The New iOS 7 Photos App With Timeline View & Image Effects

Imitation is the best form of flattery, so it was a homage to the iOS 7 Photos app when it became one of the first parts of the update to be copied by a third-party app developer. The Photoful app was overhauled with a new UI just a few days after the unveiling of iOS 7 back in June, and managed to gain a lot of popularity among the masses. Now that iOS 7 is finally here, you don’t have to rely on mere replicas. The Photos app has undoubtedly improved as compared to its iOS 6 variant, and has more on offer than just a new UI. The app has a new way of organizing photos, which makes it really convenient for users to go through their image collection. The sharing options have improved too, and the rarely used ‘Shared’ tab has been axed. To top it all off, there are now a bunch of really good photo effects that come with the stock Photos app, greatly reducing the need for third-party image editors. Read More

iOS 7 Camera App Boasts New UI, Burst Mode & Live Filters

A lot of people are accusing Apple of not making enough changes to the iPhone 5s, but if you look beyond the numbers, the latest model of the smartphone is certainly a huge improvement over its predecessor. The camera is still 8 megapixel, but its anti-shaking features and better low-light capturing capabilities make it a significantly better than the lens in iPhone 5. Having said that, no hardware can garner too much appreciation without the proper software to complement it. iOS 7 is the biggest change that has ever been made to Apple’s mobile platform, which means the Camera app is among the many areas of the OS that have been rebuilt almost from scratch. The app now offers a new UI to match the interface changes in other parts of iOS, and there are live photo effects on offer as well. Another addition that might not be too obvious is the new burst mode. Read More

iOS 7 vs. iOS 6: A Look At The Major Interface Changes

Love it or hate it, iOS 7 is finally here, and if you go for one of the latest iPhones or update the firmware on your existing ones, you will have to deal with its brand new, flat UI each day. While Android will be getting KitKat, iOS has gone the way of Hello Kitty, according to some. Jokes apart, the new interface changes are not as bad as some people made them out to be when the first iOS 7 beta came out. In fact, the new UI is quite refreshing in most apps, and the revamped iconography as well as the overhauled lock screen have been received by many as welcome changes. In addition, the parallax effect and dynamic wallpapers are a sight to behold, too. However, you might not be able to gauge the full array of changes just by taking a cursory tour of iOS 7. So, here is a complete list of all the significant UI changes that have arrived with the update, complete with side-by-side comparison screenshots of the same features on iOS 6 and iOS 7. Read More

Foursquare & Flipboard Get iOS 7 Makeovers

Everything is in place for the iOS 7 release (except for iTunes 11.1 on Windows), and since the update is going to change a lot of things that were familiar until iOS 6, many third-party apps have decided to get in on the fun as well. iOS 7 promises to make multitasking smarter on iDevices, so it makes sense that Flipboard is among the first apps to get updated for the latest firmware. Flipboard's latest update also gets inspiration from the parallax effect added to iOS 7, and now you can tilt your device around to reveal more of magazine covers. Flipboard is not the only app to receive an iOS-exclusive update though; many other big players have gone down that path, including Foursquare. The changes in Foursquare are not as significant as Flipboard, but there still is an overall freshness about the app's UI. Read More

iCloud Gets Updated With New UI In Preparation For iOS 7 Release

Just like it changed prior to the release of iOS 6, iCloud has undergone an update of its own before the public release of iOS 7 that's just a few hours away. As the latest iOS update offers a complete UI overhaul, it was only to be expected that iCloud will have a new look, too. There are not too many new features in Apple's cloud service, but the apps and other interface elements now resemble their iOS 7 counterparts. The free iWork suite (still in beta) has a prominent place in the iCloud interface, and navigation between different apps has also become a lot more easy. Just like before, it is possible to access and manage your email, contacts, reminders, notes, and the Find My iPhone feature from anywhere, as long as you have an active iCloud account associated with your Apple ID. Read More

How To Create A Nameless Folder On iOS Without Jailbreak

Now that iOS 7 is just a day away from its public release, a lot of iPhone owners are getting ready to bid a fond farewell to the Cydia store, at least for the time being. Apple has tried its best to ensure that there is little reason to miss the jailbreak, thanks to the new Control Center and improved Siri commands. There are a lot of things though, that can’t be accomplished unless you have access to the Cydia store. A very small example of this is that thanks to tweaks like BeautiFolders and FolderIcons, something as seemingly insignificant as a folder can be altered on your iPhone. Although iOS 7 has completely changed the way folders look, and you can finally put Newsstand inside a folder as well, there are still a few things that you just can’t control, one of them being the possibility of leaving the name field for a folder blank. iOS automatically suggests a name for the older as soon you drag one app over another, and even if you leave the field blank, the name returns as soon you exit editing mode. If, for some reason, this has annoyed you in the past, there is a glitch that can be exploited to easily create as many nameless folders as you want. Read More

Effectual Syncs Your To-Do Lists Between WP8 & Windows 8 / RT

Although some good options like TinyDO have recently started arriving on the platform, Windows Phone still has a long way to go before it has task management apps that are even comparable to their iOS and Android counterparts. When WP8 was announced, it seemed like a platform that would have deep integration with Windows, which made users expect to see a lot of to-do apps that would offer seamless syncing across the two platforms. There might not be a lot of apps that can do this, but there is one that syncs with Windows 8 or RT quite flawlessly. Effectual is a service that lets you create task lists with ease, and then makes sure that these lists are accessible across all devices associated with your Microsoft account. In addition to the syncing, Effectual also has some other decent features, like a comprehensive tagging system, the ability to associate specific/non-specific deadlines with tasks, and of course, a very useful live tile. Read More

Rublon Brings Its Two-Factor Authentication For Multiple Services To Windows Phone

Almost all major email and social media services are frequently under attack from hackers, and while these big organizations often ward off such attacks with ease, some responsibility rests with the users to make things as difficult for the black hats as possible. For this reason, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Yahoo!, Twitter and a lot of other services support two-step authentication. Generally, two-factor verification requires users to perform some sort of verification from their mobile phone such as entering a code or scanning a QR code, in addition to providing the login details on their computer before they can successfully sign in. Rublon offers similar QR code-based authentication, but is different because it isn't limited to just one service. In fact, any website or service can integrate Rublon and make use of its authentication. Users just have to install the Rublon app on their Windows Phone, and scan the QR code generated by the service every time they want to sign in from an unfamiliar device. Read More

Zittr Camera For iPhone Impresses With Extensive Feature-Set

With iOS 7, users will soon be getting a revamped default camera with some much-needed features. The changes include live filters, burst capturing, and even a new capture mode. If you are using a third-party camera app though, chances are that you already have access to all these features, and more. In the past, we have seen some really great alternatives to the stock iOS Camera app, like VSCO Cam and Blux Camera. There is no shortage of photography apps in the App Store, so a new app has to be truly remarkable or unique to make its mark on the audience. Zitrr Camera might not be completely unique, but it offers a buffet of features that just might make it a perfect app, ensuring that you don’t have to use any other photo editor or camera alternative on your iPhone. Read More

MySimplePlan Offers An Easy Way To Create Project Workflows On iPad

Although they have now grown into truly multipurpose device, tablets like the iPad were initially designed to help students and the business community in their daily tasks and important projects. To help users carry out their projects with increased efficiency, the App Store offers the iWork suite as well as a slew of third-party apps. If you are looking for an advanced project management suite, there are the likes of xPlan, while InFocus Pro is also pretty feature-rich, albeit with a simpler interface. On most occasions though, people don’t have too much time on their hands while planning a project, and this is why MySimplePlan can prove to be a popular project management tool among the masses. It doesn't have a whole lot of features, but that only serves to make the app really intuitive in usage. Read More

Tipbit Combines Mail, Calendar & Contact Management In One iPhone App

Apps like Mailbox and Boxer have certainly raised the bar when it comes to email apps on iOS. The stock Mail app isn’t too bad either, but anyone looking for that something extra is sure to gravitate towards  third-party mail clients. Tipbit isn’t as shiny as some of the bigger names in the App Store, but this new app certainly has its own unique way of handling email. Rather than focusing on just your inbox, this app gives you a refreshingly unique view of your contacts. If you choose to associate your social media accounts with Tipbit, it makes sure you have all the important information on a contact any time you need it. In addition to that, Tipbit makes it really easy for users to associate events with contacts, and there is even a Google Search section to make the experience complete. Read More

wallpapr Sets WP8 Lock Screen To Auto-Cycle Through Flickr Photos

Forget the snazzy camera apps and superior Facebook integration, it’s features like the dynamic lock screen and resizable live tiles that make Windows Phone 8 a much better OS in everyday routine than Mango ever was. In the past, we have seen the likes of Shoopix and Lock Widgets gain considerable popularity owing to the fact that they tap into Windows Phone’s ability to let apps change wallpapers automatically. wallpapr is another similar app, but has the distinction of pulling photos from Flickr to let users enjoy some high quality backgrounds on their lock screen. The app is capable of automatically changing wallpapers with the passage of time, but it also comes with an image browser of its own that can be used to manually pick photos that you think should grace your WP8. Read More

straight 8 Makes It A Breeze To Create Short Movies On Your iPhone

Mixing video clips with music can instantly turn your lazy shooting efforts into proper movies that appear to be made by someone who really knows what they are doing. There are plenty of movie making tools available for desktop platforms, but in recent years, the genre has developed pretty nicely on smartphones as well. iOS offers apps like VideoBite and vjay, which can be used for some pretty serious video editing, but in a somewhat simplified manner. straight 8 is a new iPhone app that is in the same ballpark as vjay, albeit with a style and comprehensiveness of its own. This app allows you to apply effects and other adjustments to your videos in real-time, right during an ongoing shoot. There are plenty of music clips, filters, and templates on offer that make using straight 8 a real pleasure. Read More

Apply Live Voice Effects During Calls On iPhone With VoiceChanger

In movies portraying espionage and horror flicks, there is often the scene where a character calls someone using a phone that is capable of changing or at least masking the human voice. In the real world, such devices and software tools have been available for quite some time, but are mainly used for playing pranks. iPhone has a few voice changers of its own, but normally a voice changer has to be configured before making a call, and no changes can be made once you have started talking. VoiceChanger is a new Cydia tweak that allows users to mask their voice midway through a call. There are multiple effects available in VoiceChanger, and most of them are pretty fun to use. Read More

Official 3DMark Benchmarking App Now Available For iPhone & iPad

There are a lot of decent benchmarking tools available on desktop devices, like Soft Shadows Benchmark and Online Drive Benchmark, but the one that has managed to garner the most acclaim is 3DMark. It has been around for quite some time now, and even its Android app is pretty popular over at the Play Store. The one platform where 3DMark didn't have a presence was iOS, but now it has just arrived there, too. 3DMark for iPhone seems like a nice app, and works just as you'd expect it to. The app has a database of benchmarks from mobile devices, computers, processors, and graphic cards, which can be used by anyone to gauge a device’s performance without getting their hands on it. The most useful feature of 3DMark though, is that you can use it to measure the performance of your own iDevice. The app runs several demos, and comes up with a thorough stats sheet detailing different aspects of the hardware. Read More

JARVIS, Iron Man’s Voice-Controlled Assistant, Comes To The iPhone

Siri might be the most popular talking assistant available on iOS devices, but it is by no means the most popular voice-controlled assistant in the fantasy world. In the past, Space Odyssey's HAL 9000 gained a lot of notoriety, and these days, JARVIS from the Iron Man franchise is all the rage. If you have watched Iron Man 3, you might have wished for a suit just like Tony Stark’s, complete with its own virtual butler. Well, you'll have to keep waiting for the suit, but the latter, JARVIS, is here. Marvel has released a new iOS app that replicates the looks and voice of Tony Stark's assistant, while also doubling as an alarm clock. If you have an Iron Man 3 Blu-ray disc, JARVIS also has the ability to act as your second screen, and a controller for the movie. Read More

Set Any Color For The iPhone Status Bar Using StatusColor

Apart from the Blackout tweak, not many developers really thought about making a lot of changes to the iPhone status bar prior to the release of iOS 6. When iOS 6 brought the chameleon bar to the mix, tweaks like WeatherBar, and Emphasize started showing up in the jailbreak store. The status bar is an area of the operating system that is rarely noticed, but that could perhaps be because you get a little too used to the way it looks. StatusColor is a new Cydia tweak that lets you easily change the bar’s color any time you want. Unlike other tweaks in the past, this one is not dependent upon different factors to change the status bar tint. You get three RGB sliders, and can use them to paint the status bar in a color of your choice! Read More

Coast Is A Beautiful Yet Practical iPad Web Browser By Opera

Most iPhone apps that get ported to the iPad’s bigger screen look pretty decent, but there are times when only an app designed specially for tablets would do. When it comes to web browsers, all the popular ones like Safari, Chrome and Yahoo! Axis have universal apps, while there are a few iPad-exclusive options available as well, including Dolphin HD and Webnote. Another big name that has been around on iPhone for quite a while is Opera Mini. Although the app is optimized for the iPad, the company has come up with a complete new web browser designed just for the bigger screen. Coast by Opera is an iPad web browser that is sure to generate a considerable fan following, owing to its intuitive design and the convenience it offers for navigating the web. Read More

Yahoo! Releases New ‘Screen’ Video Streaming App For iPhone & iPad

The recently covered rabt and Mickey Video are just two of many apps on iOS that can help you kill countless hours by browsing through videos of your interest. You can waste a lot of time looking for things to watch that are interesting, but apps like rabt can help you perform this task with minimal effort. There is some content, however, that is exclusive to certain networks, and can't be legally found anywhere on the internet without paying. Yahoo! Screen is a new app that accumulates videos that are Yahoo! originals, or taken from shows that have a partnership with the company. You get to see clips from Saturday Night Live, The Onion, and other videos featuring some big stars. The best thing is that all these videos are available free of charge, and in good quality. The content gets updated frequently, and the way Yahoo! Screen presents them all is pretty decent, too. Read More

Rhonna Designs Offers One Of The Most Complete Photo Editing Solutions On iOS

The word ‘unique’ is often thrown around quite liberally when it comes to photo apps for iOS, but every once in a while, there is bound to be an app that actually deserves to be called that. Rhonna Designs might not be the most feature-rich photo editor out there, and it doesn't have the novel approach that the likes of layrs and HelloLab boast, but the app is unique owing to the content it offers inside its seemingly ordinary menus. The photo filters, adjustment options, frames, and fonts have been handpicked by the app’s developer, and the finesse in their choice clearly shows. Rhonna Designs isn't all fun and games though, as some of its features are enough to give any serious photo editor a run for its money. You can apply masks to your photos, and even make use of the layered photo editing support. Read More