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Pictomaphone: One Of The Most Comprehensive WP7 Photo Editors Out There

Windows Phone 7 might not be able to compete with Android and iOS in amount of apps any time soon, but there are a few apps in the Marketplace that keep reminding users of the perks of owning a Mango phone. There might not be many options for editing images in the Pictures hub, but there are many third-party apps which will let you do that, and out of all those apps, Pictomaphone might be the best in the Marketplace yet.  The app offers a staggering number of filters and photo effects, but that is not where its biggest strength lies. The app is really good as it does not make its users do too much work, and all the editing options can be applied with just a few touches. Having said that, advanced users can use Pictomaphone as well, as there are a quite a few thorough editing options available in the app.

The editing options in Pictomaphone are categorized pretty neatly, and you can handle any aspect of photo editing with complete ease. The extent of the available options begins showing itself as early as the app’s first menu, which is the File/ Edit menu. You can use Pictomaphone to edit an existing image, or you can shoot a photo from within the app and start making changes to it right away. From the same menu, you can rotate the image, and save changes to it. These are just the basic options that prepare photos for the real editing. The bulk of Pictomaphone’s options are available in the Adjustments section.

Pictomaphone File Pictomaphone Adjustments Pictomaphone Effects

Following are the options that the section offers as of this writing.

  • Brightness/ Contrast
  • Channel Mixer
  • Hue/ Saturation
  • Colorize
  • Levels
  • Channel Overlay
  • Greyscale
  • Color Filter
  • Negative
  • Solarize
  • Posterize

All options provide sliders to adjust the intensity with which they are applied to the selected image.

Pictomaphone Intensity Pictomaphone Adjustments Sliders Pictomaphone

In addition to all the adjustment options mentioned above, you can apply a host of different effects to your photos as well, where each effect can be personalized. The app’s current collection of  filters and effects include:

  • Gaussian Blur
  • Box Blur
  • Dreamy Glow
  • Vignette
  • Frosted Glass
  • Square Border
  • Sepia
  • Cross Process

Pictomaphone is a must-have for all WP7 users who like to spice up their photos before sharing them with the world.

The app is available for free on the Windows Phone Marketplace and can be downloaded from the link provided below.

Download Pictomaphone for Windows Phone

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