pretty cool features, including zooming support. Read on to find out about the rest.Read More

How To Fix WP7’s SMS-Triggered Reboot Bug & Re-Enable Messaging Hub

Despite being the underdog in the smartphone race, there are certain features regarding which users of Windows Phone 7 can boast about when confronted by arrogant Android and iOS us. One such area where WP7 has a clear lead over its competitors, is OS security. While Android is infested with malware, and iOS can be exploited via SSH and other methods, WP7 is completely air-tight, or at least that’s what everyone thought until yesterday. The folks over at WinRumors have discovered a rather dangerous bug in Microsoft’s mobile platform, which reboots the phone and then renders the Messaging hub useless. Details after the break.Read More

Opera Mini Available For Fully Unlocked WP7 Custom ROMs

There are several mobile browsers available for a range of smartphone devices but among all of them, Opera Mini's smooth and light browsing experience makes it perhaps the most popular choice among mobile device users. Currently, Windows Phone 7 is the only major platform that doesn't have the browser in its app store. Fortunately, XDA-Developers member ultrashot seems to have successfully ported the Windows Mobile variant of Opera Mini 5.1 to the metro platform. However, it isn't for everyone unfortunately, since to run the port, your device must have fully unlocked custom firmware (such as DFT Freedom) flashed to it. Let's find out more about Opera Mini for Windows Phone 7 after the jump.Read More

Microsoft Releases Lync 2010 Client For Windows Phone 7

Good news for professionals who own Windows Phone 7 devices: Microsoft has released a mobile client for their remote conferencing service Lync 2010 to the Windows Phone Marketplace. With Lync 2010 for WP7, you can hold instant message conversations or VoIP calls with your professional colleagues with just a tap of your finger. Lync 2010, like its desktop version, follows a solid security protocol to protect your confidential conversations. In what follows, we will take a brief look at Lync 2010 and the features offered by this mobile remote conferencing app.Read More

What Is The WP7 Homebrew Store, Bazaar, & How To Install It

If you are a smartphone user, then you most probably have heard about Cydia, the alternative app store for jailbroken iOS devices. In Android, no such alternative is necessary, as anyone can flash an APK file to their device. That left out Windows Phone 7 - or not any more, as the platform just got its very own marketplace for apps that didn’t get Microsoft’s approval to be published in the official Marketplace, or are just homebrews. Every other day, the XDA community, or other developers, launch XAP files containing useful apps, which would never be published in Marketplace for a variety of reasons. Bazaar hopes to be a new way of streamlining the whole process of finding and installing new homebrews to unlocked Mango phones. Read on to find all about this potential game-changer, which is still in it’s beta testing phase.Read More

HRS Hotel Search For WP7 Lets You Find And Book Hotels On The Go

You have bought the tickets for your vacation, done last minute shopping, taken care of all the urgent tasks at work, and are all set to board the fight when you realize you haven't booked a hotel! HRS Hotel Search lets you search for and book rooms in over 250,000 registered hotels using your Windows Phone 7 device. You can customize the search in terms of days and nights you want to stay, whether you would be staying with a child, the star rating of a hotel, etc.Read More

ScoreMobile FC For WP7: A Must-Have App For Soccer Fans

If you know what El Classico means, if hearing names like Messi, Ronaldo and Rooney gets you excited, then surely you are a fan of the beautiful game called soccer (or football, if you aren't from the US). Every soccer fan using a Windows Phone 7 device is sure to have scoured the Marketplace for apps related to the sport. There are quite a lot of soccer apps in WP7 (ESPN Goals being one example), but it’s always nice to see something new making its way to the genre. ScoreMobile FC is a brand new app which brings to your phone just about everything related to soccer. You can see news, scores, results and even live text commentary for soccer leagues around the world.Read More

Beyond Browser For WP7: Designed For Quick Access To Favorite Sites

It is a tiresome task to type the URL of a website on your smartphone every time you launch the browser. Beyond Browser for Windows Phone 7 seems to have been designed for quick access to your favorite sites. It displays a collection of Quick Links and Popular sites on its homepage along with your bookmarks and browsing History. In addition, the browser allows you to add your own links to the page so that you don't have to enter their URLs or search for them from within browsing history each tie you launch the app. Beyond Browser also supports screen lock, which is pretty rare for Windows Phone 7 apps.Read More

Converse With The Witty CleverBot On WP7 With CleverBot Chat

Wish you had a Siri-like assistant on your Windows Phone 7? An app that did more than just execute pre-defined commands, something that you could talk to for the sake of random fun? Try CleverBot Chat, an app that lets you chat with the popular AI web buddy CleverBot, and get witty, swift replies on literally any topic.Read More

How To Get Interop Unlock On A Developer Unlocked HTC Windows Phone

Android devices can be rooted, and iOS gets jailbroken, but what about Windows Phone 7? The equivalent of rooting and jailbreak for WP7 is known as developer unlock. You might own a device that has really been unlocked by Microsoft because you are a developer, or have employed one of the other ways of unlocking a WP7. But after Mango, even if you have a developer unlocked WP7 device, you still don’t get root access on it. That is because of the introduction of a new unlock privilege level named interop unlock. If you don’t have interop unlock, some XAP files might not run on your device, and there are other restrictions as well. Previously, there were hacks that allowed Samsung and LG users to upgrade to interop if they already had a dev unlock. Now, the hack is almost universal. Recently, an exploit for HTC devices was discovered as well. Read on to find out how you can get your developer unlocked HTC WP7 upgraded to interop unlock.Read More

Nextgen+: A New Windows Phone 7 Custom ROM For HTC HD7

Custom ROMs and Windows Phone 7 are two expressions which are very rarely used together. Unlike Android, you don’t get that level of customization with WP7 devices. With Mango, the security features have been further enhanced, making it even more difficult to get your device unlocked, let alone flash a custom ROM to it (as was explained in our post on the methods of unlocking a Mango phone). Fortunately, the developers over at the XDA forum are always looking for ways to bring something new to the WP7 community, and hacking teams like DFT and DeepShining have released a few custom ROMs for some Mango phones. These ROMs might not be too different from the stock firmware in WP7, but they still come up with some pretty good features. The latest to join the list of these custom ROMs is the brand new Nextgen+ for unlocked HTC HD7 devices. Read on to learn more about the ROM’s features and the method to flash it to your device.Read More

Technology News Magazine eWeek Releases Its WP7 App

Even though Windows Phone 7 is a budding platform, there is no scarcity of news readers in its app Marketplace. Still, when a years-old technology news source the likes of eWeek launches its very own app, your first impulse should be to download it and try it out. With all the news apps out there already, what's so different that eWEEk has to offer? Does it come up to par with the experience one would expect from a modern news app, or is it just another one of the bunch? Let's find out after the jump!Read More

Skinery For WP7: Create & Apply Custom Skins To Start Screen Tiles

A lot of people who have shifted to Windows Phone 7 from Android (or jailbroken iOS), complain that among the main features they miss on the platform, one is the option to apply customizable themes. Even I was quick to notice that some of the Live Tiles on my Start screen do look a bit dull because of the single, solid color which serves as their background color. HTC HD7 owners can enjoy customizable skins by flashing currently available custom WP7 ROMs for their devices. as a huge bonus point. Now, however, anyone using a WP7 device can have a tastefully customized Start screen using a free app named Skinery. Read More

Xbox Companion For WP7: Remotely Search & Play Content On Xbox 360

Microsoft treats Windows Phone 7 like a spoiled child at times. It might not be their most productive or profitable venture, but the guys over at Redmond make sure that WP7 gets what other platforms will be envious of. The latest addition to the list of such things is the Xbox Companion app. If you own an Xbox 360, along with a Windows Phone, your gaming life  just got a whole lot better. Xbox Companion is a free WP7 app that connects seamlessly with your Xbox, allowing you to do a bunch of cool stuff on the gaming console right from your phone! Using the app, not only will you be able to manage all the Xbox titles you own, Xbox Companion also comes with options to let users browse through game news and reviews of popular entries in the Marketplace these days.Read More

Manage Your Movie Collection In WP7 With Better Movie Manager

Do you wish to sort your ever-growing movie collection with respect to the movie title, genre etc? Or have you ever felt the need to queue the movies that you want to watch, or keep record of the ones that your friends have borrowed, but never really bothered to return? Better Movie Manager for Windows Phone 7 does all that for you. Along with advanced search for the latest and old movies, you are just one touch away from organizing your movie collection. You can make your own movie list, search for new movies, delete movies from the existing list, and make a wishlist of all the movies you want to watch. Read on after the break for more.Read More

Pin A Website Logo To WP7 Start Screen With Web2Tile [How To]

One good thing about Windows Phone 7 is the metro interface, and among the things that distinguish this interface from its competitors are Live Tiles. Where all other mobile platforms just have the same old stagnant icons, the tiles on WP7 can give the user quite a lot of information at a glance. The home to these Live Tiles is the Start screen in Windows Phone. On the Start screen, you can pin just about anything, ranging from apps to shortcuts, and even webpages. If you have ever pinned a webpage to your phone’s Start screen, you must have noticed that doing so puts a miniature screenshot of the opened page on the said screen. This seems out of convention with the metro interface that focuses on not wasting even an inch of space on your phone's main screen. Fortunately, you can take matter into your own hands and with a simple bookmarklet, it is possible to pin any webpage’s favicon or logo to the Start screen instead of a small image of the page.Read More