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Crossfader Lets You Mix Songs Like A DJ Just By Waving Your iPhone Around

One often sees apps belonging to the same genre getting released by developers in quick succession. We covered Ninja Jamm just yesterday, and another remixing app has now reached the ‘New & Noteworthy’ section of the App Store. Crossfader for iPhone kets users create a remixed version of songs just like the Jamm app, but that’s where the similarity ends. The apps are as different as two apps sharing a genre can be. While Ninja Jamm is full to the brim with features, music controls and sound effects, Crossfader has exactly zero buttons for remixing. Still, the remixes created using Crossfader can hold their own against results of most iOS apps of this kind. Crossfader makes use of your iPhone’s gyroscope to add effects to song. You can pick two songs from the collection supported by the app, and then act like a pro DJ merely by tilting your device, swiping across it and using a few taps here and there.

Crossfader iOS Home Crossfader iOS Songs

Crossfader is meant to let you mash up two songs. Admittedly, only a limited number of songs are available in the app, but these include a lot of recent hits and everything sounds pretty good. To access the list of these tracks, double-tap any of the two boxes shown on the main screen. If you really like a song and want to download it to your personal music collection, you can head to its iTunes page right from the app, though you can also use the tracks within Crossfader without having to spend anything. An alternative way of switching songs without opening this list is to swipe vertically on the red and blue boxes; this method works even in the middle of a recording session.

Whether you just want to practice, or are looking to flaunt your DJ skills in real-time, there is no need to record anything. To keep your work saved though, hit the small icon in the top-right corner before you start mixing. To make one of the two songs louder, simply tilt your device horizontally towards its box. To add ‘samples’ to the mix, shake your device. This adds a random noise or chant to the current part of the mix. Vertical tilting allows you to add more uniform effects. Rotating the phone away from your body adds a repetition loop, while an inwards motion adds some echo to the mix.

Crossfader iOS Record Crossfader iOS Saved

Recorded mixes can be shared from Crossfader to SoundCloud. Just head to the list of saved clips, and hit the small cloud icon next to your favorite recording’s name.

Crossfader is not the first app to use iPhone’s gyro in a creative manner, but looking at how fun it can be, we might be witnessing the rise of App Store’s next big hit. The app is available for free and is optimized for iPhone/iPod touch.

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  1. now you cannot listen to the mix without having the app…I want to share my mix with other people outside the smartphone world…any of you have any idea how to export the mix from the new Crossfader app.

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