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Chat & Share Dropbox Files With Nearby iPhone Users With ProxToMe

Sharing photos with nearby people using Bluetooth isn’t much of an issue even on iOS, since the App Store offers plenty of apps for this purpose. When it comes to sending and receiving other files though, things get a little tricky. Sharing music, videos and documents takes some extra effort, but recently some easy ways of doing this have finally started to emerge. ProxToMe is a new iOS app that allows you to connect with other users of the service who are nearby to chat with them and send them any file stored in your Dropbox account. The app uses Bluetooth to find the nearby users. Any files that you receive can be stored in the ProxToMe folder created by the app in your Dropbox.

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Most people might not approve of it, but the only way of using ProxToMe is to connect your Facebook account with the app. Once Facebook access has been granted, the next step is to associate your Dropbox account with it. The Dropbox connection is optional upon first launching the app, and you can choose to leave it for later.

If your device’s Bluetooth isn’t already enabled, the app asks for permission to access and enable it. Soon after doing this, all active users of ProxToMe are detected by the app, and you can invite them to connect by hitting the blue icon next to their name. If none of your friends are using the service, head to the ‘Contacts’ section and send them an invitation on Facebook.

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In order to start a chat and share session, tap the name of any active contact from the ‘Nearby’ tab. ProxToMe supports chat and sharing sessions with multiple contacts as well. You can type messages to your contacts just the way you can in ordinary chat messengers. The main feature of ProxToMe gets into play when you tap the attachment button in a chat window. There are the usual gallery and camera upload options for images, but you can also go to your Dropbox account to select a file from there. In addition to individual files, it is possible to share entire folders as well. To send a folder to a friend, tap the arrow icon next to its name. The attachments you receive can be saved to Dropbox by simply sliding your finger across the bar below the file’s name.

If users allow it, you can visit their Facebook profile within ProxToMe even if they are not added to your friends list on the social network. The app is great for quick Bluetooth file sharing, and the messaging feature makes it all the more useful. You can grab this iPhone-optimized app for free by heading to the following link.

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