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Quickly Access Windows Phone 7 Settings From Home Screen with Quick Settings

Quick Settings for WP7Quick Settings for WP7 by TouchExperience is a set of home screen tiles that you can pin to your Windows Phone 7 hone screen to be able to access those settings directly, rather than having to browse to them from the settings menu. If you are using an unlocked Windows Phone 7 device, read on for installation instructions and download link.

Quick Settiings for WP7 requires your Windows Phone 7 to be developer unlocked using ChevronWP7 because if it isn’t, you can’t bypass the Marketplace and sideload apps on your WP7 device.

Please note that these tiles are not toggle switches, though we wished these were so. Unfortunately, the current Windows Phone 7 limitations prohibit the use of tiles as toggle switches. What these tiles do provide you with is one-click access to the menu for the setting directly, eliminating the need to go through other menus to reach that particular menu for editing that setting.

The apps in Quick Settings for WP7 include Location settings, Airplane Mode settings, Bluetooth settings, Data Connection settings and Wi-Fi Settings. All of these are in XAP format and you can just deploy them to your phone from the corresponding XAP file, followed by pinning them to your home screen and you’re done. You can download Quick Settings for WP7 from the link given below and visit the XDA-Developers forum thread to join the discussion for any updates.

Download Quick Settings for WP7

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