Improve Your Windows Phone’s Battery Life With Eco

Although Windows Phone features a battery saver mode in the Settings menu, most users aren’t really satisfied with it, and claim that it is not very useful in prolonging battery life. You can take matters in your own hands as well, and kill background tasks linked to several apps, but shouldn’t there be some way of automatically entering an effective power-saver mode? Thankfully, you can now use Eco, a new Homebrew app that aims to increase your phone’s battery life considerably, without any help from the user. You will need an interop unlocked device in order to use Eco, but once you have flashed it to your phone, you will not have to do anything else except launching the app once to make it optimize your device’s battery usage. The app lets you manually kill background tasks, or temporarily disable your Windows Phone's sensors while it is not in use. Read More

TrackUrSelf For Windows Phone Automatically Logs All Your Travelling For The Day

There are a few really decent maps and navigation apps on Windows Phone 7, and the Apollo update will bring Nokia Maps to all WP devices. So, while things might be looking on the rise for Windows Phone (in terms of maps apps), there is still a lot of room for improvement if you are a WP7 user who likes to take full advantage of the GPS unit in your device. TrackUrSelf is a Homebrew that might not prove to be the most useful app available for Mango phones, but it is based on a pretty neat concept, and is sure to appeal to a lot of users. This app will automatically track all your movements for any period of time, and you will be able to see your movements plotted on the map at the end of that period. In addition to that, TrackUrSelf also provides its users with a list of all the GPS coordinates of the places you have visited throughout the day. Read More

Point and Call: Dial Any Number By Simply Scanning It With Your Windows Phone’s Camera

No matter how advanced a smartphone platform becomes, it still has to perform the basic functions of an ordinary phone. What use is an expensive Windows Phone 7 device if it can’t even make calls properly, or doesn’t let you send MMS? While WP7 can do all this, there’s nothing really special about the basic features of the platform. Point and Call is a Mango app that plans to change that. The app comes up with a completely new and innovative way of making calls quickly, and removes the need of having to enter a number manually! If you are thinking that Point and Call is just another dialer app for WP7, think again. The app doesn’t even have a keypad, neither does it integrate with the People hub. Thanks to Point and Call, you just have to launch the app, point it at the piece of paper or screen where the number is written, and voila, the call will be made in an instant! Read More

Kaliki For Nokia WP Devices Brings Audio News From Various Sources

News apps are nothing new for Windows Phone 7, and there is even a category for news + weather in the Marketplace. The profusion of news apps for Mango means that there needs to be something really special about an app to make it a favorite among WP7 users. Kaliki is a new Lumia-exclusive app that is not a conventional news aggregator, although it might look like one on the surface. Kaliki has categories for all news items that might interest an average user, but instead of providing you with written news articles, the app features professionally recorded audio clips for all news stories. This can be really helpful if you are driving (or doing something else) and just want to listen to all the best news items and articles. Read More

Uplay For WP7: View Tips, News & Achievements For Ubisoft Games

Since Microsoft owns a pretty decent gaming platform in the form of Xbox, it makes sense that there is an Xbox Live hub integrated with Windows Phone 7. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean that you can only play Xbox titles on your Mango phone, and there are games from a lot of different developers available in the Marketplace. Ubisoft is the name behind games like Assassin's Creed, Anno and Prince of Persia, among many others. Uplay is the companion app for all games developed by Ubisoft, and you can think of it as the Xbox Live hub for Ubisoft titles. Thanks to Uplay for WP7, you will be able to view all the information related to Ubisoft releases on different platforms. The app displays walkthroughs for games, along with tips and tricks, and you will also be able to get all the latest news and game reviews for upcoming Ubisoft titles. Read More

Lock Widgets 2: Weather Info, SMS & Battery Status For WP7 Lock Screen

WP Hacker’s popular Lock Widgets for interop unlocked Windows Phone devices awed a lot of users and amassed many fans. Even though the Homebrew was just a rough rendition of a concept, and there were more than a few bugs in the app, it served its purpose and showed some really useful data on WP7’s lockscreen. The Homebrew has just been updated, and if you have been using Lock Widgets, you are sure to be pleasantly surprised upon seeing Lock Widgets 2. Admittedly, the latest version of the app has taken away some of the options that were available in the original Homebrew, luckily the ones that are there are certainly more refined. A new feature added to Lock Widgets 2 is the SMS preview. The app now displays your most recent unread text message on the lock screen, along with weather details and the status of your battery. Read More

Photo Genius: Official Aviary Image Editor For Windows Phone

When it comes to photo editors that are simple and elegant, no one does it better than Aviary. The service provides its plugin for many apps that do not primarily deal with photo editing but still want to come up with a decent set of options for their users. Recently Aviary released its standalone photo editor for iOS and Android, and we all know which platform usually follows those two when it comes to app releases. Photo Genius has just become available in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, and using this app from Aviary, Mango users will be able to apply a host of photo effects to their images. Not only that, the popular Enhance feature is there in the app as well, just to ensure that you can make photos look better with a single tap. Photo Genius has a few other really cool features too, like fancy stickers, red-eye removal and even a teeth-whitening menu. Read More

How To Update To Windows Phone Tango Right Now Without Losing Unlock

Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8 a few days back, and consigned all current WP7 devices to the consolation update labelled WP 7.8. However, WP8 is still a few months away, and going by the news making the rounds on the internet this morning, the 7.8 update will arrive even later than Apollo. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean that there will be no updates in the intervening period. In fact, the Tango roll out has started already. Although this is a relatively small update when you compare it to Mango or the upcoming 7.8 one, there are still a lot of performance improvements on offer, and that might be no small matter for many users. For Lumia devices, Tango also brings internet tethering. Officially, the rollout has started only for Nokia Lumia devices, but luckily, there is a method using which all Mango users can update to Tango right now! This force updating method can also prove to be useful for Lumia owners who are experiencing delay in receiving the update via Zune. Read More

Nokia Camera Extras Adds Face Detection, Panorama Capture & More To Lumia Phones

Windows Phone 7 might not be an obscure smartphone platform anymore, but still the biggest selling point of the Nokia Lumia series is its awesome Carl-Zeiss camera rather than the OS. Having said that, a lot of people have claimed to be rather disappointed by the picture quality of the cameras in Lumia phones, and the companion camera app isn’t too mind-blowing either. Fortunately, instead of trying to sweep the issue under the rug, Nokia has taken it by the scruff of the neck. A few months back, the camera received some basic improvements via a Lumia-exclusive update, and now the Finnish mobile makers have launched Camera Extras, an app that adds a host of new features to the stock camera app in Lumia 710, Lumia 800 and Lumia 900. The new options introduced by the Extras app include the addition of panorama mode, smart group shot (a feature that makes good use of automatic face recognition), better capturing capabilities for moving objects (via the Action Shot menu) and even a nifty little self timer. Read More

PGA Tour Brings Golf News, Player Stats & Videos To Lumia WP7 Devices

The Nokia Lumia series is fast becoming the best smartphone line for golf fans. First, there was the Caddie+ app to help you play the game yourself, and now, PGA Tour has arrived in the Nokia section of the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. PGA Tour is an app that will let owners of Nokia Windows Phone 7 devices stay up to date with all the latest happenings in the golfing world. There are other apps in the Marketplace that aggregate news items related to the sport, but if you are looking for a true companion app for every worthwhile golf tournament played on Earth, PGA Tour is what you want. This smart app automatically updates its homepage with respect to the current tournament(s) in progress. In addition to keeping you in touch with the proceedings of underway majors, the app is a good place to find detailed stats for any player on the tour. The PGA Tour app has a pretty decent collection of free videos as well, and you can view all the best moments of any tournament right on your Lumia’s screen. Read More

Windows Phone 8 Announced: Here’s A Summary Of Its New Features

Until yesterday, only the most enthusiastic Windows Phone 7 fans (or Microsoft execs) could have compared the Mango platform to iOS or Android, but today, things have taken a rather sudden and welcome turn for the folks over at Redmond. Microsoft just announced Windows Phone 8 for 180 countries and in 50 languages. It is an absolutely gorgeous variant of their mobile platform, but the announcement could be termed as a true example of mixed emotions. WP8 sounds just about perfect, but the bad news is that it will not be compatible with any of the existing WP7 devices (you read that right; not even the exalted Lumia series made the cut). Although Microsoft has got a set of sound reasons for this exclusion (which will be discussed past the break), the news won’t be pleasant for current Mango users. Having said that, maybe you will forgive MS once you hear about the awesomeness that constitutes Windows Phone 8. Plus, Mango users haven't been completely forsaken either, thanks to Windows Phone 7.8. Read More

Get SMS Preview & Badge Count On The Messaging Live Tile In WP7

Rooting your Windows Phone 7 might reduce the overall stability of the device, but most people aren’t likely to notice that, thanks to the awesomeness Homebrew apps can bring to your Mango phone. You can get a lot of cosmetic and productive customizations for your WP7 if you have an interop unlock. Developed by Windows Phone Hacker, SMS Tile is a new homebrew that changes the overall behavior of the Messaging live tile in WP7. By default, the live tile only shows the total count of unread messages, and the smiley changes its mood with respect to the amount of messages in your inbox (winking on a new text, amazed at a lot of new texts and sad when a delivery fails). SMS Tile takes away the emoticon from the Messaging tile, and replaces it with a preview of your last unread message, while revamping the badge as well. The app doesn’t affect the banner text notifications, and you can learn all about SMS Tile by heading past the break. Read More

The Official CNN App Now Available For All WP7 Devices

One of the strategies Nokia is using in order to lure customers is the offering of Lumia-exclusive apps for Windows Phone 7. While Nokia may choose to keep their own apps (like Nokia Maps, Nokia Music and Drive) limited to the Lumia series indefinitely, there are some other apps that are released for the Nokia devices first, and come to all other Mango phones at a later date. One such app is the official CNN client for WP7, which was released for Nokia WP7 devices a few months back. Now, the app has arrived in the Marketplace for all Windows Phone users, and you can get the latest news and other content from CNN on the go even if you don’t own a Lumia phone. The app comes with push notifications (for breaking news) and live tile support. Head past the break if you want to know more about this official app of one the most popular news sources in the world. Read More

Get Daily Amazon, Woot & Newegg Shopping Deals On WP7 With Deal Flux

A few months back, we covered a Windows Phone 7 app named Quixby Deals (review). That app focused on integrating deals from various sources, so that you can shop for everything in a more economical manner. While Quixby is a pretty good app, its developers have come up with an even more convenient and efficient app for letting users find the best deals from different stores. If you choose to use Deal Flux on your Mango phone, the app will ensure that you don’t have to do anything yourself, as it comes with live tile support, displaying the best deals of the day on your phone’s Start screen. Another plus point of the Deal Flux app is its integration of Woot, 1saleaday, Newegg and Amazon. Rather than pelting its users with tons of useless data, Deal Flux just presents the best deals of the day, along with detailed descriptions of each product. Read More

LINE: A Fun & Free Cross-Platform Instant Messenger For WP7

Although the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace now boasts more than 100,000 apps, WP7 is usually labelled as the smartphone platform with the least number of apps. Having said that, there is no shortage of text chat apps for Mango phones, and WP7 has steadily accumulated all the popular chat clients available on Android and iOS. Samsung’s ChatOn (reviewed here) is the latest major messenger app to arrive in the Marketplace, but that doesn’t mean that the flow of such apps has finally subsided. WP7 developers have more to offer to users, and LINE brings a new dimension to the whole niche of messenger apps for Mango. Like all good chat apps, LINE is cross-platform, but rather than taking the whole business of communicating with your friends too seriously, the app makes chatting more fun and attractive. Instead of emoticons, LINE relies on packs of stickers that let users express their feelings even more thoroughly. The app is highly customizable in terms of its looks, and you can choose any background for separate chat windows. Read on for details. Read More

Markets & Me: Keep An Eye On The Stock Market & Manage Your Shares [WP7]

Maybe there is no specific reason for the phenomenon, but the finance-related apps in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace are a class of their own, especially with respect to quality. The likes of WSJ Live (review) and IntelliStocks (review) have already been covered by us, but Markets & Me is a Mango app that takes comprehensiveness to the next level. The app serves the dual purpose of keeping its users apprised of the latest situation in the stock market (just about all major markets are supported), and letting them manage their own portfolio(s). You don’t need separate news and financial management apps any more; if anything is related to the stock exchange, Markets & Me has got you covered. Read on to learn more about this awesomely through app for WP7 devices. Read More

Official TopGear App Released For Windows Phone 7

Anyone who is even remotely interested in cars probably knows a thing or two about the popular TV show TopGear that airs on BBC. TopGear keeps you up to date with all the latest happenings in the four-wheeled world, bringing you news and reviews of all the new cars in the market. In case the show alone isn’t enough to satiate your desire to know everything about cars, now there’s a Windows Phone 7 app that will let you view all the interesting bits from the show, along with photos, videos (downloadable) and other information related to all your favorite automobiles. More about the official TopGear app for Mango phones after the break. Read More

Wolfram Alpha+: Comprehensive Search Engine & Scientific Calculator For WP7

Wolfram Alpha has always been popular, but in recent times, it has been more in the news owing to Siri’s dependency on the service. For those who don’t know much about Wolfram Alpha, it is a service that can be useful if you are looking for some piece of information, but don’t want to sort through a lot of search results. Wolfram Alpha is intelligent enough to come up with all the necessary information related to your query, and you can even perform complex calculation using the service’s calculator. Wolfram Alpha+, although not an official Windows Phone 7 client for Wolfram Alpha, comes with all the features offered by the web version of the service. You can perform calculations, simplify mathematical equations and ask Wolfram Alpha+ anything you want. Read More

YouRang Lets You Save Any YouTube Video As A Ringtone For Your WP7

Gone are the days when it was a headache trying to set up a custom ringtone on your Windows Phone 7 device. With the release of Mango, Microsoft made it really easy to download and use ringtones on WP7. However, you still have to look for a good ringtone on any of the available apps, and there is no guarantee that your favorite ringtone will be listed anywhere. YouRang solves this problem by automatically converting any YouTube video’s soundtrack to a ringtone! You don’t need to connect your phone to your computer or go through a lot of complicated steps; YouRang does all the work as soon as you specify a video’s name and choose the part of it that you want to use as a ringtone. More after the break. Read More

Nokia Trailers: View Movie Trailers, Cinema Details & More On Lumia WP7

The ultimate goal for Microsoft and Nokia is to make Windows Phone 7 a real match for iOS. While that scenario might not be on the horizon just yet, the Lumia series is doing pretty well in the market, and Nokia is making the user experience even better by coming up with more and more Lumia-exclusive apps. The latest among such is Nokia Trailers, an app that looks pretty similar to the iTunes Trailers app from Apple (reviewed here). Nokia Trailers can be used to view high-quality trailers from newly released or upcoming Hollywood movies, and lets you maintain a complete record of all the movies you have watched (or wish to watch). Nokia Trailers will provide you with reviews of movies along with a list of all the theaters near your current location. So, if you are a Nokia Lumia owner and like watching movies, head past the break for details of Nokia Trailers. Read More