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Babylon Translator: Translate Text Between Over 75 Languages [WP7]

If you are a Windows Phone 7 user, then Google Translate might no longer be your only option for converting text from one language to another, because Babylon Translator is here. The app performs translation between more than 75 languages, provides definitions for individual terms in a language of your choice, and sports an additional currency conversion feature. This official Babylon app for Mango phones just might be the most comprehensive translation tool released in the Marketplace yet, and is even better than the Bing translation app in most regards.

Babylon Translator Term Babylon Translator Languages

Although it holds little significance, the animation presented at startup struck us as pretty unique; it’s something you won’t see in every other Mango app.

Coming to the functionality offered by Babylon Translator; there are separate menus for translating individual words and phrases. Translating individual words provides their definition in a language of your choice. To translate words, switch to the term tab, enter the word in the provided text box, select the country flag for the language you want to translate it to, and hit the search button. If you do not find the desired language there, or have no idea as to which flag it might correspond to, tap the ‘+’ icon at the end of the strip. This will take you to the list of languages supported by Babylon Translator. To add any language to the strip, check the box against it.

Babylon Translator Text Babylon Translator Conversion

From within the full text translation menu, you can paste complete snippets of text in any language, and the app will translate it for you. Make sure that you specify the source and target languages from above each text box. In addition to translating the entered text, the app will provide you with a few extra useful tidbits as well, like some Wikipedia entries related to the input in your desired language. Apart from being a translating app, Babylon Translator can also be used to convert currencies of all the listed countries. While the app itself keeps up to date with current market rates, conversion rates can be specified by the user as well. That not all; the converter in Babylon Translator even has a menu for calculating angles in several units. You can bring that up by selecting Rates > Measurement. Conversion can be refined by choosing the way to define your input from the second box.

The app gives you all the aforementioned functionality for free, and is definitely worth a download.

Download Babylon Translator

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