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Blux Lens Gives iDevices Remote Control Of Each Other’s Cameras

WiFi Camera and ReconBot are two very useful, but different iPhone apps. One of them lets you use iDevices as remote cameras, while the other turns your iPhone into a secret recording device. Won’t it be just great if an app combined these two functionalities, and threw in a lot of extra photo editing options for good measure? That’s exactly what Blux Lens does. We previously covered Blux Camera, and this new app acts as a remote lens for that awesome app. Using Blux Lens, you can connect any two iDevices to capture images remotely. You will still be able to use all the features of Blux Camera of course, but the scene you capture will be from the place where your other device is. This means it is possible to turn your iPhone into a spy camera or baby monitor, or use it just to capture a different angle of the scene.

Blux Lens iOS QR Blux Lens iOS Connected

Unlike some other remote access apps, Blux Lens does confuse you with a lot of settings during its initial configuration. Users don’t have to spend much time trying to learn everything about the app, specially if they have used Blux Camera before. To get started, launch Blux Lens on your device, and follow the instructions until a QR code shows up.

Blux Lens iOS

You have to scan this code using the Blux Camera app on the other iOS device. Finding the scanning option can be a little tricky, but you just have to know where to look. Tap the icon in the middle of the app’s top bar, and then head to the camera option. Under this, there is an icon that shows two phone connected to each other. Just tap this button, and you can start scanning Blux Lens’ QR code. As long as both the devices are on the same Wi-Fi network, the Camera app’s viewfinder should now show the view from the other device’s perspective. You can use any feature of Blux Camera in this remote mode, as the view is treated just like an ordinary session. As for the Blux Lens part of the setup, you can manually end the connection from there, or dim the screen if you are using it for covert purposes.

Blux Lens costs $0.99, while Blux Camera is usually $2.99, though it has gone free for a limited time. If you are already using Blux’s Camera app, we highly recommend Lens, since it can widen your horizon and give you a new perspective on things (quite literally). Blux Lens is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch only, but since you don’t have to interact directly with it too much, you can go ahead and use it on the iPad as well.

Download Blux Lens For iOS

Download Blux Camera For iOS

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