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100 Best iPhone & iPad Apps Of 2013

2013 was a year that saw the focus of app developers shift quite a lot to UI. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t any innovation in terms of functionality, but still, the apps that were released during the course of 2013 had markedly cleaner looks as compared to their predecessors. iOS 7 might have had a large role to play in that, as it inspired many apps to revamp their looks to stay in tune with Apple’s new policy of shunning skeuomorphism. A lot of activity in the App Store during 2013 had to do with developers updating existing apps, but the Store was still far from leveling off, and we saw many great new releases gain popularity among the masses. Here is our pick of the best iPhone and iPad apps that were covered at AddictiveTips in the past year.


Starting with the earliest, the following list is ordered by the date of coverage of apps, and does not reflect any ranking.

1.  PicsArt (The photo editor gained a lot of popularity on Android, and did not disappoint when it was released on iOS. PicsArt can be used to create collages, add effects to photos, and make freehand sketches.)

PicsArt iOS Home PicsArt Masks PicsArt-Add-misc

2.  Anything After (The app might be really simple, but you can’t deny that moviegoers are sure to find themselves returning to it with increasing frequency once they learn how useful it could be to know in advance if there are any post-credit scenes in a movie.)

Anything After iOS Anything After iOS Movie Anything After iOS Feedback

3.  Cute CUT (Offers an easy way of editing videos using adjustable timelines. Includes filters, drawing tools and audio editing options.)

Clip-duplicate-or-delete Clip-editing-3 Cute CUT Share

4.  TimeShutter (Create a photographic journal of any event.)


5.  NewsWhip (Harnesses the power of social media to bring you the stories that really matter.)

NewsWhip iOS Options NewsWhip iOS Story

6.  Coast (Opera’s gesture-based, minimalistic web browser for the iPad.)

Coast by Opera iPad Website

7.  TinPlayer (This music player doubles as a file management suite. Both the file-related and playback options are quite comprehensive.)

TinPlayer iOS Music Controls Documents-section-TinPlayer

8.  Chaos Control (A to-do app designed specifically for project management, with separate modules for tasks, reminders, and collaborative endeavors.)

Chaos Control iOS Home Chaos Control iOS Options

9.  GrouPlay (Allows multiple users in your vicinity to vote on songs in a playlist to determine the playing order in gatherings.)

GrouPlay iOS GrouPlay iOS List

10.  Xbox Music (Microsoft’s music streaming service caused quite a stir when it was first unveiled. It can be used to listen to unlimited songs online, and also allows users to manage their playlists with ease.)

Xbox Music Android Play Xbox Music Android Options

11.  AVG PrivacyFix (Scans your privacy level on social media and makes suggestions for improvements.)

AVG PrivacyFix Issues AVG PrivacyFix Permission AVG PrivacyFix Settings

12.  Vine (Twitter’s Vine lets users create short videos that are 6 seconds in duration. These animations can then be shared with your social circle.)

Vine for iOS Vine Explore

13. TLDR Reader (Summarizes article from across the web.)

TLDR Reader iOS Home TLDR Reader iOS Summary

14.  EQuala (Listen to radio stations curated by other users, and discover songs that match your taste.)

EQuala-Android-iOS-Song EQuala-Android-iOS-DNA

15.  doctape Viewer (Link all popular file services to this app and view your files in one place.)

doctape Viewer iOS Home doctape Viewer iOS Sources doctape Viewer iOS Files

16.  Chronos (Automatically creates a record of your daily activities by tracking location changes.)

Chronos-for-iOS-1 Chronos-for-iOS-5

17.  Edit & Share (Scan notes, edit them, and keep them saved for later use.)

Edit & Share iOS Queue Edit & Share iOS Tag Edit & Share iOS Project

18.  THX tune-up (Guides you to get the most out of home theaters and sound systems by letting you configure them optimally.)

THX tune-up iOS Trailers

19.  OneContact (Weeds out repeating entries from your iPhone address book. Also useful for keeping the Contacts app neat and tidy.)

OneContact iOS Results OneContact iOS Conflicts OneContact iOS Contact

20.  BBC Sport (There is no shortage of sports-related apps on iOS, but a reputed name like BBC can always add some more to any user’s app collection.)

BBC Sport iOS Home BBC Sport iOS Table BBC Sport iOS Live

21.  Mailbox (Get the satisfaction of going through your entire email inbox by using this neat app. Every mail you get is treated like a task by Mailbox, and the app won’t let you breathe easy until some action has been taken for all mails.)

Mailbox Review iPhone iPod touch

22.  Basecamp (This project management service has been popular on the web and desktop for quite some time, and the Basecamp iPhone app is pretty good as well.)

Basecamp iOS Home Basecamp iOS Progress

23.  Player of the Match (Collaborate with thousands of soccer fans to rate the performance of players from your favorite teams during live matches.)

Player of the Match iOS Match Screen Player of the Match iOS Score Chart Player of the Match iOS Player Stats

24.  Event Book (A supercharged calendar, which can ensure you never have to check multiple apps while planning your day.)

Event Book iOS Home Event Book iOS List Event Book iOS Week

25.  Meow (Previously named Minus, this app focuses on image sharing during private chats. You can also edit photos before sending them to your friends.)

Minus images nearby Minus image editor

26.  Kickstarter (The popular crowd funding service finally released an iOS app this year, allowing users to start supporting their favorite projects on the go.)

Kickstarter iOS Filters Kickstarter iOS Feeds Kickstarter iOS Backing

27.  Beauty Box Photo (Apply makeup to your face, and transform any person’s looks in a photo with a few taps.)

Beauty Box iOS Viewer Beauty Box iOS Share

28.  Split Lens 2 Pro (The best camera for anyone who is in to creating cloned or mirror effects in photos.)

Split-Lens-2-Pro-photo-mode Split-Lens-2-Pro-iOS-splitter Split-Lens-2-Pro-iOS-photo-result

29.  myMail (A flat UI with some really handy options make this email app a pretty good fit for iOS 7.)

myMail_Accounts myMail_Main

30.  Cloze (Get all your social media updates in one place. Also allows users to post to multiple networks simultaneously.)

Cloze iOS People Cloze iOS Profile

31.  ProxToMe (Easy Dropbox sharing, complete with the capability to chat with nearby users.)

ProxToMe iOS Chat ProxToMe iOS Options ProxToMe iOS Files

32.  Mokriya (Craigslist app with an excellent UI and the ability to let users purchase / sell items.)


33.  Wave Cam (Automatically snaps photos by scanning your face or movements.)

Wave-Pose-Photo-Captured Filters

34.  FIFA (The official app of football’s governing body. The app provides the latest news and inside stories related to the sport.)


35.  Field Trip (Suggests the best places to visit near your current location. The app is from Google, so you can always rely on the accuracy of these suggestions.)

Field Trip iOS Interests Field Trip iOS Map Field Trip iOS Place

36.  Blux Lens (Control the camera of a nearby iOS device. The app can help when you want to remotely capture a photo without actually holding the phone in your hand.)

Blux Lens iOS

37.  Reebok Fitness (The app automatically works out the most suitable fitness routine for you, based on your preferences and targets.)

Reebok Fitness iOS Welcome Reebok Fitness iOS Program

38.  Instructables (The best place to find easy, step-by-step guides on a variety of topics. This Autodesk offering also facilitates users in creating new DIY guides.)

Autodesk-Instructables-Android Instructables-Contests

39.  Repix (Repix allows users to manually paint image filters over specific areas of photos, rather than applying them on the whole.)

Repix iPad

40.  Webnote (If you are looking for a browser that lets you share items with ease, Webnote is your best bet. The app lets you share selective texts via simple gestures.)

Webnote iPad Provate

41.  Reuters (The news service was a bit late in releasing its official iPhone app. Reuters for iOS has a watchlist for stocks, as well as special news reports and exclusive stories.)

Reuters iOS Watchlist Reuters iOS Category Reuters iOS Story

42.  Path Input (Just slide your finger across the keyboard to type quickly. Of course, it is not possible to replace the stock keyboard with Path Input, but you can type anything within the app and then export it with ease.)

Path Input iPad

43.  Karma (This Reddit client supports video, subreddits, voting and animations.)

Karma iOS Home Karma iOS Post Karma iOS Comments

44.  mosaic.io (Use multiple iOS devices to create a bigger display for media files.)


45.  Text Camera (Offers real-time overlaying of doodles and text effects on camera viewfinder.)

Text Camera iOS Text Camera iOS Doodles Text Camera iOS Quotes

46.  KeWe (A social network that focuses on private messaging.)

KeWe iOS Menu KeWe iOS Feed KeWe iOS Map

47.  LookAway Player (Inspired by Galaxy S4, this app pauses videos as soon as the user takes his eye off the phone’s screen.)

LookAway Player iOS Home LookAway Player iOS Settings LookAway Player iOS Video

48.  Twitter #music (Twitter’s much-anticipated music service was released earlier this year, alongside its iOS app.)

popular playing

49.  Crossfader (Mash-up songs by wiggling your phone around, with this gyroscope-based app.)

Crossfader iOS Home Crossfader iOS Songs

50.  Yahoo! Weather (Yahoo! Weather took a lot of people’s breath away due to its Flickr integration and glossy graphics.)

Yahoo! Weather iOS Menu Yahoo! Weather iOS Home

51.  Osito (Provides intelligent search results related to weather, stock market, travel information, etc.)

Osito iOS Weather Osito iOS Flight Osito iOS Schedule

52.  OpenSignal (Test your internet connection’s speed, and find out nearby WiFi hotspots that are open to public use.)

OpenSignal iOS Home OpenSignal iOS Speed Test OpenSignal iOS Nearby WiFi

53.  External Flash (Simultaneously control the flash of multiple iDevices whenever taking a photo.)

External Flash iOS Home External Flash iOS Connection External Flash iOS View

54.  VisiTouch (An unofficial MS Visio client for iOS. Offers annotations, freehand drawings, and rafting tools.)

Visio Touch iPad Home

55.  AppShopper Social (App discovery through social media and collaboration with friends.)

AppShopper Social iOS Stream AppShopper Social iOS App AppShopper Social iOS Share

56.  Socl (You might have heard of Socl as it is Microsoft’s very own social network, with a Modern UI and all the necessary sharing aspects.)

Socl Search Socl Menu

57.  Onavo Protect (A free VPN app designed to ensure that users never access unsafe content from their iPhone.)

Onavo Protect iOS Home Onavo Protect iOS Settings Onavo Protect iOS

58.  Splitr (Simultaneously play different songs on each end of your device’s earphones.)

Splitr iOS Splitr iOS Tracks

59.  App.net Passport (Find your favorite apps to browse through App.net, as Passport gives you a zero-cost account of the service to play with.)

App.net Passporta apps App.net Passport app preview

60.  Everplay (Browse through video game recordings and trailers.)

EveryPlay for iOS recorded game replays

61.  YACReader (Find online comics, and maintain your existing collection of comic books with this visually appealing app.)

YACReader iOS View

62.  Tilt Racer (Use your iPhone as a controller for racing games installed on your computer.)


63.  groopic (Inserts the photographer flawlessly in group photos.)

groopic iOS Result

64.  Hangouts (Google streamlined its multiple messenger services into one app named Hangouts. The iOS app comes with group chat, media sharing, and notification muting.)

Hangouts iOS Selec Hangouts iOS Contacts Hangouts iOS Settings

65.  Hipstamatic Oggl (Create and use your own photo effects, and share image filters with others.)

Hipstamatic Oggl iOS Camera Hipstamatic Oggl iOS Post Edit Hipstamatic Oggl iOS Share

66.  Apps Notifier (The app keeps an eye on the App Store pages of your favorite apps even if they are not installed, and notifies whenever there is a change in important aspects like price, rating, and supported languages.)

Apps Notifier iOS Search Apps Notifier iOS Watchlist Apps Notifier iOS Tracking

67.  myQuests (A to-do list app that is perfect for fans of elaborate tagging systems and simplistic looks.)

myQuests iOS List myQuests iOS Quick Add

68.  Legato (Legato scans and plays your personal music collection, and on the basis of that collection recommends tracks you must listen to.)

Legato iOS Menu Legato iOS Player Legato iOS Settings

69.  Drive Awake (Just run this app and place your mobile on your car’s dashboard. Whenever you start dozing off, Drive Awake will sound an alarm to keep you alert.)

Drive Awake iOS Home Drive Awake iOS Sleep Drive Awake iOS Coffee

70.  Glide (Send video messages to your contacts, or create complete broadcasts that are shareable with anyone via links.)

glide broadcast glide alert

71.  SntapCamera (Button-less camera, which operates completely through gestures.)

SntapCamera iOS SntapCamera iOS Instruction SntapCamera iOS Settings

72.  Mentor (Motivates users to start doing non-urgent stuff that has been pending for too long. The app is great for people looking to adopt new habits.)

Mentor iOS Activity Mentor iOS Activity Details Mentor iOS Calendar

73.  Recordium (A recorder that comes with the option to choose sound quality level, snip clips, or add notes in conjunction with your voice.)


74.  MixBit (A simple platform to create and share short video clips.)

Video recording and editing in MixBit

75.  ThingLink (Tag anything you want with links from social networks and clips from your favorite videos.)

ThingLink iOS Feed ThingLink iOS Library ThingLink iOS Tags

76.  Snaptee (Create T-shirts using photos present in your iPhone. You can then get these shirts actually manufactured and delivered to you with ease.)

Snaptee iOS Profile Snaptee iOS Page Snaptee iOS Order

77.  Adobe Kuler (Scan colors present in real life around you to come up with themes of your own.)

Adobe Kuler color picker

78.  Musyc (Musyc brings a touch of gaming to the rather complicated process of creating music. The end results can prove to be quite lovely.)

Musyc iOS

79.  Boxer (Rather than automatically treating all your messages as tasks, Boxer is different from Mailbox because it allows users to differentiate between simple mails and ones that demand some action.)

Boxer iOS Inbox Boxer iOS Alarm Boxer iOS Compose

80.  Filedrop (Send files to nearby devices over WiFi.)

Filedrop select system IMG_0897

81.  VSCO Cam (VSCO Cam was released with a flat UI before the look was popularized by iOS 7 a few months later. In addition to that, the app has a plethora of really great filters.)

VSCO Cam iOS Menu VSCO Cam iOS Camera VSCO Cam iOS Map

82.  Office Mobile (After a long wait, the official Office app for iOS was finally released in 2013, but it only allows Office 365 subscribers to use it.)

Office Mobile iOS Word Format Office Mobile iOS Excel Charts Office Mobile iOS Excel Chart

83.  Minutely (Get extremely thorough weather updates and forecasts.)

Minutely iOS Rain Meter Minutely iOS Forecast Minutely iOS Correction

84.  Sleep Genius (The app puts users to sleep using music snippets that fluctuate in intensity to match your sleep cycle.)

Sleep Genius iOS Home Sleep Genius iOS LS

85.  Eventiles (If you want to organize your iPhone photos into neat albums with zero effort, go for Eventiles. The app scans the metadata associated with your pictures and arranges them into albums based on that.)

Eventiles iOS Feed Eventiles iOS Filter Eventiles iOS Share

86.  TuneMob (Yet another app inspired by Samsung’s Galaxy S4. With TuneMob you can sync your playback with other devices around you to use their combined speaker volume.)

TuneMob iPhone Hosting-shared-music-playback Joining-shared-music-playback-TuneMob-iOS

87.  Narrato (The app keeps an eye on your social media accounts and camera roll to let you maintain a daily journal with ease.)

Narrato Journal features

88.  DuckDuckGo (DuckDuckGo is known for its privacy-oriented search capabilities, so with iOS surrounded by privacy concerns, the official client of the service was a welcome addition to the App Store.)

DuckDuckGo iOS Stories DuckDuckGo iOS Post

89.  Wibbitz (Quickly catch up with the day’s news by watching short video clips containing all the necessary information.)

Wibbitz iOS Headline Wibbitz iOS Video Wibbitz iOS Share

90.  TouchCast (Uses notes, links, images, and short video clips to create presentations on any topic you want.)

TouchCast iOS

91.  IFTTT (Triggers certain actions when a particular app is launched or when you perform a specific task.)

IFTTT instagram IFTTT added recipe

92.  Cal (This calendar app is worth a download just for its looks, but apart from that the functionality is pretty good too.)

Cal iOS Reminder Options Cal iOS Alarm Cal iOS Task

93.  Secret.li (Post photos to Facebook that are destroyed automatically after a set period of time.)

select photo add filter

94.  Grid (Grid combines project management and presentation-making.)

Grid iOS Home Grid iOS Project Grid iOS Create

95.  VLC (The media player was removed from the App Store for a few months, but made a return in 2013. Now users can control video aspects like brightness, contrast, hue and saturation during playback.)

VLC for iOS Filters

96.  layrs (Some truly awesome image effects and filters are on offer, and that too complete with layered editing.)

layrs iOS Mask layrs iOS Background layrs iOS Foreground

97.  rithm (Send messages to your friends in the form of song snippets accompanied by stickers.)

rithm iOS Pick rithm iOS Search

98.  Splyce (If you are using Phillip’s Hue lights, Splye can bring your music and lights in tune.)

Splyce iOS Playlist Splyce iOS Beats Splyce iOS Options

99.  Memoir (Always know what you were doing exactly a year back on a given day. Memoir also makes it possible for users to go through their timeline and see photos based on dates they were taken or posted to your social network.)

Memoir iOS Memoir iOS Memory Memoir iOS Request

100.  Commercial Break (Get an alert as soon as a show comes back after a commercial break.)

Commercial Break iOS Commercial Break iOS Start Commercial Break iOS Notifications

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