40 Best Windows Phone Apps Of 2013

Apps have always been the weak point of Windows Phone, but 2013 was the year that finally saw the WP Store expand to a considerable size. Major apps like Vine, Instagram and Tumblr were released on the platform, but thanks to the special attention given to WP8 by Nokia, there were many other OEM-specific apps that garnered a lot of popularity. Since a lot of people have just started switching to Windows Phone 8, they might not be aware of everything they have missed on the platform so far. So, if you’re a Windows Phone owner, take a look at the list we have compile to get fans of Windows Phone up to speed with the best WP Store releases of the past year.

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The list has been compiled only out of the apps that we have covered, and maintains the order in which the apps appeared on our blog.

1.   Smartest Eraser (Mask any object in a photo and replace it with the background. Great for easily removing any unwanted person or object from a photo.)

Smartest Eraser Mask 40 Best Windows Phone Apps Of 2013View in gallery Smartest Eraser Settings (2)View in gallery Smartest Eraser Settings (1)View in gallery

2.   Shrink Storage (Cleans up your phone’s cache to enhance performance and give you some extra storage space.)

Shrink Storage WP HomeView in gallery Shrink Storage WP SpaceView in gallery Shrink Storage WP ReleaseView in gallery

3.   WebApps (The go-to place to discover all web apps that are compatible with Windows Phone devices.)

WebApps WP CategoriesView in gallery WebApps WP SpotlightView in gallery WebApps WP ListView in gallery

4.   Disqus (The commenting platform’s first official app was released exclusively for Windows Phone during 2013. The app offers everything from community support to profile and comments management.)

Disqus WP DashboardView in gallery Disqus WP ExploreView in gallery Disqus WP DiscussionsView in gallery

5.   Nokia Glam Me (Retouch your selfies in real-time with this offering from Nokia.)

Nokia Glam Me WP EditView in gallery Nokia Glam Me WP EffectsView in gallery Nokia Glam Me WP SketchView in gallery

6.   Shoopix (Automatically refreshes your WP8’s lock screen with beautiful images from 500px. Also great for just browsing through the service’s popular photos.)

Shoopix WPView in gallery Shoopix WP DetailsView in gallery Shoopix WP SettingsView in gallery

7.   Babbel’s Learn (Get offline language lessons in a very interesting manner.)

Babbel WP8 SubcategoriesView in gallery Babbel WP8 LesonView in gallery

8.   Al Jazeera (Listen to the latest news stories from around the world, and watch the best documentaries from Al Jazeera TV.)

Al Jazeera WP RegionsView in gallery Al Jazeera WP LiveView in gallery Al Jazeera WP SettingsView in gallery

9.   Camera360 (Real-time filters, editing options, and a neat UI makes this camera-alternative perfect for any photography fan.)

Camera360 WP8 CameraView in gallery Camera360 WP8 EditView in gallery

10.   Dual Cam Photo (Merges shots from front and rear cameras in different patterns. The app is inspired from Samsung Galaxy S4.)

Dual Cam Photo HomeView in gallery Dual Cam Photo PIPView in gallery

11.   Voice Butler (Windows Phone 8 already has some decent voice commands, but with Voice Butler. you can say a lot more to your device.)

Voice Butler WP8 TellMeView in gallery Voice Butler WP8 RainView in gallery Voice Butler WP8 BatteryView in gallery

12.   EmiGens Plus (Full-featured emulator for all Sega consoles, with decent controls and support for all ROMs.)

EmiGens Plus WP8 ROMView in gallery EmiGens Plus WP8 SettingsView in gallery

13.   NBC News (The best thing about this news app is its ability to read out articles to users.)

NBC News WP8 HomeView in gallery NBC News WP8 ategoriesView in gallery NBC News WP8 ShowsView in gallery

14.   Perfect365 (Easily edit face shots to remove skin blemishes, whiten teeth, change skin color and adjust makeup.)

Perfect365 WP8 FiltersView in gallery Perfect365 WP8 EditView in gallery Perfect365 WP8 ShareView in gallery

15.   Tumblr (The official Windows Phone client of the service comes with support for image uploading and post management.)

Tumblr WP ExploreView in gallery Tumblr WP BrowseView in gallery Tumblr WP SearchView in gallery

16.   Indigo (A Siri-like app designed to let users converse with their phone and create reminders easily.)

Indigo WP8 TipsView in gallery Indigo WP8 RemindersView in gallery Indigo WP8 FavoritesView in gallery

17.   Fidelity Investments (Follow latest stock market trends and manage your own portfolio.)

Fidelity Investments WP ChartView in gallery Fidelity Investments WP QuoteView in gallery

18.   Baconography (There are many decent Reddit clients on Windows Phone, but what makes Baconography unique is its presence on Windows 8.)

Baconography WP HomeView in gallery Baconography WP SubredditsView in gallery Baconography WP ManageView in gallery

19.   Lock Manager (Get real-time graphical information related to weather and battery usage on your lock screen.)

Lock Manager WP8 BackgroundView in gallery Lock Manager WP8 WeatherView in gallery Lock Manager WP8 AppointmentsView in gallery

20.   Vyclone (Link the camera power of multiple devices to shoot videos simultaneously from multiple angles.)

Vyclone WP My FeedView in gallery Vyclone WP TrendingView in gallery Vyclone WP SearchView in gallery

21.   Splashtop 2 (Access and control your computer remotely via your WP8.)

Splashtop 2 WP8 SettingsView in gallery Splashtop 2 WP8 ComputerView in gallery Splashtop 2 WP8 EditView in gallery

22.   Snapchat (Unofficial) (In the absence of an official Snapchat app, this release helped a lot of fans of the service to get their fix of self-destroying picture messages.)

Snapchat (Unofficial) WP8View in gallery Snapchat (Unofficial) WP8 TimerView in gallery Snapchat (Unofficial) WP8 FeedView in gallery

23.   TeamViewer (Allows you to view any user’s shared screen right on your handheld device.)

TeamViewer WP8 CodeView in gallery TeamViewer WP8 CodeView in gallery TeamViewer WP8 SettingsView in gallery

24.   Discovery (Watch your favorite TV shows from the Discovery channel. The app also has all the program listings related to the channel.)

Discovery WP8 ScheduleView in gallery Discovery WP8 Program TimeView in gallery

25.   Keek (Popular video sharing social network that also lets you conveniently shoot new videos.)

Keek WP8 HomeView in gallery Keek WP8 TopView in gallery Keek WP8 CommentsView in gallery

26.   JobLens (Use your device’s camera and GPS unit to sniff out new job openings around you.)

JobLens WP8 MatchesView in gallery JobLens WP8 SalaryView in gallery JobLens WP8 StatsView in gallery

27.   Vine (Browse and upload Vine videos with this beautiful official client of the service.)

Vine-for-Windows-PhoneView in gallery Vine-for-Windows-Phone-captureView in gallery

28.   FreshPaint (Finger-painting, but with a touch of seriousness. The brush-strokes you make in FreshPaint are just like the ones made on a real canvas.)

FreshPaint WP8 PaletteView in gallery

29.   Hipstamatic Oggl (Create your own image effects, and use the filters created by other users of the app.)

Hipstamatic Oggl WP CameraView in gallery Hipstamatic Oggl WP EditView in gallery Hipstamatic Oggl WP ShareView in gallery

30.   OneShot (A camera app containing a staggering collection of photo effects and editing options, all usable right within the viewfinder.)

OneShot WP OptionsView in gallery OneShot WP FiltersView in gallery OneShot WP SceneView in gallery

31.   Marvel Comics Almanac (Get the background stories for any Marvel character, and check out photos, videos and other information related to Marvel’s comic books.)

Marvel Comics Almanac WP8 BioView in gallery Marvel Comics Almanac WP8 AttributesView in gallery Marvel Comics Almanac WP8 VideosView in gallery

32.   TinyDo (Gesture-based to-do list app that resembles the famous Clear app for iOS to some extent.)

TinyDO WP8 ListView in gallery TinyDO WP8 TaskView in gallery TinyDO WP8 SettingsView in gallery

33.   Singster (Sing along to your favorite songs. The app also offers karaoke versions of different tracks.)

Singster WP8 MenuView in gallery Singster WP8 ActivityView in gallery Singster WP8 VideoView in gallery

34.   BLINK (Take burst shots and let the app create animations out of them.)

BLINK iOS EditView in gallery

35.   Songza (Discover playlists based on your mood and stream music any time you want.)

Songza WP8 PlaylistView in gallery Songza WP8 SongView in gallery

36.   Phonly (Since Google Reader’s demise, Feedly has stepped up to take its place. Phonly makes sure users get to access and manage their Feedly feeds in the best possible way on Windows Phone.)

Phonly WP8 TodayView in gallery Phonly WP8 FeedView in gallery Phonly WP8 ArticleView in gallery

37.   adidas miCoach (Helps you track your workouts, and also recommends fitness routines depending upon your physical needs and shortcomings.)

adidas miCoach WP8 WorkoutView in gallery adidas miCoach WP8 SummaryView in gallery

38.   Office Remote (Fully control any Microsoft Office application installed on your computer using your WP8 device.)

Microsoft Office Remote for Windows Phone - 1View in gallery Microsoft Office Remote for Windows Phone - 2View in gallery Microsoft Office Remote for Windows Phone - 3View in gallery

39.   Instagram Beta (The app wasn’t necessarily among the most liked releases in the WP Store, but it was certainly the most talked about. You can upload images to your account, browse your feeds, and follow new people right from within the app.)

Instagram for Windows Phone 1View in gallery Instagram for Windows Phone 2View in gallery Instagram for Windows Phone 3View in gallery

40.   Edge Browser (A web browser boasting a perpetual full-screen mode. There are not many buttons to speak of, as most of the functions are performed via gestures.)

Edge Browser WP8View in gallery Edge Browser WP8 OptionsView in gallery Edge Browser WP8 SettingsView in gallery

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