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EQuala Is A Social, User-Curated Radio For Android & iOS With A Twist

Social music discovery services are special in that they not only help you explore the top trending tracks from all across the globe, but also let you share your personal musical tastes with worldwide music lovers. The phenomenal aspect of most quality apps in this regard (like Hitlantis, MusicBunk, Exfm and Soundtracker) is that they add something unique to the concept in terms of both aesthetics and functionality. In EQuala, we might well have found another very impressive solution for discovering great music on mobile devices. Available for Android and iOS, EQuala (beta) presents you with a unique equalizer-like UI containing various sliders linked to selected EQuala users and friends. By adjusting the levels of these sliders, you can let the app know exactly what ratio of tracks to stream from the choice in music of each of these users. Based on your custom settings, EQuala will then begin playing a continuous stream of music, allowing you to enjoy the right blend of music from various users as you like.

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Other EQuala users can also add you to their personalized equalizer and adjust the amount of influence your taste in music will bear on their EQuala playlists. So basically, it’s a music discovery engine that streams music as per your select users’ tastes instead of your own. That’s not all – there’s an entire set of socializing tools included in the app that help you add select tracks to your favorites list, comment on various tracks, ‘Reshout’ about a track to let more and more users learn about it, start discovering & following detailed profiles of other EQuala users, and search for users by name or musical taste.

As you keep performing various activities within the app, EQuala builds your unique musical genre-oriented DNA that helps you and other users learn about your musical preferences in a better way. On the other hand, the app utilizes this DNA to determine the ratio of tracks that are liked by you and a specific follower in common.

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Before proceeding, we’d like to mention here that only registered members have access to EQuala features. Registration is free, and all you need to get going with EQuala is a Facebook account. Past the login phase, the app prompts you to select other users for your EQuala equalizer. You can use the app’s search tool to find other users, or simply let the app curate your equalizer itself by suggesting a handful of users. Once the equalizer is formed, you can adjust the level of various sliders to determine the amount of musical input for your EQuala stream that you want from each added user.

As the app will itself tell you, sliding the trigger at the bottom to right will begin streaming your personalized EQuala radio. Besides liking the track, you can tap its cover photo to comment on the song, ‘Reshout!’ it on EQuala, and explore detailed profile of the user whose DNA the track has been selected from.

EQuala-Android-iOS-User EQuala-Android-iOS-DNA

From the user’s profile screen, you can check out their followers as well as the users they are following. In addition, you can find all the tracks a user has listened to recently. You also have the option to browse their musical DNA, complete with the option to check their favorite genres as well as underlying tracks.

The app’s music search tool lets you look for tracks by title, artists or genre. EQuala provides you with the option to Reshout a track from search results but oddly enough, that track that will fully play in your followers music stream, but you will only be able to listen to the sample audio. We are guessing this is to prevent people from using the app to find and play music themselves and thus defeating its unique purpose. The app supports background playback, but lacks widget as well as lockscreen and notification playback controls.

EQuala is free on both iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. Download links to both variants are provided below.

Download EQuala For Android

Download EQuala For iOS

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