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Manage Your Business On The Go With Mobizy For WP7, iOS & Android

Mobizy is a service which has been recently released on WP7, and it is the perfect app for managing any sort of business. The aspects of business handled by Mobizy range from event database, client listings and a lot of other things for which you usually need a plethora of apps and documentation. Another thing which makes Mobizy even more useful, is its being cross-platform. It is available for Windows Phone 7, iOS, Android, Blackberry and Nokia’s Ovi Store. Read on to know all about this amazingly useful business manager.

Mobizy WP7 Home Mobizy Prders

We take a look at the WP7 version of Mobizy, as it is pretty similar to other platform versions. Before you can start using Mobizy, you will have to sign up for its services. Signing up is free, just like the app itself. Once you sign up through the app, you will be sent an email to your provided address, and you have to click the activation link in it. At first, there will just be the Account option on the app’s homepage, but you will have to populate this area later. There are two main areas of Mobizy; Users and Services. Users can list all of the employees working on a particular project. It also allows the addition of short descriptions of each person’s responsibilities and the position they hold in the organization.

Mobizy Order Deatils Mobizy Dashboard Mobizy Events

In Services, you can add Sales, Social and Time Clock. The app can also keep track of all the orders you have to fulfill, or have delivered. The app also keeps order date, cost and quantity saved for later viewing. Every business is bound to have a few meetings once in a while. You can plan these discussions and other business obligations by logging them under Events. If you want to fine-tune things a bit more, there is the Time Clock menu for that. Based on how many orders you have fulfilled, and other factors, Mobizy will create detailed pie-chart graphs for you. The Social section of Mobizy will let you interact with other users you have added to your profile.

The best thing about the app is its ability to integrate with mailing services. You can mail anything to your friends and colleagues, be it client info, graphed reports, and order lists. Subscribing to all the services in Mobizy is free for now, but that might change soon enough once it leaves its beta testing phase.

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